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Leaders Who Lust

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I really liked this book. I appreciated the amount of detail that the authors put into differentiating between the different examples of lust used in the book. What I liked most was the different individuals used that I might not have otherwise been interested in reading about. Two things that did distract me was the overuse of the word "notwithstanding" and the lack of proofreading for sentences such as in the discussion about Tom Brady "isoblivioustotheriskassociatedwithhiscontinuingto   play" "in the    prestigiousJournaloftheAmericanMedicalAssociation summarized". Unfortunately it takes away from the information and I focused on error instead. This is something I found often. Overall, the book gives us insight to help me to better understand these individuals.
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Interesting premise and topic, exploring the role that lust plays in leaders' lives, decisions, and capacity. I struggled to follow the book, as it was a bit disorganized and jumped from point to point without many transitions, but very interesting content.
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I give this a solid 3.5 - its a great detailed book, but I found myself struggling at times to keep wanting to go forward.  Great stories and analogies tying to back to each section.
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