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I love Debbie Macomber's Christmas books so much. They are always so full of love, family, and just everything amazing about the Christmas season. 
I loved these characters so much. They felt so real and were easy to relate to. They were the type of people I would love to know in real life. 
I would highly recommend this book to anyone, especially if you want to get lost in a clean, happy story this Christmas season.
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Daisy did not realize how stressed she was working long hours and managing her business until she took a cruise down the Amazon, away from it all.   Asher did not realize he was avoiding a life that included a family until he encountered Daisy.  Asher was the naturalist who loved to give talks then lead those on the cruise into the remote parts of the Amazon.  He was drawn to Daisy immediately, but it was not until he got to know her when she had a reaction to a mosquito bite, that he realized how important she was to him.  This book has many funny moments as the “perfect” businesswoman had trouble navigating the sight seeing adventures on the cruise; fishing for piranhas, dealing with snakes, and getting captured by native tribesmen.   This book was great:  warm, funny, and full of the importance of family .
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I’m telling you, I will never, ever tire of a Debbie Macomber Christmas book!  They are all equally cozy and fun!  This one was no exception.  The only downside was that I read it during a heat wave.  I’ll have to read it again in December in front of my fireplace.  ❤️
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Everly Lancaster is a middle child who always felt left out or odd man out in her large farm family.  She takes a totally different career choice by becoming a top real-estate executive and pursuing her big dreams.  Her career does not leave much room for anything personal.  She is always stressed from her job demands.  Her business partner insists that the take the whole month of December off for a much needed vacation.

But her vengeful assistant books a guided cruise in the Amazon instead of the luxury beach vacation she anticipated, Everly is horrified to learn that she will be spending the next two weeks with no Wi-Fi in the rain forest. Not even Asher Adams, the ship’s charming naturalist, can convince Everly that the trip will be unforgettable. But she slowly sees that he is right when she observes the spectacular sights.  Her feelings for Asher deepens as they spend time together causing her to take another look at her priorities.

But as the cruise nears its end reality settles in and Everly and Asher have to decide if they want to take a risk with love.
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I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book from Netgalley. I loved it! Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters and the story was so heartwarming. Perfect feel good read.
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As always, Debbie Macomber writes the CUTEST Christmas stories. This one might be my favorite so far. Loved it from the first page and will Re read as we get closer to Christmas. So good!
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I was happy to receive an ARC from a favorite author, Debbie Macomber, and am voluntarily reviewing. Jingle All the Way is a sweet romance that takes place in the month leading up to Christmas. Everly, whose real name is Daisy, is a high powered career woman who started her own company with a partner and let’s it take over her world. When her partner insists that she take a vacation it is an unwanted opportunity to see how much she has given up for her job. The setting of this one is a little different, a cruise on the Amazon doesn’t really make me think. Christmas, but the story sweet with touches of humor.
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This book is by a favorite author of mine. I was so surprised when I received the notice from Net Galley that they were letting me review this book! 

Everly  (whose real name is Daisy) is a workaholic. She is always at the office until well after 8:00PM. Her Partner, Jack has made her hire hi teenage Niece, Annette to be Everly's new Secretary. She makes all her appointments and types up her presentations 

She has been making many mistakes, and Everly wants Jack to fire her. Annette, of course is upset  She goes home to tell her mother that Uncle Jack fired her. Her mother is Jack's sister and calls to have him rehire her. So she comes back and Jack tells her to book a cruise for Everly and Jack tells her to take the month of December off.

So she gets a cruise for her. She was so happy that she was going on a Brazil cruise for two weeks. When Everly gets there she finds out that the cruise is on the Amazon River in the rain forest. There is no internet, no TVs, no locks on the doors. And they can only take two showers per week.

Everly thought that Annette booked this cruise to get back at her for firing her. But as the cruise got under way she found that everyone on the ship was very nice and friendly. 

I don't want to give anything else away to mess up the story for anyone.

Debbie Macomber is my favorite author .She never disappoints with her books. They should all be five stars.

Please read this Holiday book you will not be sorry.
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****Jingle All the Way is a sweet story about Daisy, a workaholic woman commanded to take a vacation and Asher, the tour guide on her boat.  The luxury cruise she anticipated turns out to be anything but luxurious, but both come to realize that their meeting is a defining life event.  Will this new understanding carry forward when the voyage is over?  Christmas is coming and both have family around the Chicago area.  Author Debbie Macomber is a pro at creating characters with depth and amusing situations that keep her fans engaged.  This reader easily can see the story as a wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.  Highly recommend.
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I love how the Christmas season makes us think of the special loved ones in our lives, thia is what happens to Everly Lancaster as she decides quite unexpectedly to take some time off a very high paced job.  Her new totally incompetent assistant tells her she books her a wonderful cruise only to find out that she is now going up the Amazon river and is not prepared!  The naturalist on the cruise , Asher Adams becomes her rock during many uncomfortable situations!!  The interactions between Everly and Asher are sweet and comforting and before we know it sparks were flying!!  I like Christmas stories that make you stop and consider what’s really out priorities! #NETGALLEY#JINGLEALLTHEWAY
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This is such a cute story. Although the cover is a little deceptive since most of the book is set in the Amazon, it is not a bad deception.  I  love  everything about Asher and Everly. Their adventures in the Amazon were hilarious and quite enjoyable. This was a very easy to read story that went by fast, and is for anytime you want to have those warm fuzzy feelings.
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Even though I could foretell the ending of this book, it was still a sweet read.
What happens when a workaholic has a problem with one of her employees? Well, this one ends up in Brazil on an Amazon cruise, and we are along for her journey. She does end up with a shipboard romance, so to speak, but this is not a usual boy meets girl story.
I did love the warm family oriented aspect here, and being with loved ones at the Christmas season.
Can two job oriented people change their way of life, both married to their jobs! When you meet them and know what they are doing, you will wonder how any future relationship would ever be possible!
This is a quick page-turning read that will warm your heart.
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Ballantine, and was not required to give a positive review.
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This was a new take on the ultimate Christmas vacation story and Debbie Macomber didn't disappoint with Jingle All the Way.  I laughed out loud several times as the comedy unfolded and it began on page one.  From the assistant who never should have been an assistant to the business partner who was out of sync with his business Everly clearly needed a break more than she even knew. Even if you do not work in a high powered career, there is someone is this story you can identify with.  

One takeaway from this story of a vacation gone awry is that sometimes, a fresh look at life is a good thing before it passes on by. Everly and Asher are a good example of two people who are so busy with their goals they nearly missed the golden opportunity of a lifetime.  Deadlines are important, even Wi-Fi is important, but just like everything else, there is a time and place even for those parts of our lives.

I admired Everly for the way she met every challenge on her cruise.  Her expectations for the cruise she reluctantly took were so different than the ship she boarded, yet she proved to be the ultimate good sport. If you are looking for a new kind of Christmas story, look no further than Jingle All the Way!
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Everly (Daisy) has had it with her assistant, Annette, her business partner’s niece, for her incompetence. Trying to cajole her out of firing Annette Jack insists she take December off and suggests a cruise. What was supposed to be a relaxing luxury cruise turns out to be a trip down the Amazon - Annette’s version of revenge. Everly has a series of misadventures on the trip, but the one thing she is able to do is relax and recover from all the stress related to overworking at her job. The high point of the trip is meeting Asher. He is the naturalist aboard the Amazon Explorer. Daisy (Everly) and Asher are attracted to one another, but Asher doesn’t see how it could work so when they say goodbye at the end of the trip he tells Daisy they have no future. Everly (Daisy) goes home to Chicago, checks in at her job for a couple of hours then goes to Indiana for Christmas with her family. Daisy (Everly) tells one of her sisters about Asher to get help working through the hurt, but otherwise she focuses on enjoying time with her family and all the Christmas traditions. Asher surprises her when he shows up at her family’s farm. They have some decisions to make, but they both agree they want a future together.
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Jingle All the Way
Debbie Macomber
October 13, 2020

Easy Home Realty, owned and operated by Everly Lancaster and her partner Jack Campbell, have spent the past 6 years pouring time and energy into their popular home business.  Jack, being the creative director of the business, while Everly, spent her hours managing everyday operations, budgets, and personnel.  Much to Everly’s disagreement Jack hired his niece, Annette to become her office assistant. At a congress of 500 real estate brokers  Everly was due to speak at an award dinner.  She reminded Annette several times of the things she needed to have a spectacular speech and video production for Easy Home.  Stepping in front of the crowd she realized too late that her pleasant but not diligent Annette had downloaded the wrong production.  Although Everly did her best to remember the talk and present without the viewing, her presentation to the throng of professionals was not what she envisioned.  Tomorrow, she would finally fire Annette for the last amongst all her misdoings. Unfortunately Jack was not to be swayed.  He felt that she needed a vacation due to stress and Annette should be given another chance.  He spoke with the assistant and encouraged her to book a cruise for Everly.  She could be gone for the month of December.  The cruise would last 2 weeks then home to visit her family in Indiana for her last 2 weeks.  Everly was not pleased with what Jack had done but really could not disagree with his assessment.  Throughout her career she had yet to take time off, nor spend time with her folks or her siblings.  
Macomber’s newest Christmas novel is nothing like I had envisioned, especially with the title JIngle All the Way.  I anticipated family celebrations from Thanksgiving to Christmas, with tales of jubilee with perhaps some grievances thrown in.  Ok, Ok, nothing wrong with that but I will be the first to admit when I am wrong.  Debbie gave us a story of traveling down the Amazon River in a small cruise ship.  Her characters were retired, professional couples who like adventure and discovery in unpopulated areas of the world. Not only was I surprised at the plot that unfolded into a really great story, I fell into a synopsis of fact and fiction that was tough to put down. No more spoilers, you will need to pick up Debbie Macomber’s Jingle All The Way on October 13, 2020 when it is published by Ballantine Books of New York.   They have my gratitude for allowing me to read the uncorrected ebook prior to publishing.  I encourage all her followers as well as new readers to Debbie Macomber (are there any???) to be sure to purchase or find a copy via library.  Such a fun read!
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3.5 stars

I struggled a little to call this a Christmas book, I didn't feel that Christmas was talked enough and it took many pages into the book to get to Christmas, 

This was what I come to expect when reading Debbie's Christmas books. 

This one was a little different with the cruise down the Amazon but the humor was there with all that happened. to Daisy while on her trip and falling in love. 

Like all good Debbie books, 2 people fall in love, something breaks them up and then they find their way to a happy ever after. 

I did enjoy the ending being three years later so we got a glimpse of what happened to them.
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Daisy's disgruntled assistant at work gets revenge on her when she books her vacation cruise. When she gets to her cruise boarding she finds that she is not on a luxury cruise but an Amazon River Exploration trip. But little does she know that it might be the best vacation of her life.

This is not the author's regular Christmas story style. Instead of the entire book centering on Christmas, Christmas is not mentioned until the last of the book.  A family theme of love, togetherness and Christmas traditions is brought out in the final portions of the book.  

The trip down the Amazon River was cool and the information that she gave about the area was very informative. It gave me some insight into an area of the country that I will probably never visit so it was great.

 It was a cute story with some great comedy in parts and I liked the underlying theme of deciding what is really important in life.

I received a free advance copy of this book and am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Great romance story.  Thinking she was going on a luxurious cruise, she actually went on a trip down the Amazon.  This adventure changed her life and she fell in love.  See what happens when they have to decide how to be together in her world or his world or neither.
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This was a quick, entertaining read which was such a nice break from the heavy suspense stories I usually indulge in.  When Daisy (aka Everly) tries to fire an employee, said employee gets her vengeance  by planning a luxurious cruise for her boss.   However, said luxurious cruise doesn't turn out anything like it was described.  Daisy manages to make lemonade from lemons, however, and is successful in more ways than one.

While I don't usually care for romance novels, this one had enough spunk and adventure to keep me reading and enjoying.
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Cute, but I couldn't get really invested in the main characters. I liked the setting of the Amazon and the fact that the cruise in it was payback from her assistant.
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