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The Tearoom on the Bay is the first book I have read by Rachel Burton. It was a quick, light and pleasant read following Ellie as she returns to Sanderson Bay after a nasty break up and in doing so she will rediscover all that she left behind and perhaps come to an understanding that maybe she should have never left in the first place. That all she had ever wanted was really there all along, or maybe things will just prove too challenging and she will flee once again? Who knows but the journey to discovering the answer was an interesting one and the plot kept my attention at a time when I needed to switch off and relax. It’s not my favourite book that I read around the Christmas season but I still enjoyed it. The gorgeous cover suggests this is a full on Christmas book with the candy canes and the gingerbread man but it’s not at all as it’s merely mentioned towards the end of the book so if you want full on Christmas perhaps this is not the read for you but if you want an easy escapist read than it certainly is.

Sanderson Bay is a close knit community where people love to be part of other people’s business, in a good way for the most part, but sometimes it can be a bit intrusive. It’s a year since Ellie returned to seek shelter and comfort when her partner Marcus left her. Since moving to the bay she is less stressed and feels that she has room to breathe, the walls don’t always feel as if they are closing in. Running her grandparents café, The Two Teas Café, but her name is now on the deeds has given her a chance to indulge in her love of teas. She associates people with a certain tea and loves to find the right one that work wonders for individuals. The cafe sells a variety of loose leaf teas, teapots and tea drinking accessories and Ellie has been enjoying every moment of her time there. Yet there is a part of Ellie that still feels she has not put herself back together following the hurt caused by Marcus. Something is missing in her life and there is still a little niggle remaining that despite how far she has come in the last 365 days that there is a little void in her life. She dislikes this feeling and is desperate to call Sanderson Bay her forever home. But what is stopping her from fully embracing the new and wonderful opportunities she has been afforded so far since her return?

There was a wonderful cast of support characters who were stalwarts alongside Ellie. The ladies of the Knitting Club who meet weekly at the café were a varied bunch. Miranda, Clara, Lisa, Bessie and Sascha alongside Ellie form a good strong bond of friendship. Sascha perhaps is the closest to Ellie, she makes Ellie feel grounded and stops her feeling like a strong wind could blow her away. We got to know a little of her story as she too gave up her old corporate way of life and came to the bay to run the hotel with her husband. She is desperate to have a child and hopes the slower pace of life will help her to fall pregnant. I thought Sascha was a great support system to Ellie and her own personal storyline was written with empathy and love and I was rooting for a positive and happy outcome for her. 

The knitting ladies are a devious little bunch and I mean that tongue in cheek and in a positive light. They are determined to set Ellie up with a man as they can see that is the one thing she is lacking in life. They know that Ellie enjoys running the café and by doing this you have to put yourself out there but deep down she is shy, introverted, private and anxious. But will the arrival of newcomer Ben who says he is in the bay on business and to take a little break open up a whole new conundrum for Ellie or will a little spark ignite to create a bigger flame?

Ellie has spent a long time worrying about what others think and years living up to expectations but now she is trying to do her own thing to make herself happy and healthy. Ben offers to help her with the social media side of the business and to inspire some more events to be held at the café but initially he came across as being very secretive. On a work level he was hiding something big from Ellie but also on a personal level too. I think he came to the bay with a work goal in mind. Maybe goal is not the right word perhaps mission would be better suited and he kept this secret from Ellie. But I understood why he did because he came expecting to get his business done and to move on to the next thing he didn’t bargain on feeling a connection with Ellie. He was torn between a rock and a hard place as to whether to come out with it and say why he was really there. As for his own personal demons maybe coming to the bay will force him to confront those too? I liked Ben as a character, I could see the frustrations he was grappling with that he was trying to keep quashed but surely he needed to allow them to come to the surface to deal with what he has been storing away for so long.

The plot overall was very easy to follow and I enjoyed observing Ellie go through some strife and angst in her life because I was hoping it would make her a better and stronger person when she could emerge out the other side. There is a face from the past set to cause more upset for her and it challenges her in many ways. On a personal and work level she has an awful lot to deal with and as we get a deeper insight in how she is feeling and all the thoughts and memories rushing through her mind you become more sympathetic to her stance and just wish that she doesn’t cave under the pressure and can find the correct path to resolve her problems and make her life complete. All in all The Tearoom on the Bay is a nice story with enough to keep you entertained and reading on and to give you a distraction from the endless stress we are experiencing in the world today.
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the tearoom on the bay is such an interesting read! it's so cute and precious and i adored the crap out of this so hard. please pick it up asap!! as soon as possible. literally.
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This was a cute read which took me away from the realities of my life. Romance and relationships in the tearoom were the core where Ellie had to decide between her new romance and her ex. Secrets too abounded in the story which added to the mystery in the plot. 

With feel-good characters and a loving atmosphere, the book was a quick read.
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‘I sit down placing the teapot in front of me. The tea has brewed for exactly four minutes and I pour the reddish-brown liquid into my favourite blue and white striped china mug. No milk, no sugar. Just tea. I sit and watch the steam curling off the surface of the liquid as I allow it to cool and I wait for the subtle aroma of bergamot to hit me.’

The Tea Room on the Bay ticked so many fun boxes for me - great getaway escapism - and I was engaged from the very first page (quote above). If you love tales from tiny English villages full of community spirit and with a sweet romance thrown in - then you will love what Rachel is offering here. Added into this mixture is the recipe of overcoming those often tough hurdles life throws at you and how it is worth it when you follow the path meant for you and find true happiness. 

‘Maybe there isn’t such a thing as the right time. Maybe there is just time. You can make all the plans in the world but the “right time” happens by chance when you turn up in the same place as somebody or something else. Some people call it fate.’

Of course all of the above is appealing when looking for that light read, however, what an added bonus that this one also involved TEA! If you are a tea lover then look no further! The Tea Room on the Bay has a wonderful assortment of teas, pots and cups. In fact, the tea room owner Ellie, has this gift of assigning a tea blend to those she meets! Now, that’s fun - ‘Do you ever stop thinking about tea?’ she asks. ‘Not really,’ I reply. I so want to go to Ellie’s tea rooms, sit in a cosy corner reading for a while whilst sipping whatever tea blend she believes is a perfect fit for me. 

‘I think there’s a tea for everyone,’ I say. ‘Even people who say they don’t like tea.’

I really enjoyed escaping to Sanderson Bay and getting to know many of the wonderfully entertaining characters in this heartwarming tale. Of course you know how it ends - that is why you sign up for these books in the first place. However, it is the journey Rachel takes you on to get there that makes this the perfect holiday read with just enough ‘what if ...’ moments to keep you entertained right to the very end. 

So if you are after something light and entertaining, a tale about taking a chance to find the place where you belong, then take this trip to The Tea Room on the Bay - you can’t go wrong with a nice cup of tea in a quaint English seaside village at Christmas time.

‘After years of worrying what people thought, after years of trying to live up to other people’s expectations of me, I’m trying to do my own thing. I’m trying to make myself happy and healthy. Some days it even feels like it might be working.’

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The quoted material may have changed in the final release.
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Ellie returns home to Sanderson Bay a place she feels safe.
Twelve months later Ellie takes over her Aunt & Uncle's cafe/tea room selling bespoke loose-leaf tea
Ellie starts a friendship with a man called Ben but she is sure he is holding something back from her.
Then Ellie's ex turns up to throw a spanner in the works
A great read
Thanks NetGalley
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A heart warming, fast paced read that leaves you feeling good once you finish it. I haven't read anything by this author before  but I certainly will in the future. There are many "little shop" books on the market but I particularly enjoyed this one, the development of the characters, the uncertainty and at times, tension.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series if one is being planned!
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Let me begin by saying thank you to Rachel Burton for introducing me to the delights of a Christmas song called "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas" which is a song mentioned a few times in the book and that I had to google and listen to.  It's rather charming, completely bizarre and I'm surprised never appears on any Christmas compilation albums! 

So now you are back from looking that up too, sorry, but who could resist - I'd like to say what an enjoyable story this really was. 

If you are a fan of tea in all its varieties, you will love Ellie's gift of being able to meet a person and work exactly what sort of tea blend they would be, and she seems to have a good success rate with it.  And the tearoom in Sanderson Bay is rather quaint sounding, warm, cosy and in a year of being open has become a hub of the community. 

From the moment Ellie meets Ben there is something between them even if its not entirely obvious what,  they can recognise things in each other, but its also clear Ben is hiding various things. I found there were more than enough clues to get the gist of what Ben may reveal, but I had to keep reading to check I was correct. 

Then there is Marcus, Ellie's ex, who has turned up out of the blue, and well is he a changed man, will he get her back, or just cause chaos?

I loved the whole vibe of Sanderson Bay, and especially the knitting group ladies, who were always good to listen to their gossip.  And then there is the weekly pub quiz with its incredibly tricky final questions which had me scratching my head! 

It's the second book I've read by Rachel Burton and I'm already eyeing up her next book out next year, so will definitely be happy to read more.  I really enjoyed the whole book, and now won't be happy unless I get a Hippopotamus for Christmas. 

Thank you to Aria and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily,
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What a simply lovely warming cosy read. Ellie has fled her current home after a breakup to return to the coastal town of Sanderson Bay where she spent most of her time growing up. Its not long before she is living the life she dreamed off, running her own little teashop, belonging to the community and not crying from heartbreak anymore. One day a dark and brooding stranger walks into the tea room, and despite claiming to be a coffee drinker. Ellie can sense the tea he needs and is drawn to him. Something about this stranger is making her believe love might be out there for her. However, throw in an ex who has returned and is throwing her life into turmoil and discovering Ben isnt as he seems and you have tension and drama to keep the pages turning.

I really really enjoyed this, it was just a great book to read - it made me feel warm and cosy, it warmed my heart in places but kept me reading with just enough drama. Although, very early on i figured alot out - it didn't take from the enjoyment because i really enjoyed seeing how it all panned out and came to a head. The characters were lovely and fiercely protective of each other. You could really sense the bonds of the community from the very first pages. A great winter read to get you feeling all snug and warm.
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This is a Christmas book that can really be read any time of the year (it was only after I'd finished it that I spotted the gingerbread man on the cover!).

A story about letting go of the past, about forgiveness, and honesty, The Tea Room on the Bay is a lovely, page-turny read, with a main character who comes into her own. It is also a story about taking chances and living life to the full, and is guaranteed to brighten a dark and dismal winter day.
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In The Tearoom on the Bay we meet Ellie who after a tough break up settles in Sanderson Bay running her own tearoom. However her peace doesn’t last long and what follows is a heartwarming tale of love and life.

Ellie was a wonderful character and it was so very easy to want the best for her. I especially loved her interactions with Ben. As the reader sees a friendship develop between the pair along with seeing sparks of attraction too. Even though I was a big fan of Ellie and Ben, all of the characters played their part and helped to create a community spirit that made this book extra special. Rachel Burton really did a fabulous job of bringing all of her characters to life. It was so lovely to get to know not only Ellie but the other characters too.

I have to make a quick mention of the fact that this book is set at Christmas however to be honest it isn’t that heavily themed. I usually wait until November before I start reading anything festive. The thing is that after reading the description, seeing the fun and colourful cover I couldn’t resist picking this book up. Let’s just say that I am so very happy I chose it. The setting of Sanderson Bay was also perfect and from the very first mention of Ellie’s tearoom I really wished I could visit!

Cosy and heartwarming are just two words I could use to describe The Tearoom on the Bay. Along with there being a wonderful uplifting feeling throughout, there were so many moments that made me smile. It was just what I needed!
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This was a well written book, it’s a cute and quirky read. It has a very cosy feel to it which is perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and being swept away by a sweet romance. There is some good character growth as well as an engaging plotline. A solid read.
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The Tearoom on the Bay by Rachel Burton is a sweet romance that I really enjoyed.  This book made me relax and visualize sitting on the beach, listening to the sounds of the water, while drinking tea of course.  I found this book to be a quick and fun read, and look forward to reading this author again. I highly recommend this book, it is a perfect escape, as I watch the snow fall outside my window.  
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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A most enjoyable read.  I love the seaside and a good tea room so this was perfect reading for me.  A little predictable at times, but with a strong cast of likeable characters.  The story also touched on some important issues, such as Ellie's traumatic past and how she works through some of the issues she has faced.  The attraction with Ben unfolded in a pleasing way, with a few bumps along the way.  Friendship also featured heavily and all in all, this was the perfect bit of escapism from the real world.
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I don't believe I've ever read a book by this author before but I did quite enjoy this novel by Rachel Burton. Her style of writing is quite stark and I whilst I liked the characters, they never really stood out to me. It was an easy, Christmassy read however.
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I read this book for a blog tour. 

A lovely heart-warming Christmas story set in the seaside town of Sanderson Bay, where Ellie runs a teashop, selling the perfect blends she designs herself.

When Ben enters her life, she's thrown, having run to the Bay after heartbreak, she's not looking for anyone new, but there's something about Ben and his own return to the Bay that Ellie can't ignore.

This book was really charming and sweet, perfect for curling up under a blanket with a treat and a pot of your favourite tea (I like a chai spice mix).
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This was a pleasant, enjoyable, cozy book. There was nothing particularly remarkable about it that would set it apart from the many other books in this genre. But it was a pleasant enough book.
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Unfortunately this book wasn't for me. Hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy it more. I will try her other books sometime
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This book is one of the cutest I’ve ever read! If the sound of a main character who owns a little tea shop doesn’t make you want to grab a cuppa yourself and dive straight in, then I don’t know what will (and I don’t even drink tea!) I’m so happy to be closing the blog tour for this delightful book, and hopefully I’ll do it justice. 

I wish I could think of a more appropriate word than ‘perfect’ for this book because I don’t even think that word does it justice. I couldn’t have asked for anything else from this author – she’s not only surprised me and had me gripped me from beginning to end with her unforgettable characters and addictive plot, but has made everything feel so real, something I haven’t quite got over just yet! Rom-com isn’t even my favourite genre, yet this book has left an imprint in my heart and mind that will be very difficult to erase. A truly amazing read!
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Ellie is living her dream, running a very popular bespoke tea shop in Sanderson Bay. The only place that has ever felt like home to her. 

Just when her live life seems to be looking up with newcomer Ben, her ex boyfriend turns up wanting her back. 

Ellie has many decisions to meals this Christmas. Not all fun ones. 

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t all about romance, but focused also on friendship and living with the trauma of death.
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I think I would've enjoyed this book a bit more if the things in the synopsis actually played a big part in the story. Now that I think about it, I don't think romance could be considered the main genre of this story, as the romantic aspects actually played a very small part in this story. The story mostly focused Ellie, her friendships and her teashop. I enjoyed reading about the interactions between Ellie and her friend group. What little romantic relationship we had between Ben and Ellie was nice enough but I found myself really annoyed with the situation surrounding Ellie and her ex. For one he wasn't as big of an issue as the synopsis made him out to be, and I found Ellie's decision to let him stay with her infuriatingly stupid.I like Ellie as a character though. Her thing with figuring out people's perfect "tea match" was, for lack of a better word, cute. The other characters were also pretty likable.The story as started to look into a few darker topics but didn't really dive deep into to any of them. It didn't hinder the story but I wish the author dove deep into a few of the topics. That's All I Got, Danielle.
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