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The Matchmaker and The Marine

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Things I liked - 
I liked Stacy as she was super nice and sensible as well as her husband Will.
I liked Beth, the girl Mel set Adam up with after his disastrous date with Susan. She's understanding and nice. I liked her.
Mel's job and her passion for gardening.
Things I disliked - 
Adam sort of pushed Mel to share about her past but he was always holding back.
Adam went on date with Beth after admitting himself that he's falling in love with Mel.
I knew Adam not telling Mel about his leg gonna be problem but it didn't. That part of the book somehow didn't feel right. Maybe it's the way Mel reacted so unnaturally as she wasn't even upset or angry with Adam for not telling her the truth.
I felt the book is kinda rushed at the end but their relationship was too slow for my liking.
Mel and Adam first kissed after 80% of the book.
I felt so emotional reading about their past. But for some reason I didn't like Adam. Even though I cried and felt emotional here and there, I really didn't fell connected with the characters as well as the book. Although it started out good. I love sweet romance books but I seriously for some reason didn't feel connected. Then again, people have different taste.
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I think this is an important story to tell in a light fluffy romantic story that helps take the edge and seriousness off of loss and heartache. Two individuals who have felt loss in two very different ways. One who lost the love of her life and the other a war vet who lost parts of himself both physically and emotionally at what he's experienced in the military. United through him wanting to heal and her wanting to help and realizing they could be the answer to one another prayer. Loved it
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The Matchmaker and The Marine by Lucinda Race

A matchmaker psychologist and a battle scared retired marine are the stars of this show. 

This is a sweet romance reasonably well written. It was a sweet story. 

However it was very repetitive at times and you were often left waiting for something to happen. 

Could be used as A nice gentle read on a lazy day.
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This was a dnf for me. All the interactions between the characters felt forced and I really couldn’t connect with them. There wasn’t anything overly bad about the book, but I just didn’t click with it.
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The Matchmaker and the Marine was a delightfully sweet and heartfelt story. I found myself smiling throughout reading and even got a little teary eyed at times. Lucinda Race created characters that I really cared about. Adam and Melinda had difficult pasts but instead of letting those pasts overwhelm them, they continued to hope and believe in happily ever after. I loved that I felt I knew both of them thoroughly and was excited for them to have their own happily ever afters. Ms. Race didn’t attempt to minimize the difficulties that Adam or Melinda faced but instead showed how they grew and learned from their experiences. The storyline was realistic while still offering the fantasy readers love in their romances novels. The secondary characters were just as delightful and offered their own joy to the story. Ms. Race is a new to me author but she impressed me with her strong writing skills. I look forward to reading many more of her books.
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Such a sweet romance! I mean, how can you not fall in love with a Retired Marine, and the Heroine who is widowed because of a terrible incident? And, of course, they have issues that they have to get through before they realize they have fallen for each other.
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Was a solid book, liked the romance and the characters. the plot was just okay, wasn't super invested in anything else but the characters. took me a bit to read it, but when I was reading it I was enjoying myself, it just took me a bit to want to pick it up. This was definitely a slow burn romance, and I liked that. it added to the characters romance and chemistry.
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I really wanted to like this but, while I liked the premise of the story, I didn't enjoy the way it was written, and I couldn't really connect with the characters.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What a great book! I loved this story so much. We all have something no matter how big or small it may seem to others, that cause us to keep it to only those we know won't judge you or pressure you etc.
Melinda is a business owner of "It's Just Coffee" matchmaking service and she's got a pretty great track record with it. We learn a lot about her in this book and my heart broke for her.
Adam, what a guy! I won't give much away about him but he was so sweet, yet tough and new in town. He and Melinda become close as she helps him get matched up with potential dates, and he helps her by building in her backyard garden area.
Secrets have a way of showing themselves even if you're not ready to air them out.
This was done so well. Highly recommend.
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Fantastic book, lovely idea and can see it becoming a series. Really enjoyed seeing the way the relationship between Melinda and Adam developed, dealing with the hidden trauma for both of them, great that they found each other and  have a happy ever after together . Lovely book for a cosy afternoon read, with real feel good factor.
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This was a decent read. I read through it quickly. The characters were likable and the overall plot was good. I recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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This was sent to me in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

If you want a feel good book with honest heartfelt emotions then this is the book for you. There were quite a few moments in this book that brought a tear to my eye, especially when Melinda would think back on her life with her husband. The emotions in this book were true and the level of detail the author used really absorbs you into the story, it feels as if you are right there with the MCs. 

There were a couple of instances in the story where some minor facts didn't add up, early in the story Mel mentions that her husband died five years ago but later on she says it was only four years since he passed. I dunno if its just me but sometimes when things like this don't add up it can throw me out  of the story. Overall it was a wonderful story with a HEA.
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This book was a nice quiet read, and I appreciated the struggle of the male lead, and the sensitivity with which the author wrote his story. I have to say, it was something I did not see coming, so when I read this important part, I was somewhat surprised, but it added to the emotional ride of the book. Well done!
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Adam Bell....retired Marine. Melinda Phillips...matchmaker/former therapist. Two people in a small town in Connecticut that you wouldn’t expect to befriend each other. But they do and more! This book was interesting because it is written in a very elegant, kind of light hearted way, but it deals with very heavy topics. Death, PTSD, war....Adam and Mel have each been through a lot in life and they both have secrets that might cause the end of whatever kind of relationship they are trying to build! I definitely recommend this book! I loved the characters and the writing. It was a quick read that really got me wrapped up in the story and what was going to happen at the end!
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Widowed and a matchmaker Melinda Philips wants everyone to know the love she felt.  She has accepted that she will live a lonely life but she wants to help others find love. When she is at a client's wedding who she was the matchmaker for she trips and falls into the arms of a a marine. 
Adam Bell has had his leg amputated and its nothing but a reminder of his past as a marine. His girlfriend dumped him after his amputation and he does not want to ever go through that kind of rejection again. But after catching Melinda when fell at his friends wedding he wonders if maybe he could find love.
Melinda is hired to find Adam the woman of his dreams but she finds that she could be that woman. As they get to know each other she learns that Adam is scared his lost leg will make it so he can never find love. 
Can Adam and Melinda work through all there problems and end up together? Will they get a happy ending?
I have not read this author before but after reading the summary it sounded like a book I would enjoy.  It was full of emotions and real characters that you really wanted them to end up together and also find out what happened to them. They both have to let go of there fears to be able to be together. It is realistic and I loved it. I highly reccomend this book.  It was hard to put down once I started reading I had to stay up late to finish it. This book will be on my list of books that I will reread over and over again in the future. I also will be checking out other books by this author. 
I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley and this is my honest review I highly recommend it.
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The Matchmaker and the Marine by Lucinda Race is a very sweet romance between a Mel , a former psychologist and current matchmaker, and Adam, a former marine. Mel's husband died 5 years ago and she is having a hard time moving on beyond his death. She has not dated. Adam was forced to retire from the marines after an IED explosion damaged his leg. He is an amputee and does not reveal this to Melinda when he asks her to help him find a match. 

Mel hires Adam to build a pergola in her backyard. They have a mutual attraction but Mel feels she is being disloyal to her deceased husband, a police officer who was hit by a drunk driver.
The two characters are well developed. The author has a very clean writing style and great dialogue. The tension and attraction between the hero and heroine develops naturally. Their relationship is the nicest part of the story.

I really liked that the hero was not a perfect person like in other books. Being an amputee made him more relatable.  His former girlfriend was uncomfortable with him being an amputee after he left the marines. I love military romances where the hero unfortunately gets injured and has to re-integrate into society. I am disappointed the author chose the standard trope of the hero being a leader and broken up about the men who died in his unit, men he did not save. This is an overused ploy to give the hero an internal obstacle to overcome. And every military romance has the hero injury by an IED. There must be other ways marines are injured. And not everybody can be the platoon leader. It would have been nice to have a more creative back story for Adam. However, he is very likeable, and more so because of his disability. He is a true gentleman and puts Mel's needs before his own, which was very nice.

FYI there is only kissing in this book. It was a heartwarming and uplifting read.
I wish that there had been more obstacles the two had to overcome, more angst, more emotional tension. 
It was an appealing read with intelligent and likeable characters to deserve the HEA they get in the end.
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I liked this book, the two main characters were extremely mature. Innso many books now a days theres always this constant angst. I liked that these two acted their age. At first i couldnt see the attraction between them but it built over time, so when it finally happened it was great. I would definitely read another book by this author.
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I had a stressful week so I thought I would relax with a nice low key HEA book.  Well like they say, be careful what you wish for lol  I got exactly that.  It differs from my usual paranormal, suspense filled romance novels so this book left me wanting, but that could just be me and my preferred type of books.  This book reminded me of when I used to sneak my mother's old Harlequin romance novels 30 years ago.  It was cute, it was quaint, it was cozy lol Adam, the broody, temperamental, secretive retired marine and the amazing matchmaker who wants others to experience the all encompassing love she felt with her deceased husband..  Everybody was happy, happy, joy, joy in the book.  There were no ups/downs during the story for me, no particular scene making me laugh or making me cry, it just dragged on.   As I said, it was exactly what I asked for, and now I've happily gone back to my smut.
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Wow! I absolutely loved this book! I couldn’t put it down and read it in one go! I really felt for Adam and Melinda throughout the whole book. I sympathised with Adam and feel that his character is really well portrayed. I would definitely recommend it and I’m crossing my fingers for a sequel! I would love to see where it goes next!
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What do a matchmaker and a Marine have in common?  Maybe, more than you think. THE MATCHMAKER AND THE MARINE is a sweet and heartwarming story with characters that are vulnerable and endearing. They deserve happiness and maybe, they can find it with each other. 

Melinda is a matchmaker and she is trying to find a match for Adam, a former Marine. As Adam and Melinda get to know each other and slowly let down their guard, they realize they are falling for each other.

Both Adam and Melinda have baggage for their pasts and they have a hard time opening up and trusting people, but they are also lonely and would like to share their lives with someone. Adam and Melinda are genuine and nice people who have had some bad luck in the past. They make a wonderful couple, it just takes them a while to realize they should be together. They enjoy each other's company but move very slowly toward each other because of their fears. They also have a wonderful group of friends who are always there to give them support and laughter.

I have to confess, I don’t usually read stories about matchmakers, but I do enjoy reading about wounded veterans and that is why I decided to read this one. This was a delightful surprise and I am glad I gave it a try. I enjoyed this small town story.
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