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Don't F*** This Up!

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I have read many self help/advice/empowerment books this year and some of the advice and tips were spot on, but not new ideas. Some of the advice was event redundant if you like to read self-help books, just my opinion. I did appreciate his point of view and his experiences that he shared and what he learned. Those parts were more interesting. But honestly, I skim read most of this.

Thanks to Netgalley, Fred Stuvek Jr and Triumvirate Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Available: 7/7/20
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Here's the thing. What I have read so far is excellent. Solid advice by a military man, a successful man who doesn't waste words.

But here's the other thing: the title is going to put a lot of people off. My guess is the the current crop of books with f in the title get attention. 

I'd be happy for a smart young man or woman to read this as I am sure they would benefit. But I was raised to consider swearing a sign of not being intelligent enough to express yourself any other way. That's certainly not true in this case.

A great book (inside) for a young person leaving university.
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In Don’t F*** This Up!, Fred Stuvek explains how harnessing certain proven success principles will help guide those looking for a new start in a world where the margin of error is narrower than ever. He can explain the following in more detail: 
● Adopt high standards and become disciplined
● Learn how to focus on goal setting from a Hall of Fame athlete turned soldier
● Develop and improve essential relationships from someone who has built successful businesses
● Establish a high level of personal integrity through the right actions and attitude
● Develop the resilience and grit to overcome adversity

Part One: Find Something You Believe In and Get Good at it.
Warrior Mindset based on Self-Belief and Belief in what you are doing.
Alignment with a career that fits your interests, skills, personality and values, where you can create a career plan to keep you on track.
The body follows the mind when you set goals to meet your career plan.
Fully commit to your clear and carefully defined action plan.

Part Two: Associate with Successful People and Organisations.
How to apply the strategy and principles you have established in leadership and corporate environments.

Part Three: Persevere and Adapt – Never, Ever Give Up
Put yourself into action mode; make a decision, take that first step, and then another. Repeat.

There is a lot of repetition in this book, but the principles are sound. 
Strategy. Personally, I think planning and goal setting are the tactics that should come after you have set your mission criteria and the strategy to achieve that long term endpoint so the contents of part one are out of order, but the detail is there.
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