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The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook by Lucy Vaserfirer is the book I have been looking for. This book is crammed full of so much information regarding pasta!

First of all, it covers the difference between the three types of machines. I never even knew there were three different types of machines. I never realized all the tools that are needed for making pasta. While I would love to make my own pasta, I don’t know where I would store all the tools. 

I never realized how many different flavours of pasta there are and how much you can play around with them. I am excited to try more and more of these as I get tools. This book was not limited to Italian pasta. There were kinds of pasta from all over the world, which I loved and appreciated. 

The book concludes with some amazing recipes. The few we have tried have been amazing. I am sure they would taste even better with homemade pasta.

I will be buying a physical copy of this book for sure. My husband and I have already enjoyed the eARC I received of it, and it is a must add to our small cookbook collection. 

I received an electronic advanced reader copy from Quarto Publishing Group- Harvard Common Press through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Big, Bad, Ultimate Book of pasta with everything from A to Z that you can think of to make!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and see myself using it whenever I want pasta. This book has everything!! Loved it!!
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This was included in a feature on my blog and will be reviewed more thoroughly on GoodReads soon. The details and links will be sent directly to the publisher in the next stage of this process.
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I have thorougly enjoyed  my experiments making fresh pasta using the directions and recipes in The Ultimate Pasta Machine.  Vaserfirer is a master at explaining the steps in a way even a novice can follow.  The idea that this one book can teach readers to use three diffferent kinds of pasta machines sounds like a good one--and perhaps it would be for home cooks who have not yet decided which kind of machine to purchase.  However, most of us who would purchase a book like this already have invested in a machine--and will find only certain sections of this book fully applicable to their needs.
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This is my love song to The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook by Lucy Vaserfirer.  

TUPMC, is a beautifully illustrated book, extremely informative, and includes a great number of mouthwatering recipes (guess what I just had for lunch?).  The listing of utensils and equipment is huge and covers a wide range of Pasta-making methods, shapes, and types.  If you are not going to adopt pasta-making as a hobby or business, there is no need to panic, the author is kind enough to mention early on in the treatise that the book can be used to choose your own adventure.  

I, personally, own one of the old-fashioned, heavy, hand-cranking pasta makers that is clamped onto a table or counter.  I find using it to be unwieldy, time consuming and really a mess - especially if all I want to do is make pasta for lunch.  Also, if you don't have a lot of counter space you have to leave your counters and kitchen table covered with pasta strips/leaves to dry.

Buuuuuuut, since there is no substitute for homemade pasta (I eat homemade pizza or pasta four or five times a week), I do not compromise.  It is just so simple to throw ingredients for egg noodles into my Magimix, sprinkle a healthy amount of flour on my marble counter-top, roll out thinly, and use my trusty pizza slicer to cut into thin strips.  I let sit for half an hour or so to dry enough so it does not stick and then toss into boiling water for about three minutes or less - easy peasy! Sometimes I barely let it dry for five or ten minutes and still the pasta always cooks perfectly. I forego all the other fancy shapes and types of pasta and use this method only making small enough amounts for lunch or dinner only and, if I make a larger recipe, I leave the dough in the fridge and use the next day.  

It probably never would have occurred to me just how easy it could be to make pasta like this if I had not watched my grandmother with a child’s fascination, rolling out egg noodles on her kitchen table and then cutting into thin strips or small squares to serve in chicken soup on Friday nights and holidays.  My favorite egg noodle recipe is dairy so it does not suit me for my chicken soup but is excellent for vegetable soups or, when sliced into wider strips, boiled quickly and then covered in sauces - a generous number of which are included in this book.

The book’s instructions are comprehensive and cover equipment, utensils, types of material/ingredients, compiling, cooking, frying, saucing, storing, and more.  It also covers cleaning your equipment.  Besides amazing cooked sauces (tomato and ricotta, puttanesca, carbonara, alfredo, marinara, tomato and ricotta, mushroom tartufo, broccoli anchovy, and of course several more exotic ones), there are instructions for making uncooked sauces (anchovy caper, dried tomatoes…. - sorry about the drooling), and other yummy recipes like home-made crème fraiche and cultured butter, pickled peppers, ricotta.  There are also soups, a few Chinese and Japanese noodle recipes, and much more.

Oh yes, by the way, there are also meat recipes.  I hardly touch the stuff myself so I focused on what I love… you will have to read the book yourselves if you want to know about the recipes with pork, bacon, shrimp, etc. For anyone who does not eat meat or who does not mix meat and dairy, there are not a lot of landmines.

Thank you NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group / Harvard Common Press and Lucy Vaserfirer, the author of this amazing book, for an Advance ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. I LOVED IT!!!!
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The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook definitely covered a wide range of pasta topics such as different pasta machines, pasta recipes, storing and cooking the pasta, sauces, to completed gourmet dishes. 
It was a little nolgastic for me as I remember making pasta with a flour covered kitchen table, a hand-cranked pasta maker with first sheets of pasta littered on the table and then ribbons of noodles drying, working together with my mom to create some really great tasting pasta. This book goes beyond the basic manual pasta maker by covering the sheeter pasta machine (the electronic stand mixer pasta attachment) for spaghetti or fettuccine, extruder pasta machine for macaroni or rigatoni, and cavatelli maker pasta machine for shells such as orecchiette. Then there is an introduction of other equipment and ingredients. 
The author, Lucy Vaserfirer, then explores in detail various pasta recipes such as, egg pasta, Spinach egg pasta, beet egg pasta, chocolate egg pasta, semolina and oil pasta, udon, ramen, soba, etc. There are picture instructions on how to make the dough, and written instructions of different pasta shapes. While I know the basic shapes, there are some shapes that I'm not familiar with,  that I wished there were finished pasta pictures to use as reference. Furthermore, there are pasta filling recipes for filled pasta such as ravioli or tortellini from butternut squash, pork and shrimp wonton filling,  etc. 
Then this knowledge is put together in creating finished dishes from Pappardelle with Sunday Pork Raju,  Tagliatelle with Creme France and Smoked Salmon, Pork Belly Noodle Bowls with Sichuan Chile Oil, Fried Wonton with Soy dipping sauce, and many more recipes. I appreciate that there were traditional Italian pasta and Asian noodle recipes. The recipe photos look delicious, but I wish there were more of them. I've already bookmarked many recipes and look forward to exploring different pasta doughs and making the completed dishes. 
Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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All around book... so you can prepare and make pasta. Use kitchen aid attachments or other various tools sold on Amazon. A wealth of info here but all-inclusive. Shows you the how-to step-by-step with photos, explains how to use three different pasta machines and it also gives you tips on how to storage, cook, serve your pasta, and at the end, there are some sauce recipes and some yummy dishes you can make using you freshly made pasta.

Throughout the cookbook are numerous color photos illustrating cooking techniques and recipes.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* Really amazing cookbook!! I would love to make my own pasta and this is certainly the book id want to own to help me, the recipes sound great too!
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I’ve always been proud to tell people that I am part Italian, but I had no idea how much I didn’t know about pasta! The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook started off explaining the different pasta making machines that the recipes in the book would call for. It also included a lot of information on various tools and ingredients that are often used when making pasta. The book also included information on how to store your fresh pasta.

The recipes were broken into two different sections. The first section focused on recipes for creating the pasta while the second section focused on recipes that turned that fresh pasta into complete dishes. There were also recipes for different sauces and staples, including homemade butter and ricotta, and everybody’s favorite Italian treat, Cannolis! 

I really enjoyed how Vaserfirer included recipes that were not Italian. She included Asian pasta recipes that sounded delicious. The only real negative that I see with Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook is that making pasta seems to require a ton of equipment from the very beginning. Which means that if you’re just starting out, it could become expensive purchasing all the equipment and machines you need.
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Very thorough, useful, clear and appetizing book about making pasta from scratch. I found a lot of useful information, and will purchase a print copy to keep in the kitchen. Great addition to a library, would make a lovely gift.
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This book explained how to make a variety of pastas using three different types of pasta machines: a sheeter pasta machine, an extruder pasta machine, and a cavatelli pasta machine. The author talked about tools, equipment, and ingredients for making pasta. She included many recipes for different types of pasta dough (egg dough, chocolate dough, spinach dough, etc.), sauces, and even completed dishes. This is a useful, informative book about using these pasta machines.
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As a child I remember day of coming home from school and finding every surface of the house cover with pasta in various stages of drying. My mother and grandmother used to spend all day making these strands by hand.
These days we have various machines and extrudes which take all the time a energy out of making pasta. This book has a chapter on equipment and forms, it also explains the ingredients required and  has some fabulous recipes for coloured variety pasta, noodles and filled parcels, and everything in between.
This book is absolutely a must have if you want to make your own pasta, there is so much information, so much variation on what can be achieved in shape, colour and fillings and all explained well and simply.
A fabulous book to dip into again and again
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The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook  is also a very pretty book. the first half is divided into thirds, with one third each dedicated to each of the main types of pasta machines. After that it's sauces and fillings. Yum. It is a bit odd having an instruction book where there are whole chapters that are are irrelevant to my kind of pasta maker (I use a Phillips machine) but this is a pretty, useful and tasty book.
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Rating 4.5 Stars

I have a pasta machine that doesn't get out as often as I like, so I hoped this book would encourage me to do just that;  Pasta is easy enough to make, so goodness knows what my excuse is really!

The Ultimate Pasta Machine Cookbook is divided into six main sections:
- Introduction including pasta machines
- Storing, Cooking, Saucing and Serving
- Creating Finished Dishes
- Pantry and Fridge Staples
- Creating own new pastas
- Sources, tools & Equipment and Ingredients

First off, there is more than one pasta machine?  That's something I wasn't aware of.  I always thought there was just the rolling type one, though admittedly I did know there are attachments for the KitchenAid.  Does that count as a machine in this case?  There are colour photographs provided to show two of the different types of pasta machines-sheeter and Extruder.  It seems I have a Sheeter, making long thin sheets that can then be placed in the cutter to make different long shapes such as spaghetti or tagliatelle.  The Extruder looks like a butchers mincer but has no blade and forces the dough through a die-think of the kids using playdough and making the long thin hair.  Finally, the Cavatelli is used to make thick pasta shells or dumplings

The Introduction continues with an explanation of the different types of pasta and the other equipment you would need to make pasta plus a list of ingredients.

The Sheeter Pasta Machine section has a basic dough recipe, then 23 different types of dough recipes from chocolate to green tea.  The mixing of the dough instructions is covered by a multitude of colour photographs.  It provides details on how to make the dough into sheets and if you do have the KitchenAid attachment, what settings to use.  Also explained is how to laminate herbs, flowers and colours into your sheets.  Then it provides details on how to get the different pasta shapes, even something as simple as a lasagne sheet or as interesting as Farfalle (bows) before moving onto stuffing pasta.  This section provides nine different recipes for the fillings.

Both the Extruder and Cavatelli chapter are very short - no more than half a dozen pages on each. The section on the Extruder, has another basic recipe and then provides three more.  It provides no other recipes or doughs but comes with a colour photograph of different dies.  The Cavatelli section shows an image of the machine itself.  It again comes with it's own basic dough recipe along with four more.  All the chapters on the machines comes with tips on how to clean the machines after use.

Storing, Cooking, Saucing and serving comes next.  It explains how to freeze pasta, how to dry it out without it cracking and how long to cook it for.

The Finished Dishes chapter provides recipes of essential sauces with suggested recipes and their page numbers they are married with.  Following on from the sauces are Pasta and Noodle Dishes, which include classic such as Lasagne and Pork Ragu plus Wonton Soup, Chocolate Egg Fettuccine with strawberries, Seafood with spaghetti - overall there are 51 recipes to choose from.  Beyond Pasta has recipes for Cannoli and  Semolina Crackers.  

The Pantry and Fridge Staples provides a number of different homemade recipes such as spicy Italian sausage,  Crème Fraiche, Ricotta, Pickled Peppers and stocks.

The recipes throughout the book come with both imperial and metric measurements, however not all of the recipes have a colour photograph to accompany them.

There is a list of resources at the rear of the book for equipment, which appear to be mostly American.

Overall this is an excellent book and has inspired me to get the pasta machine out much more often and try some new dishes with fresh pasta.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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After reading this cookbook, I definitely have pasta machine envy. Vaserfirer gives detailed instructions on how to use the three main types of pasta machines, along with simple-to-follow recipes for different pastas. There are also recipes for finished dishes, from ragu to cannoli. The photography is appealing--it'll make you feel like you're in an old-world Italian restaurant kitchen. I could have used more pictures (I like a one-to-one ratio of photo to recipe), but overall this will inspire home cooks to dust off that pasta machine in the cupboard and give it a try.
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This is my first pasta making book, and I am wowed! Not only does it help you figure out the mechanics, and the dough, but also gives you recipes for prepared meals. So if you want to skip the noodle making you can just use store bought for the recipes. This is a keeper.

   What did I like? All around book... so you can prepare and make pasta. Use kitchen aid attachments, or other various tools sold on Amazon. Wealth of info here but all inclusive. I would love to make my own pasta. Step by step, picture by picture of making dough was helpful. Different recipes for different equipment. Just amazing. Then the I’m hooked.

   Would I recommend or buy? This is going on my wish list! I feel like even if you don’t make the pasta from scratch the recipes still add value. I’ve never seen a pasta making book before but I love that it includes pretty much every style, and loads of dough recipes. The recipes look amazing. If your into dough making, then this book is a keeper.

   I received a copy to read and offer an opinion. I loved it! Five stars!
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I tried on three devices I can use and none would open this book so sorry I cannot make a genuine review.
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I requested a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review but I have yet to hear if I was approved.  I am reviewing the book anyway on Goodreads and Facebook as I already own/have read the book.														
I live in two different cities and well, continents, due to family/hubby's work for the government, so I had read and reviewed this book for the North American crowd, so am sharing with the U.K. crowd as I have cooked my way from cover to cover in this cookbook! (Funnily enough, I live in London, ON Canada and London, UK!)														

My husband would eat spaghetti and meatballs every single day if he could - and often does as we spend a lot of time apart due to him working in two different countries. I tend to buy most of my pasta fresh from the market as I don't have a pasta machine/arm to roll it out with but if I were to make it. this is the book I would use. Adding something savoury like miso to noodles is more up my alley as I am more of an Asian vs. Italian noodle kind of gal. (And I have yet to figure out why the Brits are obsessed with "spag-bol" ..can someone explain that to me? )

A great way to learn how to make pasta or improve your skills, for sure - the book is well written and applicable to readers and cooks of all levels.
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This is a book for the pasta lovers out there, especially if one is a bit keen on making your own. This book breaks it down how to make pasta, and it has also various pasta recipes in general, so you can actually make a dish out of your freshly made pasta.
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I never knew that making pasta was so work intensive. This book breaks everything down and even gives you recipes. Who would have thought that you would need special tips for your pasta maker to make types of pasta that I didn't know existed. I definitely recommend this cookbook and will be buying my own copy... along with all the special gizmos.
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