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These stories are great for when out walking with headphones on and there are some unusual twists and turns which keep you attentive and looking forward to the next tale.
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Do you like shows like Tales from the Crypt, Bates Motel or even AHS? If you do, this is definitely a book that’s right up your alley! Untold Mayhem is a book that tells 24 tales of horror, suspense and crime, some being very disturbing while others just send shivers down your spine. This book is not for the faint hearted or those with a weak stomach. The tales are all fairly short but definitely not sweet. Definitely going to place a trigger warning on this one as there are several triggers included in this book. I received the audio version of this book which utilizes several narrators, all of which did a pretty good job. It flowed well and was a pretty fast paced gripping book. Thank you to Netgalley, Mark Tullius and Vincere Press for the opportunity to read and review this book. This one definitely packed some punches! I’m rating this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to this book before it got removed from my shelf. Hopefully I’ll get to read it soon.
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Book Review for Untold Mayhem
The work of the narrators in this audiobook is a masterpiece that fits perfectly with all the scary, disturbing and incredible short-stories.

I loved it!

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An eclectic collection of horror and thrillers. Some better than others but there's enough here for you to enjoy without spending time on just lengthy stories.
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I'm usually all for anthologies. They typically offer a good variety of stories, and if you run across one you don't care for, you can always move on to the next. At least, that's the way it works for me more often than not - and on those off times, I run into one like this one, one that disappoints me more than I care for. There were a few stories that I liked better than others, like the story of the tarot card reader or the one about what comes through a strange hole in the wall, but some took the obvious and easy way to conclusion, one or two that went beyond violent or creepy and were just disgusting, and several were repetitive. There were also some that felt like I'd heard them before. Maybe it was just similarities to something else, but some of these stories seemed awfully familiar.
The bright spot of this anthology was the variety of voices. The different narrators worked well for the various characters as well as the fact that the stories were all independent of each other. Many times, I'm turned off by a reading style or particular voice, but with Untold Mayhem, the opposite was true. The voices kept me listening when I would've otherwise given up.
So, while this book didn't really work for me, I do believe it has its place and would probably appeal to many. Some of the stories are creative and have a little bit of a Ray Bradbury vibe that many would enjoy.
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As with all anthologies, I enjoyed some stories more than others. The selection of takes was enough to keep me unsettled the whole time I listened to it. The range of narrators kept the stories fresh!
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Couldn't really get into this col!section of stories. I only listened to the first three stories before I have up. The stories just didn't flow, were jumpy and I felt that gore was introduced to just shock, not to tell a story.
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Untold Mayhem is a book of 24 short stories, all tackling issues of suspense, crime, horror, some gore and creepiness. 

You meet a university student who goes on a bloody spree, a disabled man in a strained relationship, business partners who decide to solve their problems in a novel way, an ex offender who cannot stay away from doing just one more job, a d a tarot card reader who finds out something disturbing about the person she does a reading for. 

The stories are narrated by different narrators, which did help in keeping them apart. Some stories and narrators I really loved, som less so. 

Recommended for horror/dark fiction fans, especially for those who enjoy a really eclectic selection of short stories. It does keep you on your toes! 

Thank you Netgalley for gifting me the audio book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was definitely an interesting and violent collection of short stories. I'm a huge fan of horror, so I wasn't bothered by the violence or gore.  I'm not normally a fan of books narrated by multiple people, but I absolutely thought it was fitting for this book.  I thought all of the narrators did a good job and made the stories their own.
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That was fun! Some stories are more entertaining than the others, but overall it was a bundle of thrill and scary. If you do not feel like committing to a long book this anthology may satisfy your thirst for scary and dark.
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Are you ready to be creeped out, grossed out, or just plain weirded out. This is your audiobook! With perfect choice in narrators, this compilation has it all. 

A have to listen to for anyone who is feeling weird.

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A nice bunch of violent, often horrific stories. Some of the stories are a little difficult to follow (The Feeling is Back), some of then are downright creepy (Counting on It). My favorites are "No Service" and "Dead to Me".
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Untold Mayhem is a collection of short stories reminiscent of creepy campfire tales. It was the perfect audiobook for the last week of October. Overall, the audiobook worked well--I was grateful for different narrators for each story so that I could tell when one story ended and the next one began. 

Some of them were confusing, such as In The Cards and Results Guaranteed. I wasn’t really sure what had happened when the story finished and felt like I needed more information. 

Some of them were interesting, and I would like to see them expanded into full stories. Pillow Talk, News First, Counting on It, 

Some were too over the top--I’m not a fan of pedophilic themes such as in Exposed. 

This collection was interesting, and I’m glad I listened!

In the Cards: This one was too short for me to understand. I was just confused at the end!
Pillow Talk: Quick creepy thriller, I liked it. 
Results Guaranteed: Meh
The Hole: I liked this one!
No One’s Home: Just okay, too short
News First: Gruesome, but I liked this one too
Taking Out the Trash: This one made me sad for the protagonist.
Exposed: Not a fan
The Fine Print: no real opinion, interesting enough
Left Behind: also sad, but interesting
The Mirror: meh 
Counting on It: I liked this one!
No Service: no opinion
In Charge: Creepy but I liked it!
Marked: I liked this one! Would’ve liked a longer story
Gone for Good: quick and creepy
The Season: It’s really scary when dystopian future stories start looking a little too similar to the news...
Numbered Days: no real opinion, interesting enough
Dead to Me: interesting enough, but I would’ve needed more information to get into it
Last in Line: I liked this one!
The Feeling’s Back: I liked this one!
Dead Spot: I liked this one! The ultimate price for a lack of communication
Left Unfinished: This one was my favorite
Last Will and Testament: A goofy story that brought the collection to a nice close!
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This review is long overdue! I'll admit it took me a while to get into this as I lost my mojo but the short stories were engaging.I listened to the audiobook version and while the app was a bit glitchy the narration was great! Each narrator gave an impactful performance. I finished this around Halloween season which made for atmospheric reading! Thank you for letting me read this through net-galley and sorry it took so long!
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Untold Mayhem by Mark Tullius is a collection of transgressive short stories with mild horror and disturbing themes, I give this book ⭐⭐ out of 5 stars. I found nothing particularly unique or appealing, however, I do believe this book can be enjoyed by someone looking to feel the chills or enjoy a grim atmosphere especially during the colder seasons. The main reason I did not enjoy this book was that I found the writing rather bland but I would still recommend having a look and deciding for yourself whether you want to read it or not!
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This marvellous anthology of horror stories is most notable for the extent in which it explores the horror genre. As opposed to some similar anthologies, Untold Mayhem, covers a range of horror styles and tropes, from the violent and gory to a more atmospheric story.  There’s a healthy injection of humour across the collection too, making the set all the more enjoyable.
Different readers help to differentiate the stories also. These include Stacy Gonzalez, Michael David Axtell, Amadeo Fusca, Angelo Di Loreto, Jennifer O'Donnell, Chris Andrew Ciulla, Vivienne Leheny, Landon Woodson, and Jay Ben Markson. All are good.
Of the two dozen stories, it’s difficult to pick a favourite as they each stand up in their own right. None let the listener down and each one tantalises with its own dark twists.
For fans of horror and dark delights generally, Untold Mayhem will not disappoint.
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It took me awhile to get through all 24 stories in this story anthology. Not because they weren't good -- but because I wanted to take my time and enjoy just a couple tales at a time. 

I  love it when I come across a collection of horror stories that are as varied as this one. Every story was different.....some atmospheric and violent, some gory, others just downright creepy. While I liked some of the tales more than others, there wasn't a single one I didn't enjoy. 

This is my first venture into horror by Mark Tullius. I'm definitely going further down this dark path -- I like his writing! 

I listened to the audio book version of this story collection. Great listening experience. All the narrators were talented. I love horror stories on audio -- just adds an extra dimension to the creepy experience! 

**I voluntarily listened to a review copy of this audio book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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I really enjoyed the audio book. The stories were weird, creepy, and mind provoking enough to make one say "What the heck?!" The narration was excellent and flowed well. I love the changing of all the narrators because it helped to know where one story ended and one began because there wasn't always a clear distinction.  Overall it was creepy and enthralling enough to keep me captive. This is definitely one to listen to while sitting around a campfire with others because the stories can create discussion which I love!! Thank you for allowing me to listen to this audio book! Definitely recommed.
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This was such an exciting collection of stories. Some gruesome. Some gory. Definitely interesting to be on audio versus a physical book for this, but definitely enjoyed!
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