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The Tearoom on the Bay

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A warm hug of a book! Ellie has taken over the ownership of a cute little cafe in a Yorkshire seaside village. She's turned it in to a Tea Emporium and is making a success of her new business, becoming part of the community. Christmas is approaching and all seems well, except for some unresolved matters from her childhood. 
Then a handsome stranger turns up in town, seemingly knowing more about Ellie than he should. Who is Ben and what is his interest in the cafe?  
This is a gentle, readable novel about tea, cake, romance, Christmas and learning to trust people again. There's a warmth to it and you really want to find out what happens to the characters. And there are recipes at the end - bonus!
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I loved this book by Rachel Burton and i hope this will be a start of a Series id like know what happens next with Ben and Ellie
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This is just so cute, it’s fabulous, romantic, full of community and great relationships, it’s just everything you could want to make you smile. A fantastic read.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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this was so, so, so sweet.
the first thing i liked about this book was the cover. are you kidding me? it's so cute!
i went into it expecting a light fluffy romance, which it is, but it's also deep and moving and inspiring. it has that remember-who-you-are-and-follow-your-dreams thing at it's core and that is what makes this an amazing read. also, the setting was the perfect autumnal, getting-cozy vibe.
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This is the first book that I have read by this Author. I was attracted to the book by the cover. I love reading books set near the sea.
The first few pages confused me a little, as there were so many different characters and I had to keep rereading to remember who was who. It did get easier though.
I thought that Ellie was a bit of a pushover at times and let people boss her around. It was nice to see her grow in confidence.
I predicted some of the storylines, but the overall ending was a surprise to me.  There was a lot of background to most of the characters and I could easy see that there is potential for another book.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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Such a gorgeous cosy story, this is not just a fluffy romance its so much deeper than that.

Highly recommend !
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First, I want it thank to Netgalley for this arc.
Yes, I am sucker for this cover. When I saw it I wanted to read it.
I and can you imagine I really enjoyed it. 
It has everything I love. 
The sweet romance - check.
The sweet message - check.
To follow your dreams... 

Lovely, lovely book. 
3.8 stars
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A gorgeous cozy romance about rediscovering your roots and following your dreams. I loved all the characters and always love tea shop novels. Perfect for an autumn evening by the fire.
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A sweet romance with likeable characters. The story line was about revisiting the past in order to move forward into the future. 
Looking back over old decisions and realising there were the right ones to make. Set in quaint coastal town with a community feel, the writer was able to create this heartfelt, cosy story which made you want to find out more about the characters. A great array of secondary characters too. A great read and would definitely recommend!
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This is a light, cozy, feel good story set in a small town.
After a heart breaking break up, Ellie has moved to where her aunt and uncle live, and where she spent all her holidays since she was a girl.  She has bought the cafe from them and turned it into a successful tea room which she loves.  She meets Ben, who while mysterious, is everything she would want in a man.  But, El doesn't always have luck on her side because just when she is finding happiness , Marcus, her ex, shows up and wants her back.  Then she has problems at the Tea Room and it seems maybe dreams are not worth chasing.   Except  of course, when you have a whole town full of new friends who stand behind you every step of the way.  
It is a sweet, easy read book, that will leave you smiling and believing in happily ever afters.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Ellie has returned to Sanderson Bay, the only place she thinks of as home. 

A boarding school past which led her to being alone and isolated from her parents a lot of the time, it is Sanderson Bay and the presence of her aunt and uncle, Miranda and James which draw her back there when her heart breaks. 

Running a tearoom is as far from what perhaps Ellie trained for, but it seems she has found her true vocation, the combinations of different flavours, blends, and ideas for tea means she can work out what suits people almost instantly. 

When Ben walks into the tearoom - she has him immediately down as Russian Caravan. All mysterious, dark and brooding. But Ben having been a resident of Sanderson Bay many years previously what has brought him back there now?

Everything seems to be working out for Ellie, the tea room has become a hub of the community and when Christmas plans are gathering pace, she thinks that maybe she has found the place to be. 

But bad luck comes in threes and when her ex makes a sudden reappearance, a minor disaster and a betrayal of trust, it seems to Ellie that running back to Sanderson Bay was not the answer. 

Can the Christmas spirit heal the past and let Ellie finally move on?

This is a delightfully sunny book despite it being in the depths of Christmas as it's setting. I loved all the quirky characters and the real community feel of the book, from the knitting club, Pilates or just reading the paper and drinking tea, it was if the tea room was a healing balm in itself. 

Proper escapist read with a real warmth to it - like a huge mug of tea and a piece of cake! Combine it all and you have the perfect treat.
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Eloise returns to familiar torridity after her almost fiance has left her for Thailand.  She purchases her aunt's tearoom,, gussies it up and makes  quite a success of it i the village..  She has dreams of owning a chain of shops sometime in the future.  Just when she getting to know Ben,Marcus returns,  She is a different person since he left her.  The village  has surrounded with their friendship and love -a heartwarming book, to read while sipping your favorite tea. A feel good book - just what is needed now.
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It is a very cute story specially if you are into light and breezy small town stories. Although the lead character of this story is Ellie, but almost everything happens in and around her cafe which is a welcome distraction in these times when sitting in a cafe sipping camomile tea or a good latte feels like a dream. This is a light feel good book for anyone who wants some distraction from their hectic and pressured situations & busy life.
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Rachel Burton is a new author for me and I’m so pleased I’ve found her. I read The Tearoom on the Bay in a couple of days and totally devoured it. The story follows Ellie who, after a tough break up has returned to Sanderson Bay as owner of The Two Teas. She loves brewing artisan teas in her own cafe and is making a real success of it then in walks the gorgeous brooding Ben. Can Ellie finally dream of love or will the re-appearance of her ex throw a spanner in the works. However it seems that Ben May have some secrets of his own so can Ellie forget her past and look to a future with Ben? I loved this book (even as a non-tea drinker) and enjoyed the fact it was set in Yorkshire. There are some great characters and a real sense of community that all add to the enjoyment. Thank you to NetGalley, Aria and the author for the chance to review.
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I really surprised myself with really liking this book. It had a lot of the subjects my little heart craved, it was a sweet romance, it was about finding the place where you belong. It was about taking chances and following your dreams. The list can go on and on. But i Will recommend this book to you. Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest review
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I really enjoyed my first book written by this author.  Enjoy getting to know residents of Sanderson Bay and Eloise, the owner of the tea shop.
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After a failed relationship Ellie returns to Sanderson Bay, the only place she ever felt home, and starts her wonderful tearoom. I love how Ellie thinks in tea blends when it comes to people and loved the community feel of the tearoom, with an after hours knitting club and pilates class.

We follow Ellie while she discovers new love, and living her best life. But is she really? Hidden motives and a regretful ex make Ellie taking stock of her life. And as she works her way through childhood resentments and a tearoom disaster she finds her best life after all.

Sanderson Bay sounds like a wonderful place to live with a tight community that love nosing into one another's businesses but also rally behind Ellie when she needs support. I enjoyed the different characters of this little  coastal town: the bossy Sandra, her caring aunt and uncle Miranda and James, the ladies of the knitting club, and more. They all contributed to that community feel of the tearoom and the book.

I can not fault this book. And as a devoted tea drinker myself, I absolutely loved The Tearoom on the Bay. It's a wonderful Christmas season read, maybe under a blanket and with good cup of tea!
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In this story we meet Elouise (or Ellie as she’s known) and her tea room in Sanderson Bay. Ellie escaped to Sanderson Bay from York to get away from some challenging times. She created a wonderful tearoom in the heart of a very close community. She comes face to face with adversity and she’s so strong. 

I loved getting to know Ellie and everyone else in Sanderson Bay. I adore a story where community is important and Rachel certainly delivered on that. I can’t go into specifics but the narrative is beautifully written and I didn’t want it to end. 

This story is about facing your fears and chasing your dreams ❤️ I would actually love to see a sequel to this story and see what Ellie faces next in her very busy life. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful book. I really can’t wait to see what Rachel comes up with next! I give ‘The Tearoom on the Bay’ a glowing 5*/5* 😊

Thank you to Aria Fiction for an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley.
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Thank you NetGalley for my ARC of The Tearoom on the Bay by Rachel Burton.  The author did a great job of writing a pleasant, fast read with likable characters.  The entire story revolved around the main character's ups and downs.  You found yourself cheering for her.  This is the perfect story to read during the pandemic for a little escape.  I will be recommending this book and following the author.
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I received an advanced copy of The Tearoom on the Bay, by Rachel Burton.I have read other book by Rachel Barton and loved them too. This book is about Ellie who returns to her hometown of Sanderson Bay.  Ellie is living her best life, or is she?  Secrets are always out there. What will happen with her Ellie and Ben?
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