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The Jane Doe Book Club read mysteries and look at cold murders that haven’t been solved. Lyla finds a dead body who has been looking into a local Jane Doe murder.Lyla, Melanie and the group try to find out who murdered their friend while Lyla continues trying to figure out who Jane Doe is. First in a new series.
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This was a really good cozy debut. I was completely immersed in the story from the beginning. Lyla gets caught up in the murder when her friend and book club member Carol is found dead. Lyla has always been obsessed with true crime and she throws herself into solving this murder. There was a lot of tension between Lyla and her mother but it was nice to see how they handle it. The mystery was good, there were a lot of suspects and red herrings. I thought I had guessed the murderer but the ending caught me by surprise. I cant wait for the next book to come out.
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This is a great start to a new series. The writing was wonderful and well paced. The setting and characters were delightful, and I cannot wait for the next book!
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A cute little cozy mystery with series potential. I appreciate that the protagonist, Lyla had both ties to a p.i. and yet wasn't one as it kept the cozy mystery feel and kept it from straying into a hard boiled mystery. I would like to see more development of the individual characters and their personalities but a series gives you plenty of opportunity to do that.
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I loved Kate Young's Southern Sass Series so I was ecstatic when I saw this book/series was announced.  It did not disappoint... fantastic way to start a series!

A murder solving book club??? yes please!!  Add in some cold case mysteries, you have a winner in my book.

I really enjoyed the characters and the plot twists, I was guessing until the very end.

I am looking forward to continuing on with this series going forward.  

I was awarded a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and had the audio version as well.  I highly recommend both series by Kate Young.
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Lyla Moody lives in small town Sweet Mountain, Georgia and works for her Uncle Calvin, who's a retired cop and now a private investigator.  She's always been interested in true crime, but since nothing ever happens where she lives, she belongs to the Jane Doe Book Club, where the members read mysteries and discuss them.  

One evening after work she's stunned to see her ex-boyfriend Kevin, along with her horrible cousin moving in across the complex from her.  As if that weren't enough, her friend Melanie is still on vacation with half her own clothes.  But when she finds what she thinks is Melanie's suitcase outside her door, she hauls it inside.  The next morning Melanie shows up at her door, and they both realize there's a terrible smell coming from the suitcase.  What they find inside is the body of their friend Carol Timms -- and then everything happens:  why would someone do this?  Why would they leave her in front of Lyla's apartment?  Why is Lyla receiving cryptic messages similar to the last book they read?  

Not to mention, her father becomes semi-involved, her mother is having a breakdown, and Carol's husband, Judge Timms, wants Lyla to investigate, thinking she's becoming a private investigator herself.  When Lyla agrees, everything goes haywire.  Now Lyla is in the middle of a murder, and she just might be the next victim...

This is the first book in a new series by Kate Young, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it.  There was plenty of action all the time, and the only thing that bothered me is the fact that Lyla is too busy trying to tell herself that she's better than men -- she doesn't need one, she's independent, she can take care of herself, etc. -- that she misses the big picture.  Maybe if she just stopped and sat back the right man would come along that understands her desire to solve cold cases.  I guess we'll see in the next book.

Anyway, that notwithstanding, Lyla is a fairly smart woman who is able to think quickly which helps in keeping her out of danger.  She manages to find the clues she needs to put everything together, and while this book isn't what I would call a true cozy, it still keeps one interested right through the ending.

Although I figured out who the murderer was before Lyla did, it was still intriguing to watch her as she figured it all out.  Ms. Young writes with a flair that pulls the reader in while making the characters almost leap off the page.  They are animated and believable, and that is what a book is supposed to do.

When we come to the ending, it gives us a sense of satisfaction as there are no cliffhangers, which I absolutely abhor; and leaves us waiting eagerly for the next in the series.  Highly recommended.
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My rating: 2 of 5 stars, it was an okay start to a new series.

First in the series.

A decent start to a new series. I love that the main character 1. Works for a PI and 2. runs a True Crime book club, it gives the run of the mill cozy a bit of a different twist.

What I don't like:
1. The main character's mean girl cousin. Can we just do away with the mean girl trope? It's starting to rank right up there with love triangles as my least favorite thing in cozies.
2. The overbearing parent/immature adult child. Lyla needs to grow the freak up, and Mom needs to back off.

I enjoyed the mysteries, and look forward to seeing how the characters and series develop.
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On Borrowed Crime (Jane Doe Book Club Mystery  1) by Kate Young. Awesome!

Lyla Moody wants to be a detective like her uncle, until then she works in his office. One night upon arriving home she finds a suitcase on her doorstep and brings it inside, only to find it contains a dead body!  This is the start of a story that had me alternately cheering, laughing and screaming as book club members and her family try to “help” her solve the murder  (her grandma is a hoot!). 

 I was so dang disappointed when I reached the end! I immediately tried to find out when book two would be released.  I recommend this book to readers who love a good mystery. Agatha Christie and cozy readers alike will enjoy the murder and mayhem found in this wonderful new Georgia mystery!
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A fine cozy mystery. This isn’t a genre I frequent but in 2020 I needed something simple and consistent and not too intense and this was perfect for that.
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Omg this book was everything and more! Definitely a cozy with a twist I didn't expect ! Lyla is a fantastic character with flaws like many of us do. She finds herself looking for a murderer amongst her book club and possibly those affliated with it. As this story unfolds you won't see what is coming with this twisted and surprise ending! I absolutely loved this book and look forward to reading more books by This author! Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC copy in exchange for my honest opinion
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Always love the start to a new series and this did not disappoint! Looking forward to future entries. Especially loved the small town setting!
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I usually don't read mysteries or similar books. But the play on words of the title and the cover drew me in, then I stayed for the amazing plot. This book was the perfect read during long autumnal/wintery nights and I enjoyed every single page. I definitely want to read more from this author and this genre.
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What an amazing start to a very promising series!  I loved the main character and fell in love with her life and the town itself. I can’t wait to read more in this series.
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This was ok enough to finish, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The world building and character development is minimal.  Lyla is front and center the entire time.  Her book club members are paper thin, just there for Lyla to expound to.  I expected them to help with the case in some way, even Melanie her BFF neighbor disappears for a good part of the story.   There's a lot of relationship drama that is alluded to (parents, parent with sibling, cousin vs. cousin, etc.), but not explored.

I also knew who did it right from the start.

Lyla also wasn't terribly likeable nor very good at what she's trying to do, but doesn't seem to realize it.  There's one thing having self confidence and another to being blind to ones' limitations.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Sweet Mountain, Georgia, is home to Lyla Moody and the Jane Doe murder mystery book club. The club is an embarrassment to Lyla’s proper mother. Ladies, especially Southern ladies, do not concern themselves with murder, a cold case study, or otherwise.

Mother also does not approve of Lyla’s job which is working for her uncle, a private investigator. Lyla is really the receptionist but longs to investigate, too. When her uncle is out of town on a job, a new client calls and Lyla accepts the job on her own.

Carol, one of the Jane Does, has gone missing, reported by her husband. As luck would have it, Lyla had just seen Carol drive by with someone in the car with her. Lyla’s own car is beyond repair, her BFF is on vacation with half of Lyla’s wardrobe, and Lyla’s ex has just moved in across the street and with Lyla’s own cousin. Nothing like a missing persons case to take her mind off all that.

Just when Lyla thinks things can’t get any worse, Carol’s body is found. In Lyla’s apartment. The club, of course, wants to investigate, but soon, they find out a murder on paper is a lot different than investigating the murder of a friend.

It seems Carol had developed an interest in real life Jane Doe cases. A dumping ground held the bodies of a number of unidentified women. From hints Carol left, she thought she knew the identity of one of them. Was this what got Carol killed? Will following Carol’s clues lead the killer to Lyla?

This is the first book in a new series. Lyla’s mother and father are not the warm and fuzzy type, more along the lines of hovering, knowing what’s best for her, not a welcome idea to Lyla. She’s fiercely independent, unafraid to take a risk, and determined to find the killer in their midst—before the killer can find her.
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A good start to a new series. I liked the idea of the mystery book club as the main characters, that gives a nice basis for this new series. The mystery was good with some surprises along the way. I will definitely read more of this series. 

I received this book through NetGalley. All thoughts are my own.
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This book is just so much fun and the perfect fall cozy mystery! I can't wait to read more from this author.
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Well, what do you know, this has been rather surprising, this book gave the affirmation of it being just a mild intriguing read, and wham, it became intensively captivating. I thought Lyla was way in over her head, she was a wee bit on the naive side, and she was too quick to cast aspersion and judge. A gripping culmination to a dramatically intriguing and engaging story.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Lyla belongs to a book club called The Jane Does.. It is no wonder she becomes obsessed with cold cases of Jane Does who have been tossed aside by a killer or killers along I-85 in Northern Georgia.  Then a suitcase is delivered to her home.  In it are the grisly remains of one of her club members.  Is it possible that the cold cases of the Jane Does are connected to her death?

The other members of the club are not all convinced they should get involved but Lyla feels she must.  And she has the resources to investigate as she works with her uncle in his detective agency.  Everyone, including Lyla, begins to believe she may have poked the bear too much as a series of physical threats and emails mirror her every move.  Clearly whoever is behind this is someone close to her.  But who is it?  It might be the grieving husband, a member of the police department, her ex-boyfriend or any number of friends and associates.  While, I confess I had suspicions early on, I dismissed them as more and more information was revealed.  

That culminated in an exciting and unexpected finale.  Lyla is a very good sleuth.  And this is a very good mystery.

Four purrs and two paws up.
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On Borrowed Crime is an excellent start to a new book club based cozy mystery series. As a want-to-be private investigator, Lyla has a lot to learn and plenty of room for growth. As with any new series, characters are not fully developed; they all have budding talents and traits that will make for entertaining reading. Lyla's best friend, Melanie, is a wonderful side-kick and keeps Lyla hopping. Both characters are easy to like. However, I feel that Lyla should have a bit more spine where her parents are concerned. She is far too easy-going and doesn't speak her mind as often as she should. Being from the south is no reason to allow your family or friends to determine your future or define you as a person. I felt Lyla allowed her parents, namely her mother and a former love interest, to make her sound as if she is incompetent and unable to make her own decisions. 
The setting of this story, Sweet Mountain, Georgia, may be fictional, but the town's descriptions and its residents sound alive. Readers will be able to imagine themselves visiting this old southern town and sipping tea while watching the locals go about their lives. Lyla's book club is intriguing and having her work for her uncle, a private detective, while wanting to be deeply involved in solving crimes, namely murder, will be interesting to watch unfold.
The murder and mystery are original. The suspects, although far and few between, are feasible enough to warrant the reader's attention. The twists and turns are creative and add a bit more interest to the overall plot. Even though I knew who the killer was fairly quickly in the book, it was enthralling to read through to the end to find out the motive and the outcome. I hope that Lyla's book club will play as integral a part in the next book and that her dream of being a real private investigator will come true. I think readers will enjoy On Borrowed Crime; they will see the potential in the character's relationships with one another, any new additions, and the mischief they can get into in future installments.
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