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A Lancashire Lass

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Love this saga.  Reminds me of Catherine Cookson.  Lovable characters brilliant description of scenery and historical element can’t wait or the next instalment
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I'm from Lancashire myself, so this might be a little biased review, as I never see any historical fiction set in Lancashire even though there's so much room for it! Thank you to Libby Ashworth for making my northern heart sing.

I enjoyed the rawness of the novel - I found it didn't shy away from the harsh truths about life in poorer circles, especially amidst poverty and outbreaks of cholera. I especially enjoyed the mention of contemporary (for the time) politics; I felt it added another layer of accuracy and reality, which is what I like in a historical fiction. 

I also enjoyed the characters, Hannah and Mary, and found myself rooting for them and a happy ending, despite the harshness of their daily life. 

One of my favourite parts, though I understand if some readers find it confusing, is the depiction of the Lancastrian dialect in their speech - it was just like listening to my parents or grandparents speak, and I loved it. 

The reasoning behind my four star rating is that while I did root for the characters, and admire the accuracy of the setting, I didn't find myself as gripped as I would've liked. The pacing seemed a little off at times, but nothing major to keep me from reading. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK for the ARC copy!
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3.5 stars rounded up to 4

Lancashire 1832: Maids Hannah and Mary find themselves with no jobs and homeless after their employer, Henry Sudell, loses all his money and does a moonlight flit. They have to return to Blackburn. Hannah's sister, Jennet takes her into her home but Mary has to seek lodgings and finds a room in the infamous Star Beer House. Jobs are scarce and Mary has to risk her reputation and life staying and working at the Beer House. There's also a break out of cholera and political upheaval to overcome. 

We get an insight into how the poor had to live. Hannah finds herself another job as a maid and Mary believes she should have had the opportunity to work there.  The characters speak in the local vernacular of the era. Women were badly treated and life was hard.  We follow both girls through their daily struggles. This is an addictive and gripping read. I could not and did not want to put this book down. Fans of historical fiction will love it. 

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #RandomHouseUK #Cornerstone and the author #LibbyAshworth for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I loved it.  Set in North West England in the 1830’s the story is really interesting. We see how different and difficult life was for people back in those days.  A great story with good characters.
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A Lancashire Lass was an exponential read and one I really enjoyed. 
This is an easy read and one I read very quickly. Set in 1832 it highlights the harsh living conditions in Lancashire, trying to find work to survive. Libby has researching her time period well as the politics of the time are well explained and easy to understand. They give an extra layer to the story that highlights what the living conditions for these characters are. 
Maids and friends Hannah and Mary wake up one morning and are out of work and somewhere to live. They both head home, Hannah is able to move in with her sister Jennet and her husband. I was so glad to be able to meet back up with these characters from the first in this series as I enjoyed reading abut them. Mary however cannot return home and upon finding somewhere to stay she ends up doing a job she really does not want to. 
Life for the ladies of Lancashire is tough but what shines through in this story is they do not give up but willing to try anything to find happiness. 
A brilliant read and I am very excited to find out what happens next in the next book.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   What a good old fashioned Northern read,   times were so hard then and makes you appreciate what we have today.   Good storyline, good characters.
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Historical drama set in a turbulent time of reform. The characters  are well portrayed,especially the girls,who struggle with the choices available to them. A good read
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Great story of  ups and downs in friendship, finding love and the real hardships and injustices that were faced by those living and working in the mill towns of the north. I particularly enjoyed the northern speech, the dialects come across so well it  reminds me of my own grandparents, and easy to immerse yourself into this book. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the third in series.
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Thank you to Netgalley and  Random House UK, Cornerstone for the arc of A Lancashire Lass. 

This follows the  Sudells whom have gone bankrupt from their cotton mill and all staff are now redundant. they have no references or pay how will they find another job like this....  the story is told through Hannah and Mary's background, they end up going to Blackburn, they both try to find another mill job but not that easy so Mary lends a hand at the pub in evenings and Hannah is with Jennet and Titus.

This is a heartwarming story involving, two young girls made redundant and try to find a new way to live and you see their bond be tighter than ever, I loved this so much.

4 stars - recommend highly.
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The unthinkable happens when the rich Sudell family loose everything and do a moonlight flit. Hannah and Mary had thought their jobs had been a way out of the mills in Blackburn but now they had no work, no references and no pay. The book gives an insight into the lives of the poor and impoverished in the Lancashire Town in the mid 19th century. It is well written and researched and I loved it.
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I loved reading this story Libby Ashworth draws you in and you feel for the characters and the struggles they face excellent book 5*
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A Lancashire Lass, Libby Ashworth.  Really enjoyed this, interesting story about the changes at mills and the Reform, the lives of Jennet and Titus.   Having read the first book “The Cotton Spinner” you just fall back into the story from the off. Love the way it’s written in local dialect.
Tells the story of Hannah and Mary as friends and how they go down different paths. Found it a quick read and would recommend it.
Look forward to the follow on about the two daughters Peggy and Bessie.
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Firstly thank you to Net Galley for granting me this much awaited second book in the series of The Mill Town Lasses.  I read the first book, The Cotton Spinner and was really excited to continue with this book which focuses on two friends Hannah and Mary.  They worked together as maids but their employer, Henry Suddall, does a moonlight flit leaving them both without jobs.

The story follows them both throughly their struggles and I loved the fact that Libby ties it into the families and characters of the first book effortlessly so it’s easy to remember the past connections.  You feel as if you have been transported back in time with politics, cholera and back street abortions the atmosphere is gripping.

Loved this book as much as the first and cannot wait for book three.  Highly recommend.
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The Sudells  have gone bankrupt from the cotton mill and all staff are now without a job. With no reference or pay how will they find another job?
This tells us Hannah and Mary's story as they head to Blackburn, Hannah stays with Jennet and Titus, and Mary at the Star pub lending a hand in the evening.  Both try to go back into mill work but its not that simple. 
A delightful story for these two girls, who go through so much in their lives, to survive and find true happiness and love. This book is a inspirational read,with a perfect ending. 
I loved it.
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