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Biohack Your Brain teaches you how to take better care of your brain. I enjoy learning about this topic because brain and mind health has such a big impact on the quality of life in general.

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The older I get, the more interested I am in ways to protect my brain from the terrifying effects of aging. This book is written in a friendly, chatty way that made it easy to read. I loved that the author gives easy to follow practical advice to slow and even reverse brain damage. Some of the tips I started using immediately after reading and I do think I feel better. I've read other books on this subject that bored me so much I couldn't finish. This one is written for ordinary people, not for academics.

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Concise, easy to use roadmap to a healthier brain. As we age and our cognitive abilities diminish, we need help. This book provides recommendations on how to revitalise our brain functions. Useful for all readers interested in lifestyle change and especially for older readers looking to improve their memory, reduce stress levels and increase their quality of life.

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Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this book by HarperCollins Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Let me begin by saying if this book had different branding I would have enjoyed it much more.

Coming from someone who self identifies with the Biohacking movement I personally have a connotation of biohacking that it is taking interventionist steps to optimize health in unnatural ways. Now that is not a strict definition because I would say things like breath work certainty fall under biohacking. So when I read the title "Biohack Your Brain" I was expecting to see the latest research on Trans cranial Direct Magnetic Stimulation, Nuerofeedback, Nuerogenesis via psychedelics and other more "out there" therapies. What this book provided however was well sourced and lived experience, tried and true treatments for brain health such as diet, exercise, mental games, and the sort.

I will say that if this book was trying to be a science oriented self-help book it would succeed with flying colors in this field. Which is why I reflect the "branding issue" as a 3 star review.

I did enjoy the how the author incorporated stories from working with NFL patients to liven up the advice. While I personally didn't love this aspect I can certainly see the value in it for readers who don't want to read a 30 page dissertation on supplement optimization such as myself.

Overall if you are a reader who is interested in science based, and easily obtainable methods to increase brain health and cognition I would recommend this book. But if you consider yourself a Biohacker I might say to shy away.

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