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This is the third in a series of books by Jim Fergus.  The first two are well worth reading and will add to the enjoyment of this.  That said, this book can stand alone on it's own merit.  It is a very interesting story of white women who join the Cheyenne tribes during the settlement of the West.  After the particularly gruesome battle of the Big Horn, some of these women join forces in a rogue attempt to defeat the United States government.  I loved all three of these books.  They are well written, exciting and different.
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This is the third in a trilogy that started with One Thousand White Women.

Each book can technically be read as a stand alone, though the story will make a lot more sense if you've read the first two.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first in this series, found myself excited by the second, and somewhat less enthralled by the third.  

Strongheart continues the story of the Indian Brides program introduced in the first novel.  The second novel introduces the character of Molly McGill, and Strongheart finishes the story of both May (from the first novel) and Molly, while also giving us information on the other women from the first two novels.

Fergus' characterization is strong.  By the end of the trilogy I felt completely invested in the lives of all these women, and I felt I had a firmer understanding of the history behind the events described.

Having said that, this book could benefit from some paring down and more intense editing.  There were sections where I had to read a single sentence several times to understand the point being made.  This could have been resolved by simply leaving out a parenthetical, or by using a parsed down sentence structure.

If your interest lies in historical literature, and you're looking for a quick and engaging read, I recommend Fergus' trilogy.  If somewhat cumbersome sentence structure and wordy dialogue bothers you, look elsewhere.
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i'm sad that this is the final entry in this series as I've really enjoyed the entire story. Mr. Fergus' writing is always great and I look forward to more from the author.
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A story of the survival of Native American women throughout history. Actual incidents and testimony taken from the journals of women who lived through this oppression. 
From running free in a country they had inherited from their ancestors, to living in reservations. 
This is a book that will delve deep into your mind and give you another side of the story.
Great read!
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The third in a trilogy by Jim Fergus felt like catching up with "family" that we had met and grown to love in the first two books.   I was anxious to know more about the characters and how their lives turned out and this book gave me some of that insight.   

These books gave me inspiration to read about Native American history and how women have shaped the lives and culture.  

I wish the this book had given me a little more insight into today's characters as I was very interested in how and what they were doing in more depth.  I also thought there were too many overlaps from some of the previous books but overall I recommend the reading of the book!
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When I saw this title and read the synopsis I was excited to read this novel.  I've read the first book (which I thoroughly enjoyed), didn't read the second in the series (unfortunately) and this third book just didn't do it for me.  I managed to finish it only because I hate to start a book and give up.  Perhaps books in a series do not necessarily hit the mark after the first one.  I appreciate the author's attempt to finalize what was started, to bring closure to the story and the journal, however, for me having only read the first novel, that would have been more than enough.  My thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.  I've given this book 2 stars because one star wouldn't be honest.
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I really liked the first two books in this series, but this one turned out to be a major disappointment. The first half of the book was spent reacquainting us with the characters from the first two books and then filling us in on what happened to them. But it was done as a big information dump and there was virtually no story to follow. Later when we got a few tidbits of story, it did not ring true and was not compelling. Interspersed with the journals was present day ancestors who seemed merely there to point out the injustices that the native american community faces. And while this is important information, it just didn't made the book even more disjointed. I kept waiting for the book to get better but it never did and frankly I'm just glad to be done with it.
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The next book in the Jim Fergus’ series will soon be available.  If you enjoyed 1000 White Woman and The Vengeance of Mothers you will want to pick it up.  It continues the saga of the women who volunteered for the Brides for Indians program.  You are introduced to new characters, say goodbye to some old friends and continue the storyline of some favorites.

This story is told in the first person in each different time period.  You become part of the breathtaking action and heartbreaking emotions of the characters within the book.  The rollercoaster ride gives you no option but to keep turning pages!!

I recommend this book to Jim Fergus’ fans.  It can be read as a standalone novel but reading them all is recommended.  It will give a different prospective on native American life and their treatment during this time period.   It can be read and enjoyed by teen to adult readers. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I just couldn't get into this book and wasn't interested enough to continue.  Even though it was a journal, it was very choppy and couldn't keep my attention for very long.
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The final book in the "One Thousand White Women Trilogy", or is it? Fantastic story to tie up some loose ends to let us know what happens to most characters from the first two books. Had me from the beginning to the end with a scenario I never would have imagined. I don't want to give to much away or write any spoilers but if you have read either of the first two books you need to pick this one up. I also can see how this story could continue and I hope Jim Fergus will consider this.
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Can you imagine if you were a woman in jail or an asylum or poor house when the United states came up with its great, and failure, of a peacekeeping pact by giving the Cheyenne Tribe a thousand of your female citizens in exchange for the whites and natives to breed and blend and understand each other to create peace.  WOW. I know that back then women were basically seen as property and unfortunately in some countries that is still true.  But in the US we only learnt he history they want us to learn we don't learn about sending a 1000 women, some very mental ill, into the wild frontier where they don't know the language and chances are won't even survive?  
IN the 2nd novel we read the diaries of Meggie and her sister and if that book wasn't sad enough for you than you will be disgusted with your country and your heart will break for women you never knew but played apart in the country we live in.
Told with sweeping narration and devastating detail Jim Fergus nails it with book 3.
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I absolutely loved this book and am so grateful to NetGalley for providing me an uncorrected digital galley.  This is the last (I think) in the trilogy written by Jim Fergus about the destruction of the Native Americans as the west was being developed.  As the story goes, in exchange for 1000 horses, a group of women from prisons and asylums , also numbering 1000, were offered an opportunity for freedom in return for marrying the Indian warriors of the Cheyenne Nation in an effort to bring about lasting peace.  Their metamorphosis of Christian women from so-called civilization to a fierce band of survivors and their growth in understanding the Native American culture is a wonderful read.  They witnessed first hand the destruction of an entire civilization’s way of life, while embracing it for their own survival.  The characters are so well developed that they literally leap off the page, and the description of the wilderness in the late 1800’s makes you yearn for its’ return.
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I LOVED 1000 White Women and was looking forward to this installment in the trilogy.
Im sad to say that it didn't measure up to the other books.  ALthough it presented the same
compelling characters, there was something lacking in this final book.  I read the others in one sitting.
Couldn't get enough.  With Strongheart, I had to push to get to the end.
The topic is still interesting and more relevant than ever.
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Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the ARC..  Will start this by saying I loved "One Thousand White Women".  But this book just could not hold my attention.  The writing style was different from the first book. Maybe give it a go when it comes out in audio... I didn't like it but someone else might...
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I read about 50 pages and wasn't interested enough to continue.  Even though it was a diary/journal, it was just too disjointed to capture my attention for long.  #NetGalley, #Strongheart
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Loved it! This was my first taste of Jim Ferguson's writing and I found it clever and engaging. 

This book alludes to the previous book by Jim Fergus 'ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN: THE JOURNALS OF MAY DODD' despite this being a follow up it is also a stand alone novel. 

The story is set in present times and through the reading of the journals it takes the reader back to the settlement of the west. Based on true events this story is an intricate retelling of history that keeps you engaged and wanting more.
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I was very excited to see the next book in this trilogy! However, I wound up disappointed. Don't get me wrong...Mr. Fergus is a great writer. I just think there was a lot of repetition of the first books and it dragged on. I also think that perhaps, because it had been a while since I read the first two in the series, maybe I just felt lost.

My recommendation is that you need to read from Book 1 and end with this one. If it had been out at the same time as the first 2, I would have at least remained in the zone.
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I am sure this is a first hand account of the Native American narrative but I just could not read it in its written form.  Some books just are not for everyone.
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Strongheart is the name of this book,as I found out the third in a series which I have not read. As not reading the first two books none of this made any sense to me. It's a journal about two different people and their experiences as Indians and what they went through. I will be honest,I read like not even half way and had to stop because too many people started to get into the story and I had no clue who they were and why these things were going on, so I did some checking and that's when I found out there are two books before this. Sometimes you can read a book in a series out of order and be ok,but I really don't think you can with this one. To me,this story is way too important to read  out of order to do this book any justice. So,I am going to leave a favorable review on this book now. I am going to go back and read the first two,review them and then come back and read this one and then I can give Jim Fergus a honest review.. You can tell that a lot of research went into this book and to get the facts down on paper correctly and that is so very important especially when you are writing about something this important and the experience that these two and others went through and how they were being treated as a Indian! SO,I am doing 5 stars..
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I did not finish this book because I was not able to follow the story line or keep track of the many characters. This is the third book in a trilogy; I have not read the other books. Maybe If I had, I would have a better understanding of what is happening in this book. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and St Martin’s Press. All opinions expressed are my own.
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