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The Daughter of Death

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Are you defined by what your parents did? Rachel feels haunted and judged by what her father did when gruesome murders happen around her and her life is threatened. That's when she finds real friends who fight for her and even true love.
It's a gripping story with real characters.
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The Daughter of Death starts with Rachel Mann walking her two dogs when they discover a body on her property. She call the Sheriff to report what she and the dogs have found.  Seth arrives and begins to question Rachel.  She is living a reclusive life and noone really knows that much about her. Rachel has a secret from her past that she desperately tries to keep hidden. Another body turns up and notes are being left to taunt Rachel.Soon someone is taking shots at Rachel and her dogs. Set will quickly come to the rescue but will now need the help of the FBI. It becomes quite clear that Rachel is and has been the target all along. She will slowly warm up to the people that are trying to save her and catch the person responsible.

This is a wonderfully written story. It is a slow building plot that will your attention to the end as the killer is revealed. This book has many twists and turns with a fantastic surpise ending.
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The daughter of a serial killer finds a dead body on her isolated property and the story just snowballs from there. I enjoyed the writing style and characters. By the end of the book you felt like you really knew them. I could see this being the first in a series and it is one I would certainly sign up to read.
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This was my first book by this author and after finishing I immediately sought out her previous books. I love her writing style. It's no nonsense and her characters have depth. The action starts from the first chapter and doesn't let up. The mystery is intriguing. There is a romance that's a slow burn. It's a fast paced read that you won't want to put down.
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Recluse Rachel finds a dead body on her property. There starts an edge of your seat thriller.. Full of suspense, terror, and a little bit of romance. I absolutely loved this and look forward to reading more by this author.
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The Daughter of Death by Dianne McCartney: A reclusive woman is targeted by a madman bent on surpassing the "glory" of her serial killer father. 

There was just so much about this book that I loved. It was so easy for me to become thoroughly entrenched in the lives of these characters. They felt real. I could picture them, imagine them going about their lives in a small country town. The pace was perfect, building and revealing, building some more, always leaving a little tease just out of reach that kept me wanting to read faster and faster. 

Not only was the story itself great, but the writing...the writing was phenomenal! McCartney clearly has great skill and a wonderful command of the English language.

Favorite quote from the book, "Sometimes brilliance tangos with insanity and creates a monster.".

I definitely recommend this book, and will be looking for Dianne McCartney's other works. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I absolutely loved this book! I had not read anything by this author but I will be checking out her other books. The writing was crisp without extra detail that often weighs a story down. The characters dealt with complex issues without those issues overwhelming the story. Rachel’s father was a serial killer who was outed by her mother. After losing her mother, Rachel changed her name and has been trying to live off the grid…until a body is left on her property…with a note. Someone has decided to disrupt her life and Sheriff Seth Talbot will investigate the case as well as Rachel’s past. Seth is a former New York City detective who has returned to his hometown. He knows that Rachel is not guilty, but can he keep her safe? I liked the fact that the author shows us who the killer is midway through the story rather than the very end so that you are aware of the killer’s motive while he plans his crimes. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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A lonely recluse locked away from the world...a dead body found on her property.  This book is a roller coaster ride until the last page.  A stimulating thriller that will make your heart pound and leave you gasping for breathe.
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Thank you NetGalley for the copy of The Daughter of Death by Dianne McCartney they I read and reviewed.
This was one of those books that started out slowly and I was not sure if I was going to hold on and finish it but I am so glad that I did because if ended up being an excellent book. Once things got moving I really started to enjoy the characters and the story. I really liked Rachel and how her character grew as the book progressed. Then when she was paired up with Seth things got even more interesting. This book was a very good fast read once it got moving.
I am giving it five out of five stars.
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This had an interesting premise and the writing was solid. I liked seeing the relationship slowly bloom between Rachel and Seth. 

Kindly received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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