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Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners

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This is an awesome cookbook! Cooking with Cast-Iron is so amazing it's great to have a cookbook dedicated to it! I can't wait to try some of these recipes!
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This book Cast-Iron cookbook for beginners really for the first part I was able to skip over most of it. I am one of those people that grew up using cast iron skillets and really was looking for any different types of recipes. The first part speaks of the types and of care of the skillets which are important.
  Most of the recipes seemed easy and some were ones that I would not have thought to have cooked in any of my skillets. I noticed in one of the reviews that someone mentioned that don’t cook eggs, but I do cook eggs, I have four different sizes and one is just for eggs nothing else and if done right you will have no problem with the skillet. One thing I also like to cook in my skillets is smores for my granddaughter and daughter they love it and comes out with a little crunch as well. Overall a good starter book for anyone getting into cast iron cooking.
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Cast Iron Cookbook for Beginners earns 5/5 Skillet Treats...Excellent Resource!

I am a Teflon-style kind of chef with its non-stick, man-made surface and easy dishwasher clean-up, but upon hearing this, a co-worker gave me a twenty-minute informative lecture on the joys of her cast iron cookware, so it seems like this “beginner” needs some tutoring and Cast Iron Cookbook for Beginners by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr may be the perfect resource. 

Chapter 1, ‘Getting to Know Your Cast-Iron Skillet,” is invaluable for any novice, but a pro would also find it interesting: an overview of cast iron’s benefits, explanation of and instructions for seasoning, some fascinating insights, tips, and additional useful tools to get the best out of your skillet. I’m ready to try it out, and what luck...I found in the back of a cupboard a 12” cast-iron skillet I forgot I had and set about “seasoning” it. The process did require more time to clean and season properly before being able to use it (an issue I remember having when first I received the skillet), but instructions were easy-to-follow. Ok, are we ready, yet? 

The 100 recipes are varied offering meals for every occasion from a full meal to sides, meats from land to the sea, veggies, and sweet to savory breads and desserts...all using the trusty cast-iron skillet. Each recipe is complete with an introduction providing some insights or a cultural view along with serving size and prep/inactive/cooking times, complete ingredient list, easy-to-understand directions (use of an oven is sometimes required; no need for cast-iron there), and Tips for a substitution, an ingredient, menu-planning, or cleaning-up. I wasn’t completely confident in my “seasoning” success, but I had to dive in at some point. I choose a family favorite: Shepherd’s Pie (One Skillet Meal). There were no out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, the directions were easy, oven required, and a Substitution Tip explains Shepherd’s Pie vs Cottage Pie. It was delicious and leftovers available. Dessert? Yes, please, but with only one skillet in the house, it’ll have to be a separate effort...or I may have to purchase a second skillet!

I received the eBook version and appreciate the links to easily navigate the cookbook through the Table of Contents or the list for each section, but there’s only one photo used to illustrate each section. I would have appreciated a photo for each recipe to give me the idea of what it should look like, and maybe a photo to illustrate the cleaning and seasoning process. There are Measurement Conversions charts with U.S standard measurements to metric in volume, oven temperatures, and weight, and some extra resources to explore. But, discount the absence of more visuals, this is definitely a full-service cookbook for more than just a “beginner.”
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Lots of great recipes that are easy to follow! I’m new to the cast iron so this is a great way for me to learn and have some go to recipes! It has gotten me excited to cook!
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Most people have a cast iron awareness, not only does it add iron to your meal but one pan can last generations when used properly. This author gives us some tips and tricks for beginner usage of a cast iron skillet and it’s versatile cooking methods.

   What did I like? Only thing I have ever made in my cast iron pan is cornbread. It comes out perfect every time, so it’s no surprise that other recipes can be made in a cast iron pan. I loved the seasoning instruction and bookmarked some delicious sounding recipes.

   Would I buy or recommend? Sadly this book comes with no pictures. But it’s free on Kindle Unlimited if you have it. Just getting it off KU seems a plus so it’s really a no brainer to download it and go through it.

   I received a complimentary copy but I also downloaded and read off KU since my copy expired before I could read it.
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I really enjoy cooking in cast-iron skillets because they're effective and easy to utilize. They're similar to the crock-pot method: you can put a few things in it and let it go! Any time you get a cookbook that is topical, you are able to learn something about new methods of cooking or gain ideas / inspirations for how you can utilize cooking utensils for new methods. Beginners who are looking to use the cast-iron skillet may also need to know about how to clean it (very important) and what NOT to cook in one, thus this book allows for all skill levels to get something out of it. Very great!
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I would like to start by thanking NetGalley for a copy of this book to review.

As a novice cast-iron skillet user, I was excited to explore the recipes and tips within this cookbook. I very much appreciated the diversity of recipes and the tips, suggestions and tricks that were included alongside them. 

There are many vegan and vegetarian options, along with a generous amount of meat-inclusive meals as well. The book is broken down into meal types and each recipe is given with thorough and easy to follow instruction. The one drawback I found was the lack of photos. As a visual learner, I find images to be fairly necessary to evaluate the final product. 

Overall, I found it to be informative and fun. Using a cast-iron skillet in the kitchen can be exciting, and I wouldn’t mind having this book in my cooking arsenal!
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I got a cast-iron skillet last Christmas and have not used it due to fear. I think that I could use it with the help of this book.
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I like to cook almost as much as I like to read.  I own three cast iron skillets but they don't get very much use, they're actually a bit cumbersome.  

After reading through this cookbook I feel a bit more comfortable using them.  From the care guide to the recipes this is a great resource for someone new to cast iron cooking or someone who just needs a refresher and a bit more courage.  Would definitely recommend.  I can't wait to try out more of the recipes.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a pretty standard cast iron cook book. 

There's information on seasoning and caring for cast iron so anyone can use it. There's a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. I wish there were pictures of the finished product for each recipe since that's something I like in a cook book.

It's a nice introductory book for people who want to cook with cast iron.
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While cast-iron cookware has a bad reputation and is considered high maintenance, anyone who actually cooks with it knows that it is better than almost any other cookware, partly due to its heavy weight and non-stick properties. So if you happen to be a beginner using cast-iron and want to learn to use it to advantage, you’ll want to pick up Elena Rosemond-Hoerr’s cookbook Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners: Easy Recipes for the Greatest Skillet of All. This excellent cookbook is filled with excellent recipes that can all be cooked in a 12” cast iron skillet. 

This cookbook has dozens of mouthwatering recipes; most are quite easy, and most have minimal ingredients. There are a lot of vegetarian recipes, as well as plenty of recipes using chicken, seafood, and meats. Rosemond-Hoerr has even included breads, which turn out extra good because the cast-iron helps form a crisp crust. At the beginning of the cookbook there is enough information on maintenance of cast-iron to insure cooks will be able to use the pans for generations.

Some of the best recipes in the cookbook include Tortilla Española, Chorizo and Cheddar Potato Hash, and instructions for making the best fried eggs on the planet. Chili Garlic Shrimp, Sesame Chicken, and Honey Mustard Pork Chops are already favorites. Because the author is southern, she has included some excellent grits recipes, and several fabulous vegetable recipes. 

The recipes are written in an easy-to-follow manner, and both beginners and those with a little experience with cast-iron will be able to make picture-perfect dishes. Unfortunately there aren’t many photographs (only one per chapter) so “picture perfect” may be different for every cook. That lack of photos is the single negative regarding this cookbook. Most people agree that a cookbook must have photos, and especially where this one is geared to beginners, one would think that photos would be a priority.

Nevertheless, this cookbook will provide lots of good ideas for scrumptious dishes made in a cast-iron frying pan, and readers can take their own photos if they so desire. 

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners: Easy Recipes for the Greatest Skillet of All by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr is a great cookbook, full of wonderful recipes and tips on using the skillet.  The drool making recipes are easy to follow, and I have already tried out a few recipes.  I live alone and do not have an outdoor grill, but using a cast iron skillet is the next best thing, I'm hooked.  If you enjoy a simple cooking as much as I do, than I highly recommend this wonderful book. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I am so happy that I had a chance to lay my eyes on this book. Thank you NetGalley so much.
It's not only a set of great recipes, it's more than that. The book provides information about taking care of our cast iron pans and  pots and useful tips.  (As a proud  a new owner of an inherited cast iron pan I am very grateful, for I was already able to made a few mistakes in taking care of it.)
Only one thing kept me from being absolutely happy with the book - not enough pictures. Personally I am tempted by books inviting me to cook by showing me the final results of my culinary adventure.
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This is a great resource for beginners, especially the first chapter, which provides a great deal of information about the history and care of cast iron cookware.

There are a lot of great recipes included.  I especially enjoyed the vegetarian recipes, because I am embracing that way of eating more and more.  

If you are new to cast iron cooking or just want to get some great recipes, you will enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this book from Callisto Media via Netgalley.  My review is voluntary.
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So first,  a thank you to NetGalley for sending me this book in an exchange for a review. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic really started up, I've taken up cooking, specifically dishes I don't typically make. 

I always loved the idea of using a cast iron because something about the weightiness and overall look of it screams "I got this," and that's the kind of cool I aspire to be. One who can use and handle every tool/utensil to make incredible meals. Unfortunately cast irons always felt a little intimidating so I rarely reached for it when cooking. 

This books makes it a little less intimidating. With easy to follow recipes, you can make your own vegetarian one skillet meal like I did. And yes it was delicious. 

You'll also learn about the history of the skillet and how to take care of it.  I love this section because not only is it helpful but the passion Elena has for a cast iron skillet is infectious. I doesn't immediately inject the same level of passion within me, but it does make me want to have it, and that's all I need to continue to use this cookbook.
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I have used cast iron in the past but it's been a while and I just ordered some new cast iron pans from Pampered Chef so I wanted a refresher so the Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners was the perfect place to start. Not only are their great recipes that I absolutely can't wait to try, but there is an introduction to cast iron in the beginning that is super helpful. I know a lot of people are scared to use cast iron because they are afraid it's too difficult to clean or because they are different than your typical non stick pan, but I think this book will make them feel more confident about giving cast iron a try.
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I received this ebook in exchange for an honest and fair review. I really enjoyed this book. The recipes were well written and easy to follow. The illustrations were wonderful. I will definitely use this cookbook for my family.

This cookbook made caring for cast iron not as intimidating. I remember eating corn bread made in a cast iron skillet and thinking it should never be made in a different pan ever again. So many of the recipes reminded me of eating as a child at our farm. 

Cast iron is a great choice for cookware that is long lasting and when seasoned correctly very easy to cook with.
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Helpful info for newbies like me on how to season, use, and care for cast iron, along with a ton of recipes (some that you'd expect, like southern cooking staples, and some unexpected, like Chinese dishes). Flagged quite a few to try.
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I do a lot of cooking and love to find new recipes. However, I do not use my cast-iron pans very often. I have certain recipes that I always cook in cast-iron, but I’d like to branch out and use them more often because the food always comes out so good in them. This is a great, well-rounded cookbook to help me in that endeavor. 

There are a couple of things in the beginning of the book that are different from what I have been told about cast iron in the past. For example, the author suggests that when re-seasoning the pan you clean it with course sea salt then clean it out with a mild detergent. I have been told that using detergent will ruin the pan, so have never done it. I also don’t re-season, so maybe that’s really where the difference comes in. Another difference is that her seasoning sounds significantly thicker than mine. I guess I feel like the pan is dirty if there’s a thicker layer of grime on it. I’ll be sure to re-read this section in the future when I’m using my pans more often. 

My Kindle version is very convenient, as each recipe is listed in the front of the book with a link, so all you need to do is click on the recipe you want and it brings you right to it. I like that at the beginning of each recipe there are categories that the recipe falls into, such as vegan/vegetarian, quick & easy, or one-skillet meal. The timing is broken down into 3 categories: prep, inactive, & cooking. The commentary before each recipe is interesting and personal. Each recipe includes various little helpful tips.

1. Getting to Know your Cast-Iron Skillet
2. Breakfast and Brunch
3. Breads
4. Skillet Sides
5. Vegetarian Meals
6. Seafood and Poultry
7. Meat
8. Dessert

There are convenient Measurement Conversions and Resources included in the back of the book. 

The recipes are easy to follow and use ingredients that can easily be found in my local grocery store. There are so many recipes that I want to try. I had tell myself to stop adding bookmarks. The ones I think I’d like to try first are:

Cherry tomato and basil quiche
Upside-down apple cake
Pull-apart garlic knots
Crispy sweet potatoes
Macaroni and cheese
Chicken piccata
Sesame chicken

The one thing I think is missing from this cookbook is pictures. There is a picture before each chapter, but I prefer pictures of each recipe and this book didn’t have that. This could be due to having the Kindle version, but it would be nice to see more of the recipes. 

Overall, a great cookbook for anyone interested in cooking with cast-iron. 4.5★
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Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners is divided in two parts.  The first provides useful information on cast-iron cookware which I wish I had available when I started cooking with it a few decades ago.  It tells you about the different types on the market, what you should consider in buying them, and most importantly how to condition and maintain them.  If that is what interests you this book will be helpful.  The second is a cookbook with recipes for cooking with cast-iron.  The recipes are drawn from the author's southern heritage and other sources.  They are on the whole, ordinary.   In the collection you will find how to make her grandfather's sweet potato casserole with small marshmallows  (doesn't everyone have that dish for Thanksgiving?)  You can also learn how to make grilled ham and cheese with mayo instead of butter; or how to make what she calls Alfredo sauce with whipped cream to get your kids eating vegetables.  And then there is vegetable and beef soup made with hamburger meat, vegetable soup mix and chicken stock.    These recipes will no doubt appeal to some readers, but experienced home chefs will be looking for more exciting dishes with which to use cast-iron cookware---and   I am one of them!!
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