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I really wanted to like this book, but tragically it fell flat for me. I'm super sad about it and that sucks. But I thank you, Netgally, for being so wonderful and precious to me. YOU da real MVP.
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I wanted to like this book but it was just OK. I had a real issue with Rhett's attitude towards Randi. He's using her for sex and seems annoyed that she wants more. Then he moves on to Cassie without bothering to end things. She was a horrible person but that says something about his character.  I didn't really feel any chemistry between him and Cassie until they were already together and then everything felt really rushed. There were also things that never went anywhere and just seemed pointless or unresolved like Cassie's relationship with her mom or what happened at Christmas with Rhett's family. Combined with the overly perfect ending, it was hard to completely enjoy the story.
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This is my first book from Alexa Aston and she did an excellent job bringing me into this world without feeling like I was missing anything. It definitely won’t be my last! This author did not disappoint. This story reached out and grabbed me from the very first page and did not let go until the very last. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was fast paced, sweet and emotional read that everyone needs on the TBR list. Happy reading everyone!
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Hollywood Heartbreaker by Alexa Aston is the first in a new series.  I really enjoyed this story and how quirky Cassie is and the fact that she doesn’t let Rhett stagnate and pushes him to become a better actor, even though his agent wants to pigeonhole him as an action figure.  The interaction between the two main characters made me laugh and sometimes shake my head, but their emotions were real and I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys romance reads.
Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for an honest opinion.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and the author for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is the first book in a new series.  This was a really fun, crazy adventure!  I laughed out loud and it made me smile.  This is Cassie and Rhett's story.  Enjoyable.  I would highly recommend this book, and hope to read the others in this series. 4 stars
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This a first for me by this author and I am glad to see I read the first of the series. Rhett seems to be a bit of  "too good to be true". I mean, his first meeting with Cassie she not only totals a priceless cars but sets both cars on fire? and her offers her a job? Then there is Cassie, who went through this ordeal and even though she looks like road kill, is determined to go to the original job interview and explain why she's late?? Really?  This was fun, a bit serious in places and very corny in others. Loved Breck and the poker buddies. It made for light reading.
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This is not in my public reviews: I suspect that the many five star reviews on goodreads for this are faked, and it's not a good look. This book is so bad, full of cliched storylines and misogyny. It is believeable that there's a section of romance readers who aren't bothered by that, but absolutely not to this proportion. I will absolutely not read anything else by this author, and it is obvious that this was a self published book that didn't care about editing. If this was from an actual publisher, my opinion of that publisher would be absolutely damaged.

Really didn't like it, a one star for a book I should have probably DNF'd instead. I had some decent notes on this and a lot of fiddly complaints about why I didn't like it, then decided it was bad enough that it didn't even deserve that. But then, I came on here and saw that it has mostly good reviews? So now I feel like I have to defend my position and at least lay out some of the issues so people can see whether they would be bothered by these problems are not. 

I'm a big fan of boss/assistant romances for some reason, and I'm a fan of dealing  with fame as a trope, so I thought I would like this, and I was looking for something lighter and more fluffy after a pretty dense book before this, so my expectations weren't super high, but I didn't end up enjoying the read at all. The beginning is poorly edited, there's a mess of names and one mid-paragraph two line flashback that is super weird and confusing, so I wasn't grabbed quickly, and all we learn about the hero at first is that he grew up poor and he is disorganized and that he's kind of obsessed about his "help" going to visit family in Mexico for the third time in two years, which is... not a lot. Later we learn that they didn't take time off, they just sort of ditched and didn't notify anyone and just expect the jobs to be waiting for them, which is more understandable why he's annoyed, but without that context it just comes off pretty privledged and out of touch complaining about "the help". Especially for someone we are supposed to root for having a relationship with his assistant. These people who have worked for him and are good enough at their jobs that he keeps taking them back are painted as bad people taking advantage of him (and the broken english and apparently only cooking Mexican food are some real issues, to be honest, this is not a good book about race.) are bad guys, but the woman who totals his car and has huge crying jags is loved by everyone because she..? Bought ice cream at the store I guess? I hate to use the phrade "Mary Sue" since that's usually a loaded misogynistic term, but I don't know how better to describe the way everyone adores Cassie from the moment they meet. Women aren't treated great in this book, Jolene is at least fleshed out some but I still didn't enjoy reading her, and Randi is a one dimensional strawman for everyone to just call a slut and discuss her boobs. The word "slut" is used <i>a lot</i>. Melanie is fine, but even the random women in stores are painted as evil immediately. There must be something in the water in Hollywood, and somehow Cassie is the only woman to avoid it? I know the film industry is its own little world but I hate, as a reader, when actual weight numbers are used and I get to read about a five foot six woman who is 130 and keeps being told she is fat. I'm over it. Just be vague instead of giving a number! It's not hard. 

I didn't see any chemistry between Rhett and Cassie, We are told that he is immediately attracted to her, but mostly based on what she isn't, when compared to other Hollywood women. He likes that she isn't as skinny, doesn't have the surgeries, that she is "real" compared to them. Randi isn't a good person, but she is also a caricature and not an actual character. That Rhett was with her at all makes him look bad, he is fine bad mouthing her to everyone behind her back and making it clear that he won't be seen with her in public, but he's "so honorable" that he won't break up with her except in person (it doesn't have to be a text, dummy, phone calls are still a thing, especially once the media gets a hold of the break up). The only reason we are really given to like him is that he is willing to do a cancer fundraiser, and even that is through the Komen foundation, which is not a good org. Cassie doesn't seem into him until they almost kiss out of nowhere, otherwise he could be any handsome wealthy man with the hollywood connections she needs. 

I am someone who really likes stuff like what brand names can tell you about a character and what names can tell you about the parents of characters. So when I say neither of those worked here, it's not me just being a hater. The brands don't say anything other than getting in the way, Cassie apparently loves Dr Pepper so we are told whenever that is what she's drinking. She names the labels on dresses in a dismissive way that shows how "better than other girls" she think she is but that's not something the author was trying to get across, I don't think. Not in the bad way at least. 

At least half of the characters have alliterative naming in a very superhero comic way, and are refered to their full names more than they should be. Yes, her name is Becky Bloss. Yes, I see what you did there. Can you please stop pushing it? Rhett's mom is obsessed with Gone With the Wind. Okay, I can handle that. It's not my favorite, but I've seen it done well before, where you learn a lot about the family dynamics from it etc. His dad isn't mentioned so I guess he was overridden on the names, whatever. But is it believeable that the eldest child is Suellen? Mom names them after minor characters first and then ends with Rhett and Scarlett? Again, whatever, but it's not skillful. It's not clever writing. 

The Zak storyline... Look. It could have been removed entirely and I don't think it would affect the growth of these characters. He's an easy source of jealousy at first and then he gets violent and it's a substance abuse-intervention-suicide-death storyline handled with none of the deftness or grace required. It just felt skeevy.

I don't know enough about the film industry, but giving one year from finished screenplay to accepting the best picture Oscar seems quick. Especially for a brand new production company? Woudn't distribution take a little bit, without those set contacts? It bugged me but it isn't a dealbreaker, I suppose. This movie that was written by Cassie and Breck, stars Rhett and Jolene (no audition or anything, just hire your roommate with no acting experience, why not), and is nominated for at least four Oscars and wins two must be a great one, not that we can tell from the dreck description we are given of it. Ooh, a DA whose wife and son are killed after exposing his dirty partner? I've never heard of anything like that before. 

Look, I need to make it clear that this book does NOT deserve me rattling off all these reasons it is a bad story. It deserves me going "that sucked", one star-ing, and moving on with my life. But there are so many five star reviews that don't give me convincing reasons why they liked it, so I felt that my opposing viewpoint needed to be heard, and it needed to be detailed. Sorry.
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Hollywood Heartbreaker is a fun, lighthearted story set in Hollywood and I immediately liked the two main characters, Rhett and Cassie. They are both easy to relate to and have a lot of chemistry.

Rhett and Cassie meet under crazy circumstances and neither of their lives is ever the same. Their chance encounter leads to love but before they can be together, they have to get through a few obstacles thrown their way.

Rhett is a major Hollywood action star, but he has stayed down to earth and is a nice guy.  Cassie is struggling to make it in Hollywood and she barely has enough money to pay her rent each month. When Rhett decides to hire Cassie as his assistant; he never expects that decision to change his life.

Cassie is open and honest and completely different from all the other women in Hollywood. Cassie dazzles Rhett. She is everything he didn’t know he needed. All the women Rhett has dated in the past have only used him because he is a major star and has money. Cassie doesn’t care about his money or fame. This is an engaging story and also Rhett and Cassie have some entertaining friends.
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A fun entertaining story with a Cinderella theme.  Cassie is our down-on her luck heroine, although not completely down and desperate.  Our hero, Rhett, is a Hollywood heartthrob, who hires Cassie as his personal assistant.  She’s good at the job and doesn’t take any prisoners, making her popular with. Rhett, his friends, and co-workers.  As we watch the story develop, the ups and downs of their relationship, both personal and professional made for a interesting tale..  There is enough back and forth to keep the story moving nicely, but could  have built the tension and suspense better to make for a higher rating.  Several times a crisis reared it head, but each were essentially glossed over with no real conflict or tension, leaving things feeling somewhat deflated. Three and a half stars, rounded up to four.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.  This is my freely given, honest review.
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I just loved Hollywood Heartbreaker by new to me author Alexa Aston. This book grabs you right from the start and the star-studded romance never disappoints. The two primary characters, Cassie Carroll and Rhett Corrigan, have undeniable chemistry, and their engaging courtship is replete with friendship, desire and love. This is the first book from the author's brand new Hollywood Name Game series, and it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Cassie enjoys living in Tinseltown, however, her dreams of becoming a member of the Hollywood elite have never amounted to anything. She is almost at the brink of returning home to Texas when she accidentally hits Rhett's car.  Rhett is a famous actor and his action films cause both men and women to swoon. Practically immediately Rhett likes Cassie's spunkiness, and as a result, offers her the job of his personal assistant. Cassie is nervous but excited to begin working for Rhett, and is hopeful that her professional dreams may be given a chance to come to fruition. Rhett is thrilled to have Cassie organizing his disorganized life, and her ability to get along with others is contagious. Overtime, their unique friendship develops into a forever together.

Hollywood Heartbreaker is a quick-paced story with well-defined and exciting characters. I loved the way Ms. Aston evolved Cassie and Rhett's relationship, with discovery, tenderness, and longing. Cassie's charm and encouragement gives Rhett the push he needs to explore new genre opportunities. Rhett's support gives Cassie what she needs to be successful. If you are looking for a contemporary romance with some amazing Hollywood moments, an entertaining plot, and a happily ever after that will leave a smile on your face, read this book.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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‘Hollywood Heartbreaker‘ is the first title in the new ‘Hollywood Name Game‘ series, and delivers an emotional, charming romance between two seemingly quite unlikely people to ever meet let alone fall in love. But don’t let the surface fool you, one may have found the dream to be not all he expected and the other is still searching for a dream she’s given up on – but together they just might find a far different dream they both can live.

You may be a reader who is more familiar with Alexa Aston from her Historical Romance titles, if that’s the case then sit back and enjoy the writing you’ve always loved simply set in a different time period. Cassie and Rhett will quickly show you why this author is a wordsmith and can easily draw you into a love story with real people even in the fakest place of all – Hollywood.

I liked Cassie and Rhett individually, yet together they shine with a special kind of magic that Hollywood cannot match. Each is from a humble background, each still deals with that history in their own fashion, but neither has forgotten where they came from. Rhett may have reached the height of his action movie career yet he still wants more, to break out of the mold the industry (and his agent) has placed him in and move onto different types of roles that challenge him. So far he’s done little to make that happen, living instead as a Hollywood stereotype with the high salary, the toys, and the beautiful woman on his arm when necessary. The fact that none of that really gives him any satisfaction should have been a wake-up call long ago. It will take a real-life car explosion and one very insightful woman to show him the possibilities – it’s up to him to reach for them and risk everything he’s accomplished in this town full of lies, fakes, and mischief.

Cassie had her dreams once, now they’ve moved into the background as simply surviving has become her reality. When she’d swerved to avoid hitting a runaway dog straight into Rhett’s expensive car she saw her life (and her money) flash before her eyes. Never in her wildest imagination could she have seen that she’d soon have a new, well-paying job, become the friend of one of the most powerful men in this town… or that real love would start to grow between them. What they did with that fact would change lives – forever.

If you’re in the mood for a love story full of possibilities, laughter, tears, feelings then you’ll want to dive into ‘Hollywood Heartbreaker‘ and get started on this new adventure right now. I had fun with the story, enjoyed the characters, and fell in love with this world. I believe you will, too.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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This was my first book by Alexa Aston and I'm sure won't be the last. The story was entertaining, although by the end of it I felt it could have been a bit shorter. There were some great characters. Rhett seemed like a decent guy who got stuck in his career and needed a bit of courage to pursue his dream of taking on different kind of roles. I really enjoyed his relationship with his family. Cassie had great integrity, something I always appreciate in any book. The thing I wasn't sure about was how quickly their relationship progressed. 
Thank you for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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Hollywood Heartbreaker is the first book in the new series Hollywood Name Game by Alexa Ashton. It was an interesting book and had a great storyline. The characters were amazing and realistic. Rhett Corrigan was a famous movie star but was tired of the same old thing. He wanted to try something new, but his agent kept putting him off. His life had become boring until Cassie ran into his car! Cassie Carroll had moved to Hollywood with big dreams, but now she just wanted a job that pays better. Her day goes from bad to worse when she hits a car, causing both cars to explode. It gets even worse when she realizes it is Rhett Corrigan’s car. Rhett hiring her to be his assistant is a dream job for her and falling for him was not the plan. I enjoyed reading the book and seeing Rhett and Cassie’s life and careers grow as they finally realize their dreams. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
I received an ARC but am voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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I love a good romantic comedy, it’s the one contemporary sub-genre that I can really get into. I read this book in one day. It was impossible to put down. I knew this author as a historical romance author, but she really hit it out of the part with this Cinderella story. I laughed, cried and cheered the main characters on throughout this story and I’m glad I read this during the day as this would have kept me up way too late. She gives us Hollywood stars that are down to Earth and likeable. There is some action, some grief, some maddening moments, some laughter and romance. It’s a great formula and the author makes you feel a part of the story. This is the first book I’ve read from this author, but I’m definitely on board with the author and this series. Great read.
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I was totally engaged in this story that was so well written with characters that were so well detailed that I couldn't stop turning the pages until the very end!
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Hollywood Heartbreaker was a pleasing Hollywood romance and a good start to Ms Aston's move into contemporary romance. As it was enjoyable, sweet and fairly easy to read, even though it does broach a few big issues including cancer and alcohol abuse. But because those issues aren't tackled with in any real depth the story never becomes truly thought-provoking. But there was enough going on to keep me reading and there were plenty of likable characters, including the main two Rhett and Cassie. And I'd certainly be interested in reading more books from this series in the future.
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I really enjoyed this book. I liked Cassie's strong, got get'em personality.  Rhett is very down to earth and a nice family guy.  There was one part however, that didn't work for me. Without spoiling too much, I didn't understand why Cassie didn't go to Becky and then Rhett after the shopping incident.  Maybe it's just because I don't know how Hollywood works. With that said, I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my feedback.
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There is a lot I liked about this book. The writing style is very readable, The story and the wider cast of characters were great and I felt it had a vibrancy in the way the characters interacted.

But I didn’t like him or her much. He uses one girl for sex, then gets upset when she shares her perspective on it.  And then whilst all that is happening Cassie is jumping into bed with him. And then under the influence of drugs he goes off with some other woman.  Cassie’s desperate jump into his bed is just tacky.  Doesn’t she have any self respect?!

I would try the next book as it’s clear the writer has a good style.
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This is the first book I have read by Alexa Aston.  I have to say, for the first 70% of the book, it was probably one of the best books I have read this year.  I thought it got off track a bit from 70 - 90%, and Rhett (whom I loved in the first 70%) kind of ticked me off.  But the last 10% pulled it out and I really enjoyed the ending.  Thanks for an excellent book-I've already pre-ordered the next one on Amazon. (4 1/2 stars rounded to 5)
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This was a fun romance/Cinderella-sort of story.  Rhett was a dreamy hero.  He is the whole package: a nice, average sort of guy who just happens to be a multi-millionaire Hollywood action star.  And while Cassie starts out seeming this pitiful lady who is desperate for a job working for a top agent, she turns out to be a spunky, super-organized woman who can do just about anything including write a killer screenplay.

Their growing romance was fun and the secondary characters were also enjoyable.  Sure, there was a lot of instalove here, but if you object to that, you shouldn’t be reading romance novels.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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