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The Lieography of Amelia Earhart

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I must admit that throughout most of the book I didn’t see it’s purpose because as the title indicates, this isn’t a biography. I also thought that it would be tricky for readers to understand that the story wasn’t really true but the main character was and she indeed was an aviator. I think the jokes read young, so I couldn’t place this in any age range. However, considering that there is a brief section towards the end that covers Earhart’s biography, I can see how this book can be used in a classroom with elementary students.
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I had a great time reading this book. The stories it in were truly wacky, and none of them were actually true. As the story moved along, the facts only got more crazy. Near the end readers do get to learn a few true facts about this famous pilot. Fans of the first Lieography book will want to check this one out.
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I thought Lieography was a cute book. I think it provides a fun spin on the typical biographies that you see for kids. The teacher in me though was thinking about how I would incorporate this into a reading strategy. In my head, I would absolutely have students read a true biography of the character before the lieography books.  I would want students to be able to pick out what portions of Liography were stretched from the truth.
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The Lieography of Amelia Earhart is fun new biography for students. The book is written in novel format but could easily be adapted for younger grades. I would suggest the reading level to be 3-5th grade. The storytelling is fun and engaging for children of all ages. The storyteller uses humor and facts to tell a somewhat true story of Amelia Earhart. If you are looking to add more biographies to your classroom I would recommend this one. Also, who doesn't love Amelia Earhart.
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This lieography is a unique spin on a biography that gives false and fictional tales of the famous Ameliea Earhart.

I can easily see little tech and history loving readers picking up a book like this. It's a great way to bring history to life and try to get more people interested in flight and Amelia Earhart. I think this is super unique and amusing. 

It is rather childish (it's a middle grade book, surprise surprise), but it's still quite interesting! The silly tales and goofy pictures make this book very charming.

Three out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Tanglewood Publishing for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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I am a huge fan of nonfiction books and I am always looking for nonfiction books to put in my elementary library. While I did love the concept of this book, I felt it lacked truth. I thought it was very funny at times and young readers will love laughing through this, but I was hoping for an authors note or a quick history of Amelia Earhart to help young readers leave with some knowledge about her. Overall, it was a good book and the illustrations were perfect.
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The Lieography of Amelia Earhart is part of a series of other lieographies. Different than an actual biography, a lieography has a creative take on fictional events of this very real aviation pioneer. It is not until the end of the book that the true story of Amelia Earhart is revealed, and the reader is encouraged to scout out even more facts about the flying phenomenon. This is a great read for young readers beginning chapter books, as the chapter lengths are manageable. 

The cover is very eye catching. There are additional sketches throughout the book to help readers visualize the events. The writing is straightforward, conversational and fun. I think that young readers would relate to this very well.  The chapters are not too long and the test not to challenging. There is just enough quirkiness and foolishness to appeal to a young audience.   

My favorite part of the book was Chapter 9. Not that you actually read this chapter - you'll see when you get there, to Chapter 9, just don't read it.
This book is a novel way to introduce the biography genre, and also a fun introduction to the legend that is Amelia Earhart. I appreciated that even though the book was full of silly stories, the essence of Ameila Earhart and her adventure filled life was also there. 

As part of a series of other lieographies, they are all a fun  and creative way to introduce children to legendary figures. I think children will love these books.
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This book is such a good idea. It was funny and I think a good way into fiction for children who prefer nonfiction. I know the children in my school would enjoy this.
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The Lieography of Amelia Earhart
The Absolutely Untrue, Totally Made Up, 100% Fake Life Story of a Great American Aviator
by Alan Katz
Back of the Book: "Amelia Earhart, top aviator. You might know that her flight accomplishments were heralded across the globe. But what about the story of her teeth, which were so perfect that her dentist wanted to remove all of them to show his other patients? Or her refusal to read chapter nine in any book? You’re about to be treated to the Lieographical aspects of Amelia Earhart’s life, in this funny, lighthearted, “all that didn’t happen” take on this larger than life woman.
The book ends with a short—but true—account of Amelia’s life—just enough to encourage kids to find out more on this important historical figure. But even if readers have already learned about Amelia, the wacky stories in this tall-tales book will be even more enjoyable."
Impressions: This was a fun and silly book.
Liked: I liked that the silliness made my son want to read it. It was even better that the ending gave some true meaningful information. My son enjoyed the illustrations and liked Amelia’s Grandmother in the story.
Disliked: The beginning of the book was too silly for me and I worried what my son would remember, the silly facts or the real ones.
Learned: I didn’t know much about Amelia Earhart but I learned she was a nurse’s aide during WW1 which was interesting to know. Also $4 million was spent on a rescue mission. That is a lot of money!
Quotes: None
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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The Lieography of Amelia Earhart is a children's book. It starts out as a book with wacky tales pretending to be a true biography but towards the end of the book, the facts are revealed to be lies. This is when the real biography is shared with the reader along with actual facts about Amelia Earhart.
    The book would be perfect for students in grades 2nd or 3rd in my opinion. It has a easy writing style for students to understand, wacky/funny stories (sometimes over the top but little kids go crazy for that stuff), rhyming words and sound effects.  This book is great for introducing the students to Amelia Earhart and to the biography genre. I loved that even though the book had silly tall tales, it still presented the fact that Amelia Earhart was courageous and adventurous and paved a way for many women to take risks in a world that often prevented this.
   One aspect of the book that I did notice was that when the book switched to the actual biography, the vocabulary and writing style seemed like it might be a little more difficult for students. Some of the vocabulary words might be more challenging for struggling readers or diverse learners. Words like stereotype and endeavor might not be known. With proper guidance though and support, I think overall, children will be able to comprehend the story.
   As a huge fan of Amelia Earhart (I visited her childhood home and even dressed as her for a project),  I really enjoyed this cute story! I had not heard of this series but I would love to read more books in the series. There are books on Babe Ruth and Thomas Edison. Teachers and parents could definitely use this book as a read aloud. If you haven't checked out this series for kids, make sure you don't hesitate. Definitely a creative and cute book worth your time.
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I received a copy on Netgalley in return for an honest review!
I really liked this book. It is silly, funny and a bit confusing, and I feel like children would like that even more than me! I like the narration style of the book and feel like it helps the humor. Another thing I really appreciated is the part at the end where it tells the true story of Amelia Earhart. 
I think this would be a good way to approach some elements of history and historic figures, without making the pupils feel like they are reading something boring.
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I love Alan Katz’s work, and this book works in humorous and engaging ways for young readers. I’d gladly put it on my classroom shelf for history and language arts. Fun, inventive — and very, very smart.
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