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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

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What a nicely plotted and executed novel of the missing 11 days in the life of Agatha Christie. The writing flows as the personalities are revealed. This isn't a cliffhanger type of story but a very enjoyable read.

Thank you to NetGalley and SourceBooks Landmark for the ARC to read and review.
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The world will never know what truly happened when Agatha Christie disappeared, but this is a fun read!
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Let's start with the usual: a big thank you to NetGalley, Sourcebooks Landmark, and Ms. Benedict for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required, and all opinions are my own.

I'm a big Agatha Christie fan but somehow I was completely unaware that her actual biography was just as interesting (I'd like to say, "mysterious", but that feels a bit too on-the-nose) as her work. For me, Ms. Christie is the unparalleled grand dame of mystery writing, and nothing before or since has really come close. And yet, I was completely unaware that her own life contained a mystery as compelling as any of her stories.

I'm ALSO a fan of Marie Benedict. I enjoyed The Only Woman in the Room, and I like the attention Ms. Benedict pays to women who have hidden stories to tell. It seems unlikely but is completely true: that one of the greatest storytellers ever should have SUCH a story to tell.

The reader can guess from the beginning pretty much what's going on (unless the reader is even more obtuse than I am; even *I* figured it out) from the beginning. It's not really a secret. What IS a secret, is exactly what happened to Agatha. And in fine Christie fashion, the reveal is simultaneously a surprise and makes you feel like something of a dolt for not having puzzled it out earlier. A certain amount of the surprise and suspense are removed from the mystery by the simple fact that the reader knows (or should know) that Ms. Christie went on to write for decades more [and obviously therefore is not dead]. I thereupon went down an internet wormhole trying to find out what happened subsequently to Colonel Christie, to little Rosalind, to Nancy, and to Agatha herself.

The simultaneous viewpoints (present: Colonel Christie; past: Agatha) helped me connect to Agatha and understand the depths of desperation to which she had sunk. I could not find any sympathy for Archie but I don't know that I was meant to. I wanted to have a real come-to-Jesus talk with Agatha about her attitudes towards her daughter and her husband but I know that in those times, those attitudes were much more prevalent than they are today.

Even despite knowing generally what would happen, the journey to the end was a delight and I tore through this book at top speed. I think I would have liked a little more in-story closure to the characters but it's fine without, especially since the internet has answers for everything these days ;)

Now, I definitely want to revisit some of Agatha's early work and re-read it with her life experiences in mind.
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Agatha Christie, queen of the mystery novelists, really did disappear for 11 days and it has never been revealed what really happened in that time. There has been a lot of speculation and I just heard from a Goodreads friend that there was a Dr. Who episode on it. Everyone wants to know what happened and, of course, we'll never really know since Christie died without revealing her secret.  This is the author's idea on what happened.

  It is told in two parts. The first is the courtship of the Christies and the early years of their marriage. The second part takes place during the disappearance and the actions of Mr. Christie. Things are not rosy in their marriage and Mr. Christie wants a divorce. This makes him a big suspect by the police in Mrs. Christie's disappearance. The search turns into a huge media event with thousands of people turning out to search and attracted the attention of fellow novelists, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy Sayers.

  This is a quite interesting speculation on what happened. It's perfectly possible that it really did occur the way the author thinks. It makes sense. It was quite entertaining to read about Agatha's early writing career. I like when when she was working on her early novels and her contract negotiations. I think it did a great job of portraying life at that time. 

  I enjoyed this book and I have to admit this is the first book by this author I have liked. Is it Agatha or is the author getting more polished? I don't know but I am glad I read it. Thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.
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If you've enjoyed Benedict's previous historical fiction featuring little-known heroines throughout history, you'll love this one. Agatha Christie is a famous author, but how much do we really know about her? This page-turner brings her to life and get ready to ready one of Christie's mysteries next!
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‘Today, we start planning the largest manhunt England has ever seen’.

I must admit that I’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel, however, the prospect of solving the mystery disappearance of a famous mystery writer was too temping to pass up. This was an intricately orchestrated mystery that stays right in the footprints of what Christie is best known for. Cleverly laid clues meant to led the reader through a maze of discovery. 

Not sure if this is based on any factual investigation or if it is totally a fictionalization because the advance copy did not include an authors note. Comment if you know. Regardless it was well done. 

As I’ve said I’ve not read any of Christie’s novel, but this has definitely peaked my interest. Think fans of her writing will really enjoy this cozy mystery. 4 stars.

‘I was an unreliable narrator of my own life, with only the vaguest sense of myself.’
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I really enjoyed this mystery wrapped in historical fiction. I did not anything about Agatha Christie's personal life, so this was interesting on several levels. 
The story is told in alternating timelines: beginning with Agatha's early relationship with her husband and alternating with the time of her disappearance. 
This narrative device allows the readers to speculate all sorts of scenarios as the story unfolds. 
Recommend to all Agatha Christie fans in addition to your mystery-suspense readers. Perhaps they will be the new Christie fans!
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Agatha Christie was a up and coming mystery writer in December of 1926 when she mysterious vanished. Despite a massive search no trace was found until eleven days later when she reappeared claiming amnesia. Was it amnesia or a complex unsolvable tale concocted by Agatha herself? Marie Benedict creates a masterful puzzle with twists and turns worthy of one of Mrs. Christie's famous novels. I was caught up in the story from the very beginning and did not want to put it down. Another excellent historical fiction novel by Marie Benedict about one of the most famous authors of all time!
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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie
A Novel
by Marie Benedict
 You Like Them
Sourcebooks Landmark
Historical Fiction
Pub Date 29 Dec 2020   |   Archive Date 03 Jan 2021

Our patrons have become fans of Marie Benedict and her books.  Love all of them.  This is a book I can recommend gladly to our patrons.  
I am an Agatha Christie fan and found this book spell-bounding.  What is the mystery behind her death?  This book provides a theory on that.  Did Agatha create her own mystery with her missing? 
Thanks to Sourcebooks and Netgalley for the ARC. 

5 stars
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This was the second book by Marie Benedict that I've read. (The first being the Only Woman in the Room.)  I know she has her fans, but it's clear she's not for me.  I found this book slow and had trouble maintaining interest.  The mystery surrounding Agatha Christie's disappearance is interesting, and Benedict does offer a plausible theory, but it simply wasn't a fav read for me.
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Benedict tells the story in alternating chapters. We get a chapter of Agatha's autobiographical manuscript, detailing her marriage to Archie. Then we get a chapter about Archie dealing Agatha's disappearance. At first, the book felt like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because of these alternating chapters. Agatha's manuscript is more enjoyable to read, in a way, because she's the more interesting protagonist of the two. But Archie's chapters are filled with enough tension to keep the pages turning. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I think you guys will too.
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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict was the first book I have read by this author, and I chose it because of how I adore Agatha Christie's novels. I am also fascinated by Mrs. Christie's 11 day disappearance in 1926, mainly because there was never a clear explanation given for it. Based on how well-written this book was, I will read more by Marie Benedict.

This novel imagines what may have been the reason for the Mrs. Christie's disappearance with a modern twist. I would argue it is a wishful take that many would hope was the reason for her disappearance, based on what is known of her real life.

The book is told in alternating points of view with part of the story taking place after her disappearance and part of it leading up to her disappearance. Marie Benedict tells the story with a suspenseful tone and builds the tension until the "before" meets the "after" and we are treated to a satisfying showdown at the end.

Readers who enjoy historical fiction and Agatha Christie's mysteries will enjoy this, her ultimate mystery.

Thanks to the publisher, Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for the e-arc in exchange for my honest review.
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The 'what if?" scenario to the disappearance of Agatha. Draws you into the alternative story and grips you as a reader. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me review this book.
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I enjoyed this story created around the biographical details of Agatha Christie's life. The mystery of the missing mystery writer is fun meta-story and Ms. Benedict does a masterful job of bringing the reader along without revealing anything before it's time.
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Author Marie Benedict (The Other Einstein, The Only Woman in the Room, Carnegie's Maid, Lady Clementine) has shown herself to be the master of finding the 'smaller' stories of history, the pieces that might have made famous people a little wiser, or more meaningful, or more important to our future. As a lifetime lover of mysteries and detective novels, I could not wait to get my hands on this story of the ultimate writer of whodunnits, the eponymous Agatha Christie. Taking a slice of history, Benedict looks at the eleven days in 1926 when Mrs. Christie went missing: the massive manhunt, the lurid headlines, the hidden love affair, and the police investigation into her husband. Written in a unique manner, of seeing the story through two sets of eyes and two time periods, the denouement at the end wreaks of a classic Hercule Poirot ending with everyone in the room, ready to unmask the culprit. I thoroughly enjoyed this mix of history + mystery.
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Ah, the famous Agatha Christie and her mysterious disappearance, what a delightful opportunity for authorial speculations.  Ms Benedict does an admirable job. I throughly enjoyed her take on the Christie marriage and the disappearance. I felt it was true to the brilliant, strong mind of Agatha Christie and her ability to create diabolical plots. Enjoy!
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I first read an Agatha Christie novel in junior high. I was hooked. I've read most of them over the years, and was intrigued by Marie Benedict's book on the actual eleven day disappearance of Mrs. Christie. 

Blending events from Agatha's life with a writing style familiar to fans of Christie's novels, Marie Benedict pays homage to Christie's detective fiction. A very enjoyable read for both fans of Agatha Christie and historical fiction.
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I could not WAIT to start this book, as I adore anything Agatha Christie. The book is well written, and I love how short the chapters are, however, I feel it could’ve been a little shorter and had the same effect. It also did tend to drone along at times, make it very difficult to stay engaged and that’s no fault of the subject matter. Thank you to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this good read!

I have always been a huge Agatha Christie fan, so I enjoyed the historical fiction aspect of this story relating to her life and writing.  I also found the author's play on Christie's famous disappearance especially satisfying, though saying more would give too much away.  This is a good book for those that like historical fiction and mystery of all kinds, especially those that like historical fiction about real people.  Also good for those that liked Circling the Sun by Paula McLain or Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts.
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In December of 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared for 11 days and there was an unprecedented manhunt for her.  When she reappeared, it was claimed that she suffered from amnesia.  The mystery of what really happened to her during those 11 days was never revealed or solved.  

Marie Benedict has written a brilliantly crafted novel that offers an imagined, yet plausible, explanation of the story behind Agatha’s disappearance.  The story is written in alternating chapters: 1) a first-person account told from Agatha’s point of view from the time she met her husband, Archie Christie, up to the day she disappeared, and 2) a third-person account told from Archie’s point of view starting from the time he learns of her disappearance through the 11 days that she is missing.  The two timelines converge into a satisfying conclusion.

Benedict has written a historical fiction novel full of suspense and mystery.  She has become one of my favorite authors.  I thoroughly recommend this latest novel.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me the opportunity to read an advanced review copy of this book.
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