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Enjoyed this tale of 2 women who find they have been unknowingly sharing the same man...but they don't let that define them and rise up to become their own person, a beautiful friendship developing in the process. Absolutely loved the glimpses from the world of venture capitalists - not something you see often in books, and it was obvious Ms. Cameron knew what she was on about - and the office parts were as compelling as the emotional ones. This was a very good 'journey to find ourselves' book which really focused on these women
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This is a fun and fast read.  Although it seeks to chart new waters, it feels a bit trite and a little too "neat" in the end.  However, i enjoyed the overall theme of women supporting women, and the personal growth that each of the main characters experience as a result of their interactions with one another.  Not a bad way to spend some time!  Thank you NetGalley and publishers for providing a digital ARC for review.
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Super good book. It was a weekend read for me and took me a few days to finish. It was very well done and a great story.
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First I would like to say thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this arc In Return for an honest review.  What a plot, I have to say it had me gripped from the start, it had all the different types of betrayal all rolled into one book.. I though the characters were all well developed, and the different storylines were very original.  I throughly enjoyed this book
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This book started off well. The story of a cheater, two women that overcome their anger because of the situation, in order to work together. 

It went from a well paced story to slogging through lawyer/technical type story, and then picked up again toward the end. 

I know nothing of the tech industry, so I found it a really interesting read regarding that industry. 

Todd was so dislikeable, that I was wishing he'd get more karma than he actually did.
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The Exit Strategy was such an empowering and inspiring read.

Ryn, a respected Silicon Valley investor, has just found out her husband, Todd, is cheating on her. Carly, a valuable lab tech, needs new funds to finish her new life saving project, so she can finally marry her fiance Todd. 
They end up working together, discovering Todd’s web of lies and after a rocky start they begin to trust and help each other.
Will they conquer credibility into this male dominated world? Or will they succumb under the pressure?

After I’ve read the synopsis I knew this book would be good but it exceeded my expectations.
I’ve appreciated how mature and relatable are these characters. Ryn and Carly show the reader how two scorned women can overcome any rivalry, disagreement, grudge and fallout being smart, united and helping each other.
On the contrary, I think I’ve never hates a character as much as I hated Tod, I would have kicked him in the nuts if he was real.

I recommend to read this story to every woman who needs a boost of Girl Power.
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3.5 STARS ★★★✬✩
This book is for you if… you want to see strong women tackling the sexism in the tech industry. Warning: Read on if you're unsure about the kind of girlpower you'll be getting in this valuable book.

⤐ Overall.
Let my kick this off by saying that I appreciated The Exit Strategy very much. It features important and valid topics such as discrimination against minorities (BIPOC, women) in the tech industry, friendship, letting things go and men people who professionally scam other people for their money with very personal schemes. Although I enjoyed the whole empower women in tech narrative, it was not the kind of girl power I was hoping for when diving into this book...

What I was expecting: Two powerful, self-made women being very smart, cunning and mischievous about putting the asshole husband/fiancé in his place. Although bad feelings dominate their relationship at first, they will combine their forces and make said dickhead's life hell.

My behaviour since I did not get that:

I'm not gonna lie, the gif above is not too far from reality. There was a moment where I thought Now I'm finally gonna get the combined power of two women absolutely wrecking this waste of space who screwed them both over. That didn't happen though.

Although I see the value in the plot, The Exit Strategy focuses mainly on the lawyer side of ugly divorces as well as sexual harassment in tech. Consequently, I found myself skimming numerous pages as well as battling frustration and boredom one I realised this was not gonna go how I thought it would.

⤐ What’s happening.
‘Apparently, they all consider a single feline to be a destructive Freddi Krueger. I mean, what the hell, when did everywhere become so anti-cat?’

This almost feels like a metaphor for the position women have in the tech industry, which is exactly the kind of battleground Ryn and Carly find themselves on. They have even more in common in that they've both been scammed by the same man, who is both Ryn's husband and Carly's fiancé. And since they are both strong women, it goes without saying that they are too smart and too strong to let this unfortunate turn of events turn them into the stereotypical cat fighters. Instead, they form a bond and take on their sexist industry.
4 STARS. Would stay up beyond my typical hours to finish it. I found some minor details I didn't like, agree with or lacked in some kind but overall, this was enjoyable and extraordinary.

3 STARS. Decent read that I have neither strongly positive nor negative feelings about. Some thinks irked me and thus it does not qualify as exceptional.
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This is a cute little story about two women finding friendship after finding out that they are sharing a husband/fiancé. Though there was some cattiness in the beginning, it blossomed into a beautiful friendship. The relationship between Ryn and Dev was a cute touch too. The writing meandered a bit at times and there were moments that the women were too much in their own heads, I think a good deal of the inner monologue could have been trimmed out. All in all, cute and quick story with some cliches and excessive speech.
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SPOILER ALERT How this book played out was really not what I expected. The Mrs. and Mistress being able to push past their individual hurt, anger and humiliation to become friends and support one another is not the typical lens that stories cast. It was refreshing and what one aspires to in the sense of "be angry at the guy who manipulated and violated your trust' as opposed to having cat fight and all out brawl with the other potential  victim who was more than likely fed a litany of lies as well. As much as this perspective was refreshing this book ended up falling a little flat for me and I skipped pages just to finish quicker. This story was one of those books you don't really think about afterwards. I think the missed opportunity here was not delving into the double/triple life the husband was living a little further. That's where my interest truly was but unfortunately the author didn't run with that interesting aspect. 

*I was provided a copy in exchange for my review.
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Quote to remember from this book:
"Its better to have loved and lost than live with a psycho for the rest of your life." 

Two smart and powerful self made women scorned and cheated by the same man incidentally cross paths in their professional lives.
Their initial feelings towards each other is filled with resentment, hostility and condescending exchanges. But God truly works in mysterious ways and they end up being as thick as thieves, something neither of them had  envisaged.

Some of the  issues such as infidelity, sexism, gender equality, sexual harassment, single parenting in the books are quite relatable and described meticulously. I loved how both the women emerged as viragos inspite of their insecurities and daunting life challenges.  

Although, I just wished the length of the book was shorter.

Women empowering women! Its a great, uplifting and warm read.

3.5/5 stars 

Thankyou NetGalley and Laine Cameron for an e ARC in exchange of an honest review.
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One of the most compelling books I have read in a long time!  From the very first paragraph to the final chapter, I didn’t want to put the book down. I highly recommend this novel.

This is a tale of two educated, successful women betrayed in love – one by her husband of ten years and the other by her fiancé planning a wedding in six months. The twist…they are the same man.

Ryn Brennan, in her late thirties, has devoted herself to succeeding in a man’s world – venture capitalism. She and Todd have had an above-average marriage until she discovers that many of his absences for building his real estate development business were really a cover for his time with his mistress.

Carly Santos is the alleged mistress. I use the term alleged because she had no idea the man so devoted to her and her five year old son is married.  When confronted with the truth she cuts him off completely. 

Ryn and Carly cross paths as Carly is seeking funding for her company.  As a scientist she has developed a new diagnostic tool for heart disease that has the potential to save thousands of lives.  Ryn was expecting to be the senior partner overseeing the funding and participating on Carly’s Board of Directors. Needless to say, the dynamics change completely as the betrayals come to light.

The story unfolds with the two women at first at odds in the situation, then over months they discover a deep bond of friendship that not only supports them in their respective healing processes, but also serves them professionally in helping other women.

This is a well-written book from several perspectives.  First the storyline is refreshing, relevant and moves along at a good pace.  I found the characters believable and likable.  There is a good balance between the emotional expression of anger/pain at the betrayal and the resiliency of these women to move beyond victimhood. It is obvious that the author has had personal experience with the tech financial world and the assorted issues of being a woman working in a male-dominated field.  Lastly, the book never got bogged down in drama and ends on a note of realistic optimism for the protagonists’ lives.
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I loved this book! This was a fantastic debut by Lainey Cameron. There was some mystery and drama which I liked, but I loved the unexpected friendship between Ryn and Carly. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from Lainey!
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Wow!!!!! What a fantastic read! This one has everything! There is drama, mystery, unexpected friendship, & women who excel in science and tech!! I don’t know about you but stories with women who excel in the science and tech industry are some of my faves! This is definitely one of those books that you read and feel a surge of female empowerment after reading. Loved this one so much! 5 stars for this one!
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Sincere thanks to #NetGalley and Wild Rose Press for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was excited to read a business-oriented story set in Silicon Valley about two female executives: one hard-as-nails venture capitalist and the other, a scientist-turned CEO of a biotech company who is the recipient of the VC executive’s funding. Their shared history before they meet? They are married to/engaged to the same man. It was a titillating concept that got my attention at the start, and the story unfolds between how the two women go from opposite sides of the table (literally) to working together to make the company a success and perhaps give the rat his comeuppance.

I liked the premise of the book and its breezy style. It’s a page-turner at parts, especially in the last 10% of the book when I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what happens to the three of them.

What was less appealing was its lack of believability about one of the key characters. The entrepreneur CEO has a purportedly shameful past that caused her to break with family, run away at 15, escape an abusive relationship, get tattoos all over herself as reminders of life lessons, then in the next breath somehow has finished high school, gotten herself to Stanford and is now the CEO of a Silicon start up? There is ZERO backstory detail given here - perhaps that could be a prequel in and of itself.

The other main protagonist has a sad backstory written in more detail. You understand why she is the way she is; it makes sense. There no leap of faith expected by the reader.

But then the events that happen in the third half again are portrayed in a vein where a reader would have to believe this all could happen so simply, like that. I could never get over my cynicism to start to get very invested. It’s also no secret that Silicon Valley is full of sexist tropes and bad actors responsible for much sexual harassment. The way the story addresses this seems too tidy, although given the author’s own VC background, maybe it did happen this way?

Ultimately, a fun, business-oriented (but not technical) story of strong women facing adversity and dare we say, joining forces to get over the man who conned then both. Good summer reading pick, especially if you are interested in an under-the-hood peek into the VC world.
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t’s a story that will have you rooting for this friendship by the end and wanting to punch Todd in the damn head.
With great friends that back you up, you can accomplish anything, be the person you want and strive to be.
This story also reaches sexism in the workplace “yes” even today it is still going on ,but more woman have a voice now and speak out then before , due to things like the #metoo movement and slowly things can and will be done about it.
If you haven’t read this yet, what are you waiting for??
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I really enjoyed reading this! It's exciting, smart, and has the perfect amount of suspense. I love when books focus on a smart successful woman in a male-dominated field!
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Thanks to NetGalley, publisher and author, for letting me have a free copy of this book so I could read and review it. This story had heart, good vibes and was so inspiring. I liked the 2 main characters a lot, Ryn and Carly. 
I was lost into this story from the beginning. I got a little lost with the venture capital and investing portion of it. It was a feel good story overall.
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Special thanks to the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review. 
Expected publication date: July 31, 2020
The author, Lainey Cameron, left the tech industry, using her experience as an executive to write her debut novel, “The Exit Strategy”. Obviously, the book is fiction, but Cameron’s knowledge and experience with the challenges faced by females in a man-dominated world is real and honest. 
Finally, Ryn Brennan is on the verge of getting everything she ever wanted. As a Silicon Valley executive about to be named partner, she is one of the few women in a male-dominated world. Days before she accepts her new title, she discovers texts and emails on her husband’s phone- messages that reveal he has been having an affair with another woman for months. Fuming, Ryn tries to gather her emotions so she doesn’t appear “emotional” in front of her colleagues but when her next funding presentation is headed by her husband’s mistress, she decides to take action. When she confronts the mistress, Carly, Ryn finds out that she wasn’t the only one her husband fooled- Carly had no idea the man she was involved with was married, and, in fact, the pair of them just got engaged. Now working together, Carly and Ryn discover more horrible truths about the man they thought they both loved- and hatch a plan to destroy him. 
This women’s fiction novel is unique and refreshing. For once, we see two strong, intelligent female characters working together to take down the man who harmed them both. There is no woman-on-woman revenge plot, no scheming and no manipulation (toward each other anyway). This is such a nice change, and I credit Cameron for the change of scene. 
Todd, Carly’s lover and Ryn’s husband, was a despicable liar who I detested for the entirety of the book. I won’t give away the ending completely, but I was satisfied with the justice that was served. There was an unexpected twist toward the end of the novel too, which added a nice kick to the conclusion. 
I would’ve enjoyed reading more about Carley and Ryn’s planning and scheming against Todd, as opposed to the politics of business that Cameron features, but it is relevant to the overall plot (although honestly not the most enjoyable part, in my opinion). 
An ass-kicking story about two women who take on the male-dominated venture capitalist industry, while working together to destroy the man who hurt them both. This has all of the rah-rah power you expect from a modern story, with a huge dose of feminism and some nicely served #metoo justice, “The Exit Strategy” will inspire women everywhere.
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Thanks to Wild Rose Press and NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Exist Strategy. 

I loved all of the drama in The Exit Strategy! I liked how Lainey Cameron wrote from her own experiences and turned it into a great book. It has a little bit of everything - friendship, marriage, careers and strong females!
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The premise of this book was really promising but it felt short in execution at times. The developing friendship between the two main characters was the biggest strength of the story; it was nice to see them lifting up each other as the story unfolded. The overall themes of women's strength and the influence of the #metoo movement were nice touches as well, that were interesting in a book about corporate America.

The plot about their mutual ex, however, was less strong and became pretty unbelievable by the end. I also struggled a bit with the pacing of the book. There is a lot going on the story but there were moments that the story's pace slowed down too much and I began to lose interest. This was particularly the case in the beginning of the book, before the ex-husband/fiance's drama really kicked in.

I can definitely see how Lainey based this story on her own experiences in corporate America (though hopefully nothing nearly as bad happened to her!) but I think the book struggles a bit with trying to include too much into one story. Overall, it was an enjoyable read with a satisfying ending.
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