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Artificial Whiteness

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technology replicates the existing structures of the world. It is not at all surprising to learn about the extent to which technology/AI benefits the groups with already a lot of privilege. I found the book interesting but a few years too late in publishing its thesis. I would have found more helpful to dedicate the book to better recommendations for how technology can avoid replicating the system it exists within
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As a math major, I was super intrigued by the interplay between race and artificial intelligence. Our world is becoming increasingly automated and driven by mathematical algorithms and models. We need to be hyper aware of the data we are using and it’s potential biases. 

Overall, a very intellectual read so it was tough to get through at some points but it appealed to my math brain and drive for racial equality.
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The book, "Artificial Whiteness," by Yarden Katz has been all over the internet with the current racial tensions in the United States. Written by someone who identifies as having grown up white, Katz helps challenge one's thoughts and beliefs about race and the definition of racism. With institutional racism garnering more notoriety, this book truly helped me see other lives in a different light. I found myself constantly processing the information found within to adjust my own beliefs. 

I would never expect a person to completely change their belief system or core values based on one book, but Katz helps the reader fill in the area of our lives that most have never had to poke and prod. One concern I would have is that there are certainly those who may read this book and immediately go on the defensive. If that is you, then try to give it a chance. If you can't, that's fine, Katz presents a very heavy topic in a very challenging manner.
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Interesting book, more of an academic read than a typical non-fiction. The e-format the publisher sent the book in made it hard to read.
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