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In Over Her Head: Lights, Camera, Anxiety

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I would like to say thank you to NetGalley, Krysten Lindsay Hager and
Clean Reads for giving me a chance of reading and reviewing this book. 

This is book 2 of the Cecily Taylor series. In book 2 Cecily thinks she has it all, good friends a boyfriend that turns out to be her favourite singer and she has a job has a model/actress. Its everything she has ever dreamt about. Everything was going well till her best friend Lila started ignoring her for her boyfriend. With Lily ignoring Cecily, it helps Andrews and Cecily's relationship and connecting even more. Andrew is starting to feel really comfortable in the relationship, he opens up about having anxiety.  Cecily didn't think she had anxiety till she was on set of a shoot. The shoot ended up going very well. she impressed everyone on set. Then suddenly things start to escalate even more downwards when Cecily sees a picture of Andrew and another girl online.  Will her relationship last? 

This book wasn't has good has the first one, to be honest. I enjoyed it but didn't LOVE it like the first one.  Cecily was very clingy in this one. But in her situation its kinda understandable. She's young, innocent and sweet its a strange situation for her. She's my favourite character.  I like all the details in this book. Makes it feel realistic. I really like that anxiety was talked about. I really like the authors writing and has always the cover is beautiful and portrays Cecily perfectly.

I would recommend this book for the teens and younger adult crowed

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