Cover Image: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World

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I absolutely loved this book! I don't have kids (yet) but when I do I will read this to them no matter what their gender is! Such a great book and illustrations about strong powerful women!
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I loved the first book in this series and this one lived up to my expectations. I love reading books like this because they are quick and you get to learn so much from them! Thank you so much for sending me this ARC. I can't wait until it comes out because the ARC formatting was a bit strange.
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"Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women who Changed the World" was as fascinating as it was exciting. I couldn't stop myself from reading sections aloud to my family! I loved that the book was about immigrants who live all over the world and that their accomplishments are so varied. I can't wait to share this book, especially with my own children!
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I just love the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series, and this newest addition is no exception! GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS: 100 IMMIGRANT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD by Elena Favilli was recently released, and is already one of our favorites. I love reading them myself and being able to learn about individuals like Carolina Guerrero (illustrated here in this photo), who moved from Colombia to the U.S. and started an amazing storytelling podcast by and for Spanish speakers entitled Radio Ambulante. 

The author Elena Favilli is an immigrant herself who moved from Italy to the U.S. when she was twenty-three years old. As defined in the book, a “Rebel Girl is someone who tries to make the world better for herself and the people around her, no matter the risks.” Readers will learn about women who embody the spirit of the Rebel Girl, leaving their birth countries for a multitude of reasons. They will explore the amazon with Emilie Snethlage, part scientist, part explorer, who moved from Germany to study the plants and animals of the Brazilian rainforest. They will dance with Yuan Yuan Tan whose career as a brilliant ballerina began with the flip of a coin and brought her from China to her new home in the U.S. And they will fight for what’s right with Muzoon Almellehan, who fled war in Syria to settle in England, finding strength in books, campaigning for girls’ education, and becoming one of the youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors to date.

Things I Love about This Book:
- Seventy women and people of marginalized genders who come from all over the world illustrated the trailblazing Rebel figures in the book.
- Immigration is rarely thought of as a woman’s story, but more than half of all immigrants are women.
- Many of the profiles feature immigrants who went to the United States, but not ALL of them. For example, Fatma Ipek Alci is an activist who moved from Turkey to Sweden.
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A book full of beautiful illustrations and stories to learn about these lovely women. I read a few with my niece and she absolutely loved them. Thank you to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Good Night Stories is a brilliant book for children aged four and upwards. The beautiful illustrations of the inspiring immigrant women are exquisite. With these books, I like how you can dip in and out of these books, read about one or two women every evening, or keep returning to your favourites.
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This series is excellent to share quick stories of women, past and present, from across cultures, ethnicities and different walks of life to inspire and motivate youngsters. I love reading these stories with my daughter and highly recommend for parents and educators alike.
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This book will be available at my middle school library. The short, visually appealing biographies will be a good starting point for students of all genders as they investigate people who have made and are making a difference in the world. The wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and immigration stories is sure to appeal to a wide audience. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a phenomenal collection of stories about immigrant women who changed the world. I’m excited to send a copy to all of my nieces and nephews and put multiple copies in my classroom library.
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My daughter and I thoroughly LOVED the newest Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book! It was so inspiring and wonderful to learn about so many truly extraordinary women who've broken barriers and made such amazing breakthroughs in the world....and we were embarrassed that we hadn't even heard of many of these women!

5 out of 5 stars for Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World by Elena Favilli.
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These are so beautiful! There was such a lovely mix of women, as far as birthplace, career, race, backstory, etc and I felt like it contained a good amount of facts in a short enough story that my kids would enjoy 1-2 before bed. However, the prose itself I struggled with, it felt very stilted to me, in some stories more so than others.
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My daughter and I read a few stories every night and we love learning all about all of these amazing women!
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The Rebel Girls books are always an insta-buy for me as they contain incredible stories about women who've bucked the system and made the world better because of it. 
Filled with beautiful drawings and well told short stories, the Rebel Girls book of 100 immigrants Who Changed the World reminds so many of us that greatness comes from everywhere. 

Wonderful teaching tool for any child and probably a whole lot of parents should read this as well as it gives a basic overview that will lead to increased interest in reading so much more about the women in this book.

Very much enjoyed this project. 

*I received a copy of this book for an honest review. 
Thank you Rebel Girls. 
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This is the third book in the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series. If you haven’t read any of these books, please do it.  The whole series a jammed packed with 100 uplifting and positive stories of amazing girls.  I’ve honestly read and loved them all since they first came out in 2016.  Geared for Middle Grade children, I believe they are perfect for all ages. Also, each mini bio is accompanied with an illustration (also by female artists). Written, illustrated, and about females. Gosh, I really do love this series.

In this particular book, the focus is on 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World.  These are women who have immigrated from one country and moved to another. We are reading about Madeleine Albright, Lupita Amondi Nyong’o, Anna Wintour, Arianna Huffington, to just name a few. Athletes, politicians, artists, activists; read one story a night or read a bunch. Just read, and be inspired.

A big thank you to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for the advanced copy for review.  As always, it was a pleasure to read and I look forward to more fantastic books about amazing women. 

5 Stars.
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This book was perfect for my first grader and fourth grader. We broke this up over the last while. The girls remember many of the women they learned about and ask for more information, or what happened in various situations. I loved being able to use this book to teach and open doors to more discussions with my kids. I'll be referencing this book often and look forward to more similar books.
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I recieved this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Love the stories but I need more. I feel a little dissapointed because the stories are extremely short! And some of the stories are very small and simple in comparisson of others who are more extensive.

I am sure most of this stories for being vey short I am going to forget them and that makes me sad.

I don't even know what else to write.
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This was the first of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books I've read and I adored it. I loved learning about these amazing immigrant women and their different accomplishments. The stories are short enough to read one or two for bed time. While the book says "for rebel girls", anyone who reads this will find someone they can relate to and be inspired by, as there are athletes, activists, writers, scientists, doctors, and more.
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A new compilation of great woman that wishes to inspire young readers to overcome their fears, prejudices and limitations towards success.

Following the recipe of the previous two books (and the additional single story publications developed so far), each woman's story and achievement is summarized in a one page spread, accompanied with a colorful full page illustration.
This time the cases come closer in time, characteristics and realities, exploring the lives of women that, as immigrants had to face not only the difficulties derivative of their gender but also those of their birth place or culture. 

Its only down fall , in my opinion, is the fact that you seem to find a pattern in the destination of immigration from most of the women (USA) which made me think on the real impact of change when concentrated in one single location (is there on other placed in the world for woman to achieve their goals?)

An ARC of the book was kindly provided by the Publisher through the Netgalley website, in exchange for an honest review.
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eARC offered by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series has been on my to-read list since the first book was released, but I never got around to it, so when I saw that the third installment, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World, was being offered on Netgalley, I jumped at the opportunity.
I loved this book. It was easy to read, the women were compelling, and the artwork was incredible. I wish books like this existed when I was little, but even reading this as an adult was lovely. 5 stars.
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Despite the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series being targeted towards youngsters, I found myself as a thirty-something loving every second of this inspirational book and have read each one as well as purchasing several copies for friends and family — both children and adults — and they are always well received. I feel this particular book is especially important due to the division this country is experiencing based on people's views of immigrants; some people need to be reminded just how much immigrants have contributed to our society and societies around the globe. It does a fantastic job of illustrating how their achievements are just as worthy and valid as anyone elses and should be celebrated alongside those who are British by birthright; this is not only a positive message for adults to hear but also children. There's often a disparity between how much people believe immigrants benefit the economy and the country as a whole, brought about by the media and politicians, and their true value, however, there's no doubt this superb and uplifting book rightly sets that straight.

Elena Favilli has once again created a book that is both educational and entertaining and featuring some exceptional artwork, too. These books empower girls to pursue their dreams without limits and inspire children to dream bigger and realise their fullest potential, by introducing them to extraordinary women throughout history. The women and girls featured in this instalment are from all walks of life and from both the past and present. Each of the stories is complemented beautifully by a vibrant full-page portrait of the individual in question drawn by a selection of different female artists and a two-page spread is dedicated to each of the extraordinary immigrant women. Information provided about each individual: their name and occupation, their life story, date of birth (and passing, where relevant) and the country they immigrated to and emigrated from. From a magician to a neuroscientist, a spy to a figure skater, this is a heartwarming and thought-provoking collection of bedtime stories inspired by the life and adventures of 100 heroic women. Roll on bedtime! Many thanks to Rebel Girls for an ARC.
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