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First time I've read something by this author, but I will definitely do more in future.  The book was well written, and gripping until the end. Recommended for anyone who likes a good solid read that entertains you throughout.
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This isn't quite as strong as some other PI series, but it is good. It's a little uneven, but the main characters are mostly interesting as is plot. For those that like British PI stories, this should fit the bill.

Thanks very much for the review copy!!
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I suspect I would have enjoyed this more if I'd read the first book.  Bilal has packed a lot into a relatively slim novel that starts with the dramatic discovery of a severed head on a tube train.  Turns out the head might belong to Zelda, a woman who was Cal Drake's informant when he was a DI.  He's gone private now, along with Dr Rayhana Crane.  These two are hired to find someone, she's got a father with complicated finances, and old problems come back to roost.  It's interesting, if a bit of a sleigh ride.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  I did like the characters but would have pared away some of the subplots.
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Cal Drake is a former Met DI. After two many betrayals he left the force and has become a private detective and is working with forensic pathologist Dr Rayhana Crane. 

They get a new case which brings back old memories for both of them. 

I enjoyed this book. 

I like both Cal and Ray as characters. They both have interesting backgrounds as characters (who doesn't love characters with a good past) They are both learning to work together which isn't easy at first as they both have different ways of investigating. 

The actually case leads them in all different kinds of directions and some bad people. For Cal his past is coming back to haunt him and various people seem to have agenda against him. For Ray it brings up issues with her family. 

The book does end with a suprise which will make you want to read book three to find out what happens.

Overall a ejnoyable book with two complex characters and with a case that gets complicated.

I received a ARC from Netgalley and Canongate for an objection review.
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I had a hard time with this book.  Starts off with a great story....head found in an Ikea bag, then the rest of the torso washes up on shore.  Intriguing, but then too much back story on the detectives trying to solve the case.  Many layers.  We find out that the missing head and torso was for a witness to a big case one of the detectives was trying to protect.  Then we have a side story thrown in about Crane helping her father who she clearly does not like with his finances, which I feel had nothing to do with the story .  Too much dragging out of the narrative.
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Having really enjoyed the first instalment in this series, I was looking forward to The Heights. Sadly, this sequel feels like a rehash of its predecessor. The writing—particular its dialogues—is full of clichés such as "Your job was to get the bad guys, to use whatever means to get the job done" (way to condone police violence and brutality). Or having a character say that although they don't know what happened to someone they are "going to find out". Or there is another one who goes on about how it's all 'in the details or exclaim "what kind of mess have I got myself into?" (who even does that?). 
There was also a lot of info-dumping about Crane and Drake's backstories (we basically get pages and pages of their extended cv as opposed having details related to their previous jobs being naturally integrated within the story).
Overall, I'm disappointed and I no longer wish to continue this series.
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