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Thank you #NetGalley for the copy of #AsAnOldMemory.

This was a fun read, with a melting pot of all the right ingredients. A witch, racism, revenge, mental health issue, a massacre, etc. making this ghost story this a great read.

4/5 ghosts 👻👻👻👻

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this was a really well done horror novel, I enjoyed the way the author was able to create a world that I was pulled into.

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This was and is a difficult book to read. It was and was not completely enjoyable due to the racism in the book and other smaller aspects.
It is a really well-written ghost story.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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I enjoyed this book but its not without some faults. Firstly, it was quite a slowly developing story with the amount of characters. However, they were mostly interesting and well written. I liked the twin timelines although it got confusing when the earlier time line jumped back and forth. The racism aspect to the book was uncomfortable reading but necessary for the story and god knows it's still an issue nowadays. I thought the ending was a bit rushed, The antagonist was defeated too easily for me considering the powers they had shown. Would definitely read more of this author.

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TW: N word, colored, homophobia

The 1956 Homecoming Massacre shook the residents of Pinehurst to their very core, and it left survivor Charlotte McAdams, broken for life. Forty years later, the McAdams family have become the victims of many strange happenings that seem to revolve around the fateful night of the massacre. As the anniversary draws nearer, so does the rope around the family threatening to destroy them all.

A very solid ghost story which incorporates, witches, racism, family tragedy, mental illness and a ton of creepiness.

I really enjoyed the fast paced story and despite following two timelines it was easy to follow and well-written.

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For fans of Hex this is a must read! The story is well paced and well thought out, and you’ll find yourself rooting for the main characters while also wondering if you should be.

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*Thank you to NetGalley and Crossroad Press for the opportunity to read this ARC in return for my honest review.*

I liked the setup of the story a lot. I thought that it had the potential to be a really good ghost revenge story. I do think, however, that the plot got too complicated - with the supernatural aspects and reasonings becoming less convincing.
The overarching theme seemed to be the evils of racism - and the main villain was extremely racist. I disliked the book when it was from his POV, as being in his hate-fueled thoughts was sickening. Of course, that means that the character was a believable villain.
I also think that the story suffered from only having the POVs of Sim, Alan, and Josh. I think that having access to Jessica/Connie/Hazel's thoughts and reasonings would have lessened my confusion as to why they did what they did. I also wanted more from Charlotte. I wasn't convinced that she would have forgiven her brother for lynching her friend.
I also didn't love the final showdown of the book. I felt that there should have been more of a payoff, after all the setup.
However, overall, I didn't hate the book. I found it pretty entertaining, and I would try something else by this author.

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I'm still thinking about this one. It's about racism. That in itself is a horror story of epic proportions. It's the ghost story, I can't seem to appreciate it. I'd like to hear some thoughts from other perspectives, though.

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This book was a good read! Very creepy and full of ghosts.
I really liked the plot for this book, it kept me interested and on my toes. I loved all the horror and some of the description really creeped me out.
I did get a little confused at times with the plot jumping back and forth in time but after going back a page or two I would soon realise what I'd missed.
Overall a spooky and interesting read and a fab book for anyone who loves horror.

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I tried very hard to enjoy this read but, unfortunately, it did not happen. I really liked the idea of it....the plot I guess you would say. I like stories that circle around revisiting old places or digging deep into the history of a town/location/object etc. Unfortunately, this novel was WAY too jumpy. When I found myself becoming interested, another standpoint would present itself and distract me.

I also had a hard time following who was speaking. The dialogue wasn't descriptive as to who was talking especially with a back and forth conversation. I found myself going back to make sure the correct character was speaking.

I didnt finish this novel. I put it down a few times until I was ready to give my undivided to it and unfortunately, it didnt keep my attention.

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This was a great read. It was creepy and well-written. I really liked how it had a little bit of everything in there and lots of ghosts. If you like horror I would definitely read this book.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher/author for allowing me to read this book!

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This is my first read from this author and I look forward to reading more. I loved this book, it was a great story.

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Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for a copy of this book to review, it was wonderful !

As an Old Memory
by Vic Kerry

Fabulous Ghost Story ! Absolutely loved this book.

The book kick starts with a major and bloody tragedy followed by an eerie haunting. Kept me reading into the very late hours of the evening because every chapter had a new spooky mystery to uncover. The more I read, the more ghosts appeared.

The story is set in a small town in Alabama and revolves around an old folklore about a murdered witch from the late 1800's who cursed the town with the main focus on a member the McAdam's family who played a large role in her death.

Moving from past to present timelines, the author gave great insight into the racial plight of 1950's Alabama. Old sins have long memories and the McAdam's family must face the horror caused by their ancestors.

Without giving away any spoilers, all I can say is that I loved this book from start to finish. If you are a horror fan, then you will enjoy this book. It's fresh, smart and well written. Unlike many horror stories, this had an intelligence to it that gave it a strong back bone for the more finicky reader. A very solid ghost story which incorporates, witches, racism, family tragedy, mental illness and a ton of creepiness. Can't ask for much more in a horror novel. I applaud you Mr. Kerry, very well done !

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