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Snazzy Cat Capers: Meow or Never

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After successfully stealing a secret cake recipe to make a birthday surprise for Director MEW, Ophelia Von Hairball is still the world’s best cat burglar ahead of her archrival and cousin Pierre.   Director Mew announces a new competition-steal the most valuable treasure, but there is a twist to this challenge.  No solo work; therefore, Ophelia must include her inventor sidekick goldfish Oscar F. Gold.  Teamwork is one area where Ophelia is not number 1 but in order to stay on top, she needs to embrace Oscar as a true partner.  Can Ophelia and Oscar not only steal the greatest treasure, defeat her rotten scoundrel cousin and his cheating frog inventor Norman but also prove they are a legitimate team?  

While I love all the Snazzy Cat Caper adventures, I must admit that Meow or Never might very well be my favorite.   In Book 1, Ophelia wanted no part in working with a “paw-rtner.”  In fact, Oscar was her 17th inventor.  But gradually, she learns his “fin-tastic” value and their “paw-rtnership” evolved in Book 2.  In Book 3, Ophelia and Oscar truly become a team.  When Ophelia is scared about swimming underwater,  Oscar gives the best pep talk telling Ophelia he believes in her and she will conquer this fear with his help.  And when Oscar is feeling low, Ophelia is his cheerleader calling him the smartest, most innovative inventor she knows.   A blend of graphic novel and illustrated chapter book, the unique format is cleverly drawn and appeals to both striving and thriving readers regardless of age.  Thanks to Macmillan and Net Galley for sharing an eARC of Meow or Never which celebrated its book birthday last week on September 15, 2020.
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This series is really cute.  I enjoy the humor, the characters, and the puns.  I think my favorite character is Oscar. He just tries so hard.  I like that this series has hidden messages.  There are life and moral lessons throughout that are cleverly applied.  I’m really enjoying this series and am looking forward to the future editions.
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This witty and pun-filled chapter book is a great pick for kids who love cats, action-adventure stories, and heists. The illustrations are engaging, and help bridge the gap between early readers and chapter books. Ophelia (very smart and sassy) and Oscar (a fish sidekick who is an inventor!) are preparing for the FFBI's (Furry Feline Burglary Institute) M.E.O.W. competition (this is a great example of the humor that pervades this series) when Ophelia's cousin shows up to the competition with--what Ophelia believes is--a fake!
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