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The audiobook's podcast style added so much to Big Friendship. The authors narrate, along with cameos from the quoted experts. This is a lovely reminder of the importance of friendship and the necessary work we must to do to maintain relationships. Basically, it reminded me to call my Big Friends.
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This five-hour audiobook was honestly like a free therapy session about your friendships, and a much-needed one. The authors and narrators, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, bring the conversational tone of their "Call Your Girlfriend" podcast to the audio recording of their memoir and self-help book. Sow and Friedman get everything right about the importance of meaningful friendships, shine theory, the complicated friend web, and the stretch. It makes you want to reach out or give your friends a hug because friends are truly some of our most important relationships we'll ever have. 

As an audiobook, it doesn't sound like a traditional book on tape, but rather, these ladies use their podcast experience that feels relatable and authentic. Sow and Friedman read the book themselves, with the subjects they interviewed in the book reading their research or anecdotes that make it feel more reliable and genuine.  You don't see these writers as experts, but rather a relatable friend sharing their journeys. Each section and chapter begins with a musical interlude to distinguish a new idea or timeframe. It totally sounds like a podcast, which makes it super easy and engaging to keep listening. It sounds conversational, using other voices of those in the story or typing audio effects when a conversation played out over text. This plus the engaging language feels authentic and relatable. Each chapter is easy to digest, bite-sized, with 15 to 30-minute-ish sections.

The story starts at a point where their friendship has stalled after years together and working as a team, and how they both wanted to work on it. It's proof that all friendships may need repair, but if it is worth it, then you work on it, Certain sections, ok fine the whole dang book, hits deeply to your core about emotional topics, especially hearing about ending toxic friendships. We've all ended friendships that didn't provide what we needed, and it makes you think if that decision was made too hasty or if this could have been a big, meaningful friendship which is making me emotional.
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