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Eat My Heart Out

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"We met in a past life. I was your faithful concubine. But now I'm an empowered woman." I corrected myself: "I'm a woman in the process of becoming empowered." I laughed. "If you'll only let me."

Ann-Marie is in a rut. She's heartbroken and skint, working as the 'door bitch' at a fancy restaurant in Soho. She lives rent free with her gay best friend, pretending to be his girlfriend so that his family will keep paying the rent for them. She believes that love will be the answer to all of her problems, she just needs to find someone new now that her ex has moved on. When she meets famous feminist writer Stephanie Haight she is launched on her journey of a very strange feminist awakening.

My favourite ever writer is Angela Carter, so when I saw Zoe Pilger had been described as the 'heiress to Angela Carter' I was a bit wary... but it's totally justified. Eat My Heart Out has all the sinister wit and strangeness of a Carter novel. Farcical and funny, this satirical novel makes fun of hipsters, the rich, privilege, feminism and the art world. It's dark, gross and full of pretentious and unlikeable characters. Quite surprisingly, I'd seen a lot of 1 star ratings on Goodreads but I honestly think just because a protagonist is horrible doesn't mean the book is bad. I guarantee you if this book was written by a man it would be heralded as an "edgy" work of literary art by a satirical genius. Well, I think it is amazing. Bleak, weird and smart, I loved it.
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I must be honest and say that this was very difficult for me to finish - it’s just all a bit too much! I feel like I need to be much younger/cooler/funnier and way more of an opinionated feminist to appreciate this as it’s meant to be appreciated - I just found myself wincing my way through and whilst I don’t mind being uncomfortable during a novel, this was perhaps a step too far for me. Have no doubt there will be many people who “get” it and love it as it is certainly unique and whipsmart!
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