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What's All The Commotion?

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This colorful and wonderfully illustrated book explains social distancing in a way that seems understandable for kids, maybe age 4-8. It has simple language that children can understand, with a few other words thrown in to illustrate the situation that we are all living in. The diversity within the families and individuals shown in the books is great as well.
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I think the premise of this book is timely and important for kids in this time. The world is pretty crazy right now and this book does a good job of helping to explain what's happening to children. The illustration are cute and it touches on most of the topics of why social distancing is so important. Enough that most parents could probably take it from there with this as a baseline for the conversation. I couldn't quite peg the age range for this. I would think very young readers, but it tripped me up that there were some words like contagious that I don't think those readers would understand and weren't defined. It was also a little vague at times (I'm assuming in thinking parent would lead the conversation. I do think it would have benefited from touching on people wearing masks and why that is an important part of social distancing as well.
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What’s All the Commotion? is the perfect conversation starter for little ones in the age of covid. The illustrations were lovely and diverse and the message was on point. I LOVED that they asked questions throughout, especially asking “is there anyone you are worried about right now?” I’m definitely buying copies for the parents and teachers in my life. 👏🏼 

Would love to see a follow up about why masks are important! This could be a whole series!!
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A simple book with easy to follow illustrations that explains in very basic terms that there is a virus at the moment which requires social distancing. It asks questions that children can respond to which would allow an adult to then help the child with anything they're worrying about, and briefly touches on the fact that things are different and that adults may be acting differently too because they're worried. It ends on a positive note, that this is temporary to keep people safe, and that we'll be able to hug our friends again.

I read this with my three year old and although he's not really articulate enough to ask questions yet, he did understand the concept, nodded along and enjoyed the pictures. I think it would be ideal for anywhere from 3 - 8 years old or so as a starting point for understanding the current situation.

I very much appreciate that all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity.
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I really appreciate how timely this book is because of the current pandemic and how most people really lack discipline at the time it is needed the most. I like the illustrations and how colorful those were. I just want to comment about the first lines. I suggest that the line "most everyone" be changed to "almost everyone". I just find it awkward. It was a good book, an easy read and a must read.
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We need a novel like this!

It's imperative that we be able to teach our little ones about social distancing and the current state of things. The illustrations were lovely and of course diverse which is much needed. This breaks it down in a way that's easy for kids to understand- without making them fearful.
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We have all been wondering how to talk to children about Covid, but most importantly about how the virus has affected our lives. 
There were theories early on which said it is worth to limit how much we told children, but as the situation developed it seemed impossible to do so. 
Children are very aware of changes and pick up on stress and anxiety adults have. 
This book is designed to help parents talk to their children – or, in fact, for any adult to talk to children, mostly about their feelings in these difficult times. 
The drawings make it possible to read the book with children, though the text are more about giving adults guidelines, or even a script, to have what is quite a difficult conversation.
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A very age-appropriate introduction to "everything going on" with the coronavirus and social distancing to help explain a difficult topic to kids—a topic that will likely not go away anytime soon, unfortunately! I also love all of the inclusive illustrations.
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