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Not Baldacci’s best. A nice interweaving if two of his characters. But the story line left me wanted by the end.
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Baldacci is great at government conspiracy plots, however, this one does not rise to his usual level.  The partnership with Puller and Pine didn’t quite gel for me.  I might read one more, if we actually find out what happened to Pine’s sister, but at this point it’s dragging out too far.
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Daylight continues the story of Atlee Pine and her search for her missing sister in this 3rd installment.  I have enjoyed many great books by David Balducci and one of my favorite series is the Amos Decker series.  However, for some reason, I cannot connect with this character and her seemingly endless quest for her sister.  While I did enjoy Atlee joining forces with John Puller, overall the story became confused and convoluted with the last few chapters feeling rushed with no resolution.

I was optimistic when I started this book but was disappointed in the end.  I’m not sure that I will pick up the next book in this series.  Thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing.
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Another top notch release by David Baldacci.  Jammed packed with Pine / Puller tag team action.  Gotta love 2 favourite Baldacci characters for the price of 1. 
I highly recommended this book for all Baldacci fans including fans of 
Fiction / Thriller genre titles..
Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for the ARC of "Daylight" in exchange for an honest review.
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Daylight is the 3rd book in the Atlee Pine series. I did not read the previous books and I wish I had. FBI Agent Atlee Pine, along with her assistant, is on leave searching for answers about her twin sister's abduction when they were 6 yrs old. Along her enquiries, she stumbles into Army CID, John Puller's (another lovable Baldacci character) investigative case. 
Because I did not read the first two books, it did feel like I was missing the backstory and I was a bit lost in the beginning . It also didn't help that the book I read just before this one had a similar story. A detective was searching for her twin's sister disappearance when they were 4 yrs old. So it did take me a little while to get into this book and up to speed. However, this story was action-packed with a lot of suspense and I loved the Pine/Puller team. I kind of felt that Carol Blum, the assistant, was an unnecessary and useless character though. 

I recommend this book but read the books in order.

Thank you to Netgalley, Grand Central Publishing and David Baldacci for a copy of "Daylight" in exchange of an honest review.
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The third of David Baldacci's FBI agent Atlee Pine series - as with all of his books, this one again lives up to your expectations.  He deserves all the praise he gets.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thanks to #GrandCentralPublishing and #NetGalley for the ARC. 
I love all the Atlee Pine series books. I have read every single one of them, waiting not so patiently for her to find her twin sister. I want her to find her but then again I don't want the series to ever end. 
I'm always on the edge of my seat with Atlee. Even though i know some of this stuff is just not possible for one single woman to do or survive, no matter how stuff she is. Still a very enjoyable book to read.
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While marketed as Atlee Pine #3, Daylight is also effectively John Puller #5. Both of the author’s most recent series’ leads collide, literally, while chasing Tony Vincenzo. FBI Special Agent Atlee is looking for Tony’s grandfather, who she believes kidnapped her twin sister, Mercy, thirty years ago. Army CID Chief Warrant Officer John is trying to arrest Tony for operating a drug ring while working as a civilian mechanic at Fort Dix. They decide to work together to find Tony.

Atlee and John get interrupted solving their cases by a shadowy higher-up in the Bureau of Prisons. What is the prison system hiding? And who exactly is Tony working for?

Just as in the rest of the books in the two series, Daylight is a high-octane thriller. The action and twists are non-stop! If you have read the previous entry in Atlee’s series, A Minute to Midnight, you must read this book! Atlee finally discovers what happened to Mercy all those years ago. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars! 

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is my first David Baldacci book, although I have read great reviews about his books. I am really glad I picked this book up on Netgalley. 

This is a book in the Atlee Pine series, but for me who has not read any of the previous books this still was easy to get into and still understand the background. Didn't feel as if I missed out, but would definitely love to read the earlier books too. 

Atlee Pine is a straightforward and a kick-ass FBI agent in search of her missing sister. In this story she pairs up with John Puller who is a CID Army person. The chemistry between them is of mutual  respect and  camraderie. I like it that it's very professional yet very personal without blurring the boundaries. Both come together for their individual missions and the story goes into the corruption at the highest levels in the country. 

The story develops very gradually and kept me glued till the end. The pace keeps gradually increasing.  The story ends in a cliff hanger and am already waiting to read the next one in the series. 

I would recommend this book to all those who love to read thrillers  with female agent as a protagonist  and a handsome Army guy in a very supporting role. 

I thank Netgalley for approving my request to read the book. The opinions expressed are entirely mine.
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Excellent suspense as always. This book carries you through two great investigations that merge together in many ways. 
Another great read from David Baldacci.
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Another exciting installment of Atlee Pine on the hunt for her twin sister who disappeared 30 years ago.  This story involves it all....crooked politicians, the mob,  affairs, drug dealers, a secret penthouse and a lot of blackmail.  Atlee joins up with her old friend John Puller as she inadvertently gets in the middle of a mob member take down.  Along with Carol Blum, Atlee’s assistant, the three join in on the search which leads them from NJ, to GA, and beyond.  Will they finally find the twin sister.?  Read on, to find out.  You won’t be able to put this one down.!
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Altee Pine + John Puller >>> this is a Baldacci story I’ve casually but insistently been awaiting. Atlee, during the course of her  searching  for her sister Mercy and solving the devastatingly mysteries surrounding her disappearance,  comes across the unflappable and brilliant John Puller. Together, they get themselves involved in a wide spread conspiracy that shockingly ties into Mercy’s long ago disappearance. 

Intense, entertaining and typical Baldacci story and resolution.
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Daylight is an action Packed crime thriller featuring kick ass FBI agent Atlee Pine along with her loyal assistant Carol Blum. Together the women continue in their search for Atlee's twin sister, Mercy.

Daylight is Baldacci's third book in the Atlee Pine Series. In this book she is on a sabbatical from her FBI role to follow leads on the search for her sister and to resolve the mystery surrounding the night she was left injured and her sister disappeared three decades ago when they were six years old.

This book can be easily read as a standalone as the author easily recaps Atlee's backstory and besides much of the story involves a new investigation that Atlee is sidetracked into.

Atlee receives a promising breakthrough with the identity of her sister's kidnapper and following this lead she stumbles into a military installation investigation along with John Puller (who also has a series of books about him by the author) and finds herself working with him on the case which involves corruption to the highest level and which leads them to a global conspiracy.

Atlee discovers secrets that have been carefully hidden away for decades about her sister that fill her with dread, but she won’t give up.

Daylight was well written, intense and it will leave you wanting book four!
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This third installment of of the series featuring FBI Agent Atlee Pine, takes the reader along on her quest for answers as to her sisters abduction decades prior. She takes some time off work with her sidekick Carol in following a lead, in which she literally bumps into John Puller, with the Army’s CID, another of Baldacci’s characters.  They’ve met before but not in the same novel. I love when an author will mix up characters of various series and cross them over into each other’s stories. 

Baldacci never disappoints me. Puller has his own agenda, as does Pine and what transpires they never would have expected. Although this starts off a bit slow it doesn’t take long to reel the reader in and keep you vested in the outcome. Treat yourself today and pick this up now at your favorite retailer. Just released, November 2020.

Sincere thanks to #NetGalley and #GrandCentralPublishing for my review copy.
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This was a great read! I raced through it. It's been too long since I've read one of David Baldacci's books and I will try not to let that happen again! This was the third in the Atlee Pine series, but it could have easily stood alone - I hadn't read the other two and I still loved this book.

Atlee Pine is an FBI agent, on leave from her job, while she searches for her twin sister Mercy, who was abducted in Georgia when they were six. She's finally starting to find a few clues when she unintentionally stumbles into a military operation which gets her involved in a big conspiracy involving the mob and some big politicians.

The was action-packed from the get-go and kept me greedily flipping through the pages for more. Great characters and a great plot. Atlee Pine is a strong, courageous protagonist and her military friend, John Puller is just an all-out admirable, stand-up guy
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Wow!  I’ve heard of author David Baldacci for years and for some reason I don’t think I’ve ever read one of his books.  What a mistake!  This is book 3 in the Atlee Pines series, but I didn’t have a problem catching up with the story.  Though I liked it enough to want to go back and read books 1 and 2 for the background.
FBI agent Atlee Pine and Army CID agent John Puller are old friends. working separate cases but then have their cases cross and end up working together. Atlee is searching for her twin sister, Mercy, who was kidnapped when they were only 6.  John is looking into drugs being sold at Fort Dix.  These are great characters, well developed and very likable.  This book has everything you want in a great book:  drama, intrigue, corrupt politicians, bad guys, good guys, fast-paced, well written and more.  I know this is said often, but it was truly hard to put down until the end.
There's a quote by John Puller’s brother, Robert who is a cyber expert for the Navy, that  is something I took away and can’t shake because it applies so well to today.  He is talking about social media and what it has become so that he is not sure how our country can continue to survive as a free nation:

"Social media has absolutely nothing to do with the truth. . . . .But the terrible by-product of that is giving a global platform to the absolute worst elements of society. The result is that "truth" is whatever you can convince people it is. It's exactly what Orwell wrote about."

Give that some thought.  I definitely recommend this book.

Thank you to netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for an advanced readers copy in exchange for my review.
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Another one of Baldacci's amazing books. I love Atlee Pine series. The plot was excellently built and twisted. Once more the author succeeds in surprising the readers. Above all, I love the last 3 chapters. 

Can't wait for next in the series, already.
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Daylight is the third book in David Baldacci’s Atlee Pine Series. As with most series, it would be advisable to start from the beginning but it isn’t essential as you can catch up pretty quickly. FBI Agent Atlee’s twin sister Mercy was abducted from the family when they were six years old. The search for what happened to her sister leads Atlee to Trenton, New Jersey. While she is about to approach the grandson of the man she believes is responsible for the kidnapping, she inadvertently interferes with an investigation by John Puller, an Army CID officer. (David Baldacci has a separate series starring Puller so fans will especially enjoy the pairing of the two characters.) They join together as Puller’s case gets more and more complicated as what starts as a drug investigation is turning out to be much more menacing.

This is an action-packed book that leads Atlee and Puller into a network of crime that may reach to the highest levels within the government. While Atlee is supposed to be searching for clues about her sister, the body count in Puller’s case keeps rising and Puller needs her help as they both become targets. Amidst the unraveling of this intricate network of conspiracy, Atlee continues to get closer to the truth leading her to discoveries about her family she never expected.

Baldacci is a wonderful storyteller and in addition to a strong storyline, he has created an excellent group of secondary characters that enrich the book. I’m very glad I started the series and even more pleased that Book 3 has turned out to be the best one yet. Atlee is a great character to root for and I look forward to more.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.
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Another gripping and highly entertaining book by David Baldacci.
He surely knows how to write a book that will keep you hooked and this one is no exception.
Well knitted plot, excellent storytelling, a cast of well thought and interesting characters.
I loved it and it's highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This feels like a very speedy follow up to the previous book. Baldacci must be working overtime and I am not complaining.

Daylight continues Atlee's search for her long lost twin sister, Mercy. There has always been the smallest chance that Mercy could still be alive, and this chance is getting stronger. However what kind of person she will be if she is ever found is unknown. It would appear that her childhood was traumatic to say the least.

Baldacci does a crossover in this book and brings in John Puller from another of his series. This works well. Puller is a great character and he matches Atlee Pine very well indeed. The story is very involved and I may have glazed over a bit with all the criminals and who was whose son and why they did what they did. Not understanding every detail did not spoil the book for me at all though.

A lot of people get shot, others get long stays in hospital, Atlee demonstrates her amazing fighting skills several times and the Puller brothers save the day. It is the kind of book which holds the reader's interest from the first page to the last, and now I am ready for book 4.
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