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Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for gifting me this book. I was not familiar with the author before getting the audiobook, I just loved the title.
The book goes around several stories where kindness made an impact, it's not a typical fluffy book, and a cool side is that the audio was made almost in a conversational way, like you're also involved in the talk.
You know that saying you spot everywhere, about always be kind, if you can't be anything, then be kind. it's everywhere, while our world seems headed for a collision nowadays.
The author's solution is that kindness begets kindness, and someone needs to start that snowball.
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ABC News’ Adrienne Bankert invites us to think of kindness as our hidden superpower. She urges people to consider the impact of a single, random act of kindness. She does this via her Instagram feed and her book, Your Hidden Superpower.

Kindness is transformative.

Bankert calls us to open our eyes to see those around us as another traveler on this life journey. Her challenge to us to claim our role in the world as a change agent. We can do this, Bankert suggests, through simple acts of kindness everywhere. By making kindness a habit, and taking down the barrier that prevents us from speaking to others.

The audiobook, read by the author, is encouraging and motivating.
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A Little Too Insular, Perhaps

Audiobook Review:
Before I picked up this audiobook at one of my favorite book review sites, I actually hadn't heard of the author before. I chose it because it seemed like a self-help book, and I do usually like reading those. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this book to be enjoyable. 

Before I say what I wasn’t wild about, let me say what I did like. The author herself narrates the book, which I like in nonfiction audiobooks. As this author is a professional speaker. working as a reporter and anchor on Good Morning America, the book is well narrated, and you can hear her passion for what she is talking about. 

I don't really watch much TV. I find myself wondering if I would have enjoyed this more if I had been familiar with the author and her work. Even though the book is actually about “your hidden superpower”—kindness—it actually felt more to me like it was about the television industry or her career. While she certainly did talk about kindness a lot—and she talks most directly about it in chapter one—she didn't always draw the parallels or share takeaways that I would have liked to have seen in a book like this. It also feels too focused on her. I would have liked to have seen some discussion of other people's acts of kindness (where she wasn’t one of the parties), scientific studies about kindness (with either the kind person or the beneficiary analyzed), or even other authors' ideas on kindness. 

I don't really feel like I took much away from this book.  I’ll admit to some minor annoyance that this book felt more like an inside look at TV news and morning shows than kindness. As I don't really have much interest in either topic, I felt like the rest of the message got a little lost. If you have an interest in those topics or are already a fan of this author, you might enjoy this book more than I did.
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THIS! BOOK! IS! AMAZING! Your Hidden Superpower by Adrienne Bankert is the best non-fiction self help book I've read so far this year. It's among my top 5 favorite self help books overall.  Ms. Bankert put into words what I practice and hope to inspire others to be; Kind, Most of us know what kindness is, but what really captivated me was how Ms. Bankert shares stories and personal experiences giving us examples of the response we get by putting kindness into practice. Kindness is unbeatable. Spreading kindness is rewarding. She shows us how important it is to use our authentic inner kindness and flex that "muscle" to strengthen it. We need more Kindness during these difficult times.  Kindness is the key to our well being, those around us and getting ahead in life, no matter what career you pursue. 
I listened to the audiobook and it was a pleasure listening to Adrienne as the narrator. It made the experience personable.

I highly recommend Your Hidden Superpower by Adrienne Bankert to anyone who wants to seek a happier and healthier lifestyle, career and succeed in all aspects of life,  I believe I have mastered Joy, Now Kindness is my new word for the year,  I will actively share public posts to spread Kindness though my social media outlets.

I received an advanced audiobook through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you to Harper Collins Leadership for the opportunity.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for my ARC audio copy of this book. It was published June 9, 2020. 

I was not familiar with this author / journalist prior to getting the audio book, but I just loved the title. 

I keep hearing “when you can be anything, be kind.”  Now more than ever as our world is in such conflict. Basically the author’s message is Be Kind. Kindness begets kindness. 

She shared numerous stories where an act of kindness set a chain of events in motion that even came back to her in some way. I especially liked the stories about the mascara and brussel sprouts.

There was one weird thing about the audio book. The author introduces each chapter in a very conversational yet somewhat unconventional way. At first I thought it was the book but once I realized it was an “extra” I enjoyed the introductions better. 

Original review posted on GoodReads. 

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I was able to review Your Hidden Superpower audiobook for free from Netgalley and HarperCollins Leadership Audio for providing me with an advanced ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This book was about how Good Morning America correspondent and anchor, Adrienne Bankert, used kindness to find success in her life.  The best part of the audiobook was that it was read by her and she provided introductions to each of her chapters.  She was also able to show us the difference between being nice, and being kind.  She gave great tips, insights, ideas and reasons with her personal stories and experiences which made this audiobook such a delight to listen to.  It is very rare to find Kindness nowadays.
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Okay, I am not sure how I feel about writing a critical review of a book about kindness… but here we go. I will start by thanking @netgally and @harpercollins for the opportunity to dive into this audiobook.
This book is really about how Good Morning America correspondent and anchor, Adrienne Bankert, has used kindness to find success in all parts of her life. I loved that the audiobook was read by her and that her chapter intros give you something that you wouldn't get by reading.
However, I do think that part of the power of this book would be hearing the words in your own head to start to utilize the lessons introduced. The book and its wording is pretty repetitive and that works better and is more powerful when it’s read within your own mind.
Adrienne tells a lot of inspiring anecdotes about how kindness often leads you to unexpected success. How simply taking the few extra moments to be kind will not only change your life but also the lives of those around you.
Overall, the book was filled with a lot of great nuggets of wisdom. I do think it would have been better with a little bit more research or deeper digging into the actual psychology of kindness as in the end it felt a little thin on impact for me.
If you are someone who feels you struggle with kindness this book would be a great jump off point to read first hand how to implement more kindness in your life.
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‘Kindness begets kindness.’ Growing up, how often were we reminded of these words. Now, I look around me and wonder if we truly understand their weight.

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door-opener to opportunity, and the key to authenticity and confidence. It’s a superpower that can be honed through an intentional lifestyle of kindness and is especially important in these divisive times.

Can something as simple as kindness really be the answer?
Through years of developing her own kindness practices and studying those of others, Good Morning America correspondent and anchor Adrienne Bankert has experienced first-hand the unbeatable power of kindness and witnessed its transformative impact on others.

This book shows simple acts of kindness from a new and empowering perspective. It differentiates between ‘kind’ and ‘nice’ and demonstrates how neither can be achieved if you’re out to impress. It explains why the recipient of our kindness must include us - so we can own who we are. Accept what we cannot change, and admit what needs to be eliminated.

Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centred, to a mind-set of kindness, ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfilment and growth. No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, every one of us can be kind. Every one of us can be a change agent.

In the author’s words: “Kindness shines a spotlight on others, without diminishing our own brightness.”

This audio ARC courtesy of NetGalley and HarperCollins Leadership.
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Kindness is such a rare character I see nowadays. News nowadays are full of stories of how cruel human beings are towards others, and that not only includes fellow humans but also against nature and animals. 

This book is a breath of fresh air. It provides inspiring examples on how kindness can be a force for good. Although acts of kindness are rarely newsworthy, this trait is what keeps us grounded as human beings.

I experienced the audio version of this book and I can say how impactful that the author herself narrated the book. Her voice tone conveyed the right emotion as she shared her stories.

I was once told by my old boss that I was too kind, that I would not be able to drive the performance of a new team. I disagreed. Even though I can’t articulate it at that time, this book provides the case of why kindness is such a great trait to make a difference in others lives.
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I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, and this book was wonderful! Such a difference between being nice, and being kind, and she gives great tips, insights, ideas, and reasons, along with sharing personal stories she has experienced in her life. Kindness truly is a superpower, and this is a powerful book that goes so much more into depth of not just kindness, but living a great life and being true to yourself. I grew up being taught to “be nice” but being nice is sometimes viewed as a weakness. But being kind, this is a superpower unlike any other and the author is adept at going into detail. She also shares stories of celebrities she has interviewed as a host on Good Morning America and teaches that being famously kind is what we should strive to be. Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing me to review this audio book. It was so nice to listen to and experience, and I believe anyone who works with others could benefit greatly from this book.
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You Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone is an interesting and unique perspective on how being kind helps in all aspects of life.  This book suggesting many situations I hadn’t thought about.  Adrienne Bankert gave real world examples, which made this book very relatable.

Adrienne Bankert is the author and narrator.  Bankert’s narration was excellent and really set the tone of the book.  I am really glad I listened to this audiobook.  I am planning on trying some of the advice mentioned in this book.

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins Leadership for this ARC Audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow, this was SO powerful and I'm really grateful to have listened to this amazing audiobook. As someone who is new to the corporate world, this was invaluable and a far cry from the stereotypical advice - in the best way! I feel like I got a whole lifetime of lessons of this. This is why I love reading, this book is what it's really about!
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So I think most of us try and be kind as much as we can but sometimes it’s hard even to muster a smile on your face let alone be nice to your boss when he’s moved another deadline to suit himself. This book aims to make you think about being kind regardless as the more you put out in the universe the more you will get back. The narrators tone really gets you engaged with the topic and I really enjoyed this audio and will be trying my best to be kinder even on the days I don’t really feel like it. I’m ready to be a super hero now watch me soar!!!
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In the book Your Hidden Superpower, Adrienne Bankert defines kindness through a series of lessons and experiences she's learned in her personal life and throughout her career.
Throughout the book, Bankert demonstrates how kindness resolves many issues. It builds trust, open doors, and creates meaningful relationships. She also offers little nuggets of wisdom and kindness exercises that you can incorporate into your day to improve.  
In the audio version of the book, you hear Bankert in a firm and purposeful voice candidly tell her stories. Her chapter transitions often come across as if you are sitting across from her at a table as she takes a sip of coffee and suddenly says, 'Before I tell you about this, I have to give you a little background... Or I just explained all that to say." In other words, she's having a conversation with you instead of reading the contents of her book to you.
I believe the publication of this book comes just at the right time. Americans are addressing systemic racism while the new coronavirus has become an invisible predator robbing lives, our economy, and our way of life. While we are working out solutions to these issues, the one place we can start is with kindness; the one thing that will aid our progress is our kindness. 

While I enjoyed reading the book, I would add more inspiring stories from Bankert's news packages and stories about kindness from people in various roles throughout the news industry.  These ideas could support a book series, but most importantly, it would positively influence current and entry-level journalists.  The more they know that kindness exists within the industry, the more they will be able to promote it as a standard within the industry. 
I think this book can support corporate and community training geared to addressing a range of current topics, such as social unrest, the health crisis, racism, and more. It's also a useful book for frontline managers to support their organizational conversations.   
Your Hidden Superpower also offers journalism students who are starting their career "a mentor from afar."   It's definitely a book that I wish I had when I began a journalism career because it gives social cues and the mental fortitude to advance within the newsroom and in everyday life. Bankert also provides a glimpse of her career highs and lows. Most importantly, she describes how she maneuvered through the lows with kindness, positivity, and resilience.  

When you have conversations that address behavior and you don't know where to start, consider reading Your Hidden Superpower.
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I really enjoyed this book. The author shares her story and how kindness has opened doors and created opportunities for her.

I loved her side notes that she shared at the opening of each chapter. They added a nice personal touch to the book and it felt like the author was speaking directly to me in those moments.

This will definitely be a book that I would read again, while highlighting important points and taking notes.

I received this audio book for free in exchange for an honest review from the publisher and Netgalley.
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What a kind thing I did for myself by listening to this audiobook written and narrated by Adrienne Bankert. Your Hidden Superpower is all about the positive impact that being kind to others has on ourselves, others, and the world.

Bankert focused a lot of her professional career when it came to this story. She demonstrated over and over how kindness makes you stand out among others in an impactful way. She illustrated over and over how being kind to others somehow has this mysterious way of turning the tables and bestowing kindness on to you by others. I think the biggest lesson for me was the difference between being kind and being nice. Often people, including myself, make them interchangeable or the same gesture.

At first, I was unsure about the narration, but I REALLY wanted to hear what Bankert had to say. Some of her talking sounds like she is speaking from a stage in an arena, to a mass group of people. Almost like you are sitting among thousands of people listening to a motivational talk. It’s not good or bad, just a personal preference. Sometimes it sounded more intimate. What did come through loud and clear throughout the entire book, was her passion, and love for the subject, and the kindness she wants to continue to shine on others. I think having her narrate it was a fabulous choice. Her genuine spirit comes through.

I feel this book was so impactful and has the opportunity to change so many lives that is should be required reading for the human population. I am not normally a motivational, self development book reader, but this book is a must read!

I received an advanced audiobook copy from HarperCollins Leadership through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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They say that coincidences are actually opportunities, and I think it must be true. I'm currently going through a rough time in my life and although I'm only twenty-five, as of late I would describe myself as... "bitter." So when I listened through Your Hidden Superpower, I realized that it was a much needed wake-up call for me right when I needed it. And for that I'm eternally grateful to Adrienne Bankert.

The premise of this book is simple: kindness can open many doors, even though being selfishly competitive is often portrayed as a path to success. This principle is explored in depth and in many practical ways, and it can be attributed to many areas in life, both professional and personal.

Again, I can't believe I let myself become so selfish and bitter, so I'm beyond thankful that this audiobook made its way into my hands. I hope to re-listen to it some time in the future, especially because I really like the narrator, The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that I wish it was longer and provided more practical advice. 

*Thank you to the Publisher for a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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I listened to this audiobook and Adrienne's personality really shone through.  Her advice on getting along with people and that being one of the top things to open up opportunities was spot on.  I enjoy watching Adrienne on Good Morning America and this book is exactly what I would expect from her, as she comes across as very positive!
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