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Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs

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I really enjoyed what I read of this book but in ebook form i struggled to understand it as well as i could have in physical form. The exercises even more so. Even though I did not finish the ebook I will be purchasing a physical copy as what little I read resonated with me and I think will help my relationship.
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Very insightful. Truly enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend this to everyone, doesn't matte if they are in a relationship or not.
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The section on disordered thinking was powerful, including the definitions of related cognitive distortions. The discussion on the forms of judgment was also meaningful and could easily elucidate new wonder for readers. I imagine couples could gain value from this book. Some (not all) of the journaling prompts seem too abstract to be uniquely helpful for someone who doesn't know the precise needs that need to be named/called out within their heart and mind.
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What every couple needs to learn how to do, this book is filled with very helpful tools to improve relationships, a course that every person should take before being in a relationship. Using a lot of CBT tools and questionnaires to help one navigate their own blocks affecting how they treat their partner. Presented in an easy to understand manner, couples can improve their relationship on a daily basis by following the exercises.
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I was really intrigued by this book. I'm always interested in the deeper psychology of love and relationships. Going into this book I didn't know what to expect. I was simply going in blind and oh my god. The worksheets that was there were really deep. I had to really think about certain questions. Things you would never think affects the way you communicate and resolve conflicts. I was so glad that I got the opportunity to read this.
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This book is a relationship workbook for couples with amazing insights & activities to-do, learn & implement. It is divided into two key parts,

- Effective Communication Skills
- Relationship Issues

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. As couples our topics of interactions can become an opportunity for either communication or miscommunication. This book touches upon all the necessary skills to effective communication,

- Building Awareness
- Managing Emotions
- Identifying & Interpreting Reactivity
- Gratitude Practice
- Resolving Conflicts
- Building Emotional Literacy
- Trust Building
- Recognizing Boundaries

Couples deal with a lot of Relationship Issues that are ignored & unspoken, that actually need attention & talking. The author touches upon some essential topics including,

-Diminished Desire/Intimacy
-Friendships and other people

Rating – 5/5 Stars
Recommendation – High

I found this book really amazing. A resourceful guide and workbook, with a lot of key takeaways. A lot of really great eye openers. There was so much to absorb in this book that kept me beguiled. A great read for people in a relationship.
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Admirable content on a relevant topic. The workbook serves as a self directed marriage intervention. Great questions in the workbook that promote insight, accountability, self reflection, and teamwork. It is a less than exceptional workbook and reads much like a textbook at times.
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Gina Senarighi's "Love More, Fight Less" is an incredible resource for couples wanting to improve every aspect of their lives and their relationships. The information, exercises, and practical tools laced throughout this book are exceptionally helpful. I also thought the design and layout of this workbook was aesthetically beautiful. I would recommend this to any couple seeking to know each other more intimately and have the tools to have a safe, secure, and loving bond. I highly recommend!
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One thing that stood out for me in thevery beginning of this book was the author's recommendation that before discussing an issue with a partner make sure all the other needs had been met. Like if you were hungry, eat first. I laughed. It reminded me of a saying in the African culture that if you're angry drink some water first. 
So that little reminder at the beginning was good.
The author highlights various areas of conflict and how best to discuss them, and I truly wish that the formatting on Kindle was better, it'd make this an enjoyable read.
Thank you Netgalley for the eARC.
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I love self-help books and I read a ton of them. I know what I like and unfortunately this one missed the mark for me. The topics of discussion were a little hard to relate to and to get into. I went into this one with an open mind and had my husband working along with me. However, there were multiple times where we were either confused or had nothing to say about the topic. We decided to DNF almost half-way through.
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