Cover Image: The “I” in Integrity! (I mean the “ME!”)

The “I” in Integrity! (I mean the “ME!”)

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I read this book last night and I thought that it had some lovely images.

The book was easy to follow and it was clear on what integrity is too and I thought that it explained it quite well.  I am not sure how many teachers refer to Students having integrity in the course of the day but the book illustrated the topic and what it is well and I liked the ending of the book too.

It is 4 stars from me for this one, highly recommended!
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Who's looking back when you look in the mirror? Are you proud of who you see? People who lose their I in Integrity actually lose their ME.

Integrity must be lovingly taught by example thru relationships and by example. You and your child will meet Cora June. She loves soccer but does not like cleaning her room. When her mother asks her to clean her room, Cora puts everything under the bed. Mom always knows so she asks Cora if she put her integrity away too. Cora does not know what integrity means but she does find out and your child will to. I loved this book as it gives contrasting views on what integrity is but it goes deeper than that as it builds character.

As parents and grandparents, we can learn from this book to give an old fashioned idea new life to our kiddos. At the end of the book, there are strategies to help you care for those that you love!

A special thank you to Boys Town Press and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I found this book to be a bit tedious. I like the concept, but the execution seemed forced. Sometimes it rhymed, sometimes it didn’t. I feel like this book would be confusing to my students.
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Great story. Read it with my 4 year old. Integrity was still a hard concept for her to grasp on, but the book definitely helped lead a discussion and provided examples I could use, and show. Great pictures and realistic situations. Really enjoyed reading this together with my kid.
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The “I” in Integrity written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Kyle Merriman is a wholesome children’s story. 

The story demonstrates several ways that a child may have their integrity challenged throughout their day to day life. Cora June goes about her day half doing things or making promises that she has no intention of keeping.  Her mother and teacher bring up integrity and by talking to her about her actions they teach her what good integrity is. 

The illustrations were gorgeous, colourful, and fun. 

At the back of the story, there is a help manual for parents and educators on more ways to help your child understand integrity. It goes into daily practices and how kids are looking to adults for examples. 

This is a book I plan on purchasing for my young cousins, nieces, and nephews, along with friends with young kids. It will be read to our kids one day, as integrity is a subject so important to both my husband and me.

I generally don’t mention the publisher, but I think Boys Town Press is worth mentioning. When looking into them, they produce “kid-friendly titles to teach social skills.” Something I really believe kids need today more than ever.
I received an electronic advanced reader copy from Boys Town Press through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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This rhyming book teaches kids a very valuable life lesson....  all about integrity!  What is integrity anyway?   It is being honest and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Cora June's mother asks her to clean up her room and Cora June decides to cut corners and shove things here and there doing a half-hearted job.  When Mom comes back to check on her daughter's progress she is disappointed and asks Cora about her integrity.  Cora Jane doesn't know what the word means but thinks it may be under her bed or inside her closet. 

She runs into the word again at school when she cheats on a spelling test... integrity... there it is again.  What is it? 

The author has done a stellar job of giving scenarios that kids will understand that demonstrate the lack of integrity.  She then moves forward explaining the meaning of the word and how it is important to have integrity in your life.  It is a story of personal growth and taking responsibility for your actions thus making you a much better person.  

The illustrations are very well done.  They are colourful, detailed and full of expression. I love them!  If you are an educator this will be a perfect book to offer your students the first week of school.  A copy should be in classrooms as well as elementary school libraries. You will find Tips for parents and educators at the back of the which are most helpful.  I'm being honest about the book... it's wonderful!   I highly recommend this book.
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I have to figure out a way to order this for my school (along with many of her other books). Such a great story and lesson. It is definitely set up to teach a lesson but was not too cutesy. The too cutesy books usually don’t grab the kids attention like I think this one will.  It was engaging and entertaining!
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I loved the message of this book- it teaches kids to be honest, not because they will face a punishment if they don't, but because it makes them a better person. The illustrations are beautiful, but the rhyme scheme felt a little bit forced. I appreciated the rhyming text, as that makes for a great read-aloud, but it didn't flow as easily as I would like.
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I received this ebook in exchange for an honest and fair review. This book is well written and teaches a very good characteristic. I wIll purchase this book to share with my classes as I teach my students about the very important aspect of integrity.
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Julia Cook has done it again. She has made a difficult to understand concept, easy for kids to see. Cora June sometimes just wants to take the easy way out of things. People are noticing that she doesn’t have much integrity.  This was a great journey of growth.
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This is an awesome book to teach kids about integrity. It's entertaining but still teaches a lesson. I loved the illustrations as well and could see the emotions on the characters faces.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
A clever storybook highlighting the importance of having integrity and doing the right thing. The illustrations were bright and attractive. Perfect for older toddlers and parents who want to teach their kids to be honest. Enjoyed it.
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If you want your kids to know what it means to have integrity, this is the book for you!  If you're a teacher, this is a great book to read to your students during the first week of school.  This is one of the best books I've seen that explains the difficult concept of integrity in child-friendly terms.  Julia Cook does a phenomenal job of presenting Cora June's lack of integrity first in a way that kids can easily relate to (not really cleaning a messy room, leaving friends behind, cheating on a test), and then she moves on to show children how easy it is to have integrity.  Another detail I loved is that all of the adults in the book seem to know this secret word--integrity.  By the end of the story, Cora June is in on the secret of how to live life with integrity.  
Thank you NetGalley and Boys Town Press for the advanced copy!
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