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This is an enjoyable book, set in England, about Felix, a man of age, who is an Exiteer.
Felix is part of a team that is contacted to just sit with the person at the end, so they know they are
not alone. No active participation on the part of the Exiter!  All previous "arrangements" have been 
made by the individual or family.
Behold, a huge mistake happens!  What follows is the story of Felix, the relatives of the departed and 
the investigation. 
This is a heartwarming story with likeable characters, some humor, and true to life feelings of everyone
involved.  Give it a read, I think you will like it.
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I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. I enjoyed Felix and Amanda's character within this book. This book is about the exiteers and guys it is so good. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It will keep you on the edge of your seat trying figure out what just happened. It is a good thriller. The pacing is good for a thriller and. It is definitely suspenceful. It is in stores for $26.00 (USD).
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After his wife's death, 75-year-old Felix is waiting for his own exit from this world. In the meantime, he volunteers with a clandestine group called the Exiteers, whose members show up to witness--not assist--people who want to take their own lives because of terminal illness. And so, Belinda Bauer's moving Exit begins, with Felix arriving at Skipper Cann's house and staying by the man's bedside until the fellow finally expires from a self-administered lethal dosage of nitrous oxide.

But as Felix and his volunteer partner, Amanda, leave the house, he hears a loud bang and encounters an old man in another bedroom. Turns out Felix and Amanda just witnessed the wrong man dying, and realize they might have been set up as accessories to murder.

Exit contains Bauer's (Snap) trademark blend of poignancy, dark humor and vivid characters. The right to die is a controversial notion--and illegal in many places--but Bauer shines a humane light on it and the story is more uplifting and funny than the subject matter implies. Though Felix starts out as a lonely septuagenarian who believes his life is mostly over, he finds new purpose by befriending the old man who originally hired the Exiteers and poking into who might have set up the wrong person to die. The story's other viewpoints include that of a police officer named Calvin, who's determined not to make detective; Felix's partner, Amanda; and Skipper Cann's nephew, Reggie. Bauer keeps readers in the dark about her characters' motivations and level of guilt all the way up to an ending that's sublimely bittersweet.
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My father always says he doesn’t want to live on machines he always says to make sure he dies “in dignitas”, he wants no measures to prolong a life that in his eyes would not be life he would want to live. Even though this is what he wants, I also know it will be hard to make that decision at the time. This is where the “exciters” in this books come in. They support people as they leave this life, but something goes wrong for exited Felix Pink and he finds himself on the run from the law. This was an interesting mystery with a topic I didn’t think would work, but it really did. A cool but thoughtful read.
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Great read, this book has everything. Based around some dark topics but with unexpected humour and heartwarming moments. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, would definitely recommend
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3.5 rounded up because it’s Belinda Bauer!

Least favorite read of hers that I’ve had but still entertaining.
I think the excitement I had leading up to reading this set the bar high for my expectations.
The whole concept of the 'Exiters' was so unique that I think I was disappointed that that wasn’t the main focus of the plot.

Bauer still can do no wrong in my eyes-I’m forever a fan!

ARC provided by NetGalley
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I live a good cozy mystery, and I’ve read all of Agatha Christie’s, so this was a treat. I liked all the characters, especially Felix Pink, but I was a bit confused about a few others, a lot of time was spent on Calvin and I’m not sure why. I liked him but I wasn’t sure what to do with him. And why him and not DCI King?

Also, giving away Terry/Exiteer guy wasn’t my favorite. I kinda guessed that he was shady, but still.

Lots of twists and turns. Overall good!

Thank you fir the ARC.
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Death, in the end, beats us all. The ultimate end of life is inevitable but for some, it's harder to leave this world than others. Can we choose to leave of our own accord if we no longer have a quality of life? Can we get help if we make that fatal decision?

Not everyone can afford to travel to Switzerland for assisted suicide. Enter the Exiteers, good men and women whose job is to sit next to a terminal patient and witness the end of their life. Exiteers can't actively help the patients but they can provide the silver cylinder and plastic mask needed for the final act.

This is the background of the warm and witty Exit by Belinda Bauer (Bantam Press, January 2021), a brilliantly plotted and totally unique crime novel.

Seventy-five-year-old Felix Pink is an Exiteer, a good man working under a pseudonym with an honest desire to help others whose lives are no longer bearable. After all, if he didn't do it, who would? With his experience, Felix serves as a mentor for young Amanda, who joins him to witness a dying man's final breath. "I don't think I can do this," Amanda says. "You'll be fine," Felix assures her. What could possibly go wrong?

But something goes horribly wrong, and soon Felix is on run from the police and suspected of murder.

Exit is a whodunit/whydunit mystery but its strength is in its characters—real people with real lives and emotions. Felix is weighted down by events in his past. Calvin Bridge, the policeman on his trail, wonders why he ever agreed to take on the "worst job ever."  Skipper, the elderly man who planned to commit suicide with the Exiteers' assistance, comes to realize that his grandson is after a bit more than what is promised to him in the will. What make the characters even more human is the fact that many of them have pets to care for.

Exit is not exactly what you expected in a crime novel but exactly what you need for an enjoyable read.
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I really enjoyed “Rubbernecker” and couldn’t wait to read “Exit”,  the latest by Belinda Bauer. I was not disappointed! This book is great fun, a rollicking romp that is very reminiscent of classic P.G. Wodehouse with its dry humor, intricately plotted spiraling mayhem, sweetly comical characters, and bad guys that deserve everything they get. 

The story follows the “Exiteers”, a group of earnest volunteers who work, within a very fine legal line, to provide end-of-life emotional support, but no actual assistance, to the terminally ill. 

Our main protagonist, Felix, an Exiteer and an elderly gentleman himself,  is a total charmer  (along with his adorably determined pup Mabel). Needless to say, things do not turn out as planned for Felix, whose unshakeable sense of integrity sets him on a path that is both heart-breakingly tense for the reader, and laugh-out-loud funny.

I found this collection of big-hearted misfits and evil villains (it’s up to you to sort out who is who as the plot unfolds) delightfully entertaining, - that’s now two for two and I’m looking forward to reading more of this author.

A big thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author, for an advance review copy of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.
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This book was one of the first good books I read this year.

So, the story goes that the Exiteers are (mostly) pensioners who sit beside dying people and hold their hands and talk to them and make them feel loved as they are going. Felix is an Exiteer. He is 75 and sits besides dying people to give them a dignified exit.

Once he has an unexpected companion - 23-year-old Amanda as a fellow Exiteer.. But something happens and things begin to go horribly wrong. Felix, a widower and a harmless pensioner, is suddenly on the police radar and on the run. DCI Kirsty King and PC Calvin Bridge are on the case.

The story is so hilarious that you cannot help laughing out loud in places you should be maintaining a straight face. Felix is totally amazing. I never thought I would be rooting so hard for a 75-year-old protagonist. The way he thinks of his wife and his interactions with his dog, Mabel, are so endearing that you will fall in love with him. At least, I did.

The other characters are also well-written. Geoffrey Skeet, Amanda, Calvin, and Kirsty all stand well. And the villain comes as a surprise.

For a perfect blend of mystery and humour, 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC.
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This is the second Belinda Bauer book I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely be checking out her backlist. Felix Pink is retired and keeps busy and feeling useful volunteering as an Exiteer—someone who sits with terminally ill people as they die by suicide. He assists with logistice, lends moral support and removes evidence so family and friends are not implicated in their deaths. On this job, he is working with a young woman named Amanda that he has not worked with before. She does the unthinkable, then when it ends up that the wrong person died, Felix is thrown into a police investigation.

I really enjoyed this original and unique mystery/thriller. Was this a mistake or was Felix set up as the fall guy for murder? The story is told from two points of view. The first is Felix and the other is the detective investigating, Calvin Bridge. Felix is a seventy-five year old widower who became an Exiteer after his son died of cancer, then his wife of dementia. Bridge suffers from a lack of confidence and is struggling with his wife leaving him. Both of these men are likable and realistic. Bridge and his team try to unravel all of the twists and turns in this crime. It is not simple, it is pretty convoluted and I was kept guessing throughout. The subject of assisted dying is handled well in this story and both sides are presented. Bauer also uses humor in a dry way to lessen the seriousness somewhat. This story has a slow build up in the investigation and it kept me glued to this story. A wonderful mystery that also has a moral issue at its core. Well done Belinda Bauer.
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Although this novel was a bit implausible and quite silly at times, I found myself enjoying it. 

Our hero Felix Pink is a sweet old man on the surface, but in his spare time is a member of the Exiteers - a group of people who help assist ill people in dying. 

It is Felix who made this story, and the novel employed some dark humour throughout. There are twists and turns (again, not always believable) but the humour and characterisation made it a fun and quirky read.
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I've gotten so used to dark thriller/mysteries that Exit was a surprise.  It's very British in every way, probably could be called a farce, reminded me of A Man Called Ove, and even classics like Our Man in Havana.  Serious things happen and there is true danger for several characters, but when Exit is funny, it's very funny.  I enjoyed most of the characters very much and even sort of enjoyed the villains.  Witty, well-plotted, and engrossing.  I finished it in twenty-four hours.
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I loved Snap by Belinda Bauer. It's one of my favourite thrillers.

This book is equally good. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. In the beginning I couldn't really connect with the story but the more I read the more I was entrenched in the story. 
The author has done a fantastic job with the plotting of this amazing novel.

‘Exit’ is primarily about euthanasia. 75 year old Felix Pink is an exiteer - an exiteer is someone who sits with the terminally ill who wish to exit their world of pain and suffering. The exiteers aren’t allowed to assist the person to die, infact they stay within the law. However, when Felix enters number 3 Black Lane with newbie exiteer 23 year old Amanda in tow, something goes very wrong, an assisted suicide gone awry and it puts the pair of them in an illegal situation. Felix needs to evaluate just what went wrong, and decide at what point he should go to the police and surrender himself.

I adored Felix. He has led a boring and predictable life, all up until he becomes an Exiteer. Felix tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my face.

The plot is dark, but there is so much wit and humor.  The pacing and the characterisations along with the witty dialogues completely engage you. I wasn't expecting the plot twists which shows the skill of Bauer. 

Definitely recommend this book.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for sending a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Superb book. Surprising, touching, can't recommend enough.
Felix Pink works as an undercover Exiteer, helping out with support for those with a terminal illness. When an assignment goes horribly wrong, Felix thinks it's only a matter of time before the police come knocking. However, things are not as they seem and we encounter a whole host of characters with unsavoury motives and dubious connections. Beautiful characters, great dialogue, with sublime plotting keeps you guessing till the very end.
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Exit is a heartwarming tale full friendship, greed, family and humor. This story read more like a cozy mystery than a thriller. Felix is an Exiteer. His job is to provide comfort and peace during a person’s last breath. He personally finds solace in this act, until something goes horribly wrong and life as he knows it is changed forever. His sleuthing skills are put to the test as he tries to clear his conscience and uncover the truth. My heart rooted for Felix as he fumbled his way through this twisty tale. Exit is a character driven mystery full of interesting personalities with many laughs along the way. Thank you NetGalley and Grove Atlantic for my ARC.
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This was a very different but very entertaining story! It was clever and very fun! There were a lot humourous scenes and I found myself grinning a lot. It started off slow and but I raced through the second half. There were so many twists and turns.  And the ending was perfect! 
The characters were well written and realistic. I adored Felix. 
Thank you to the publisher for the copy.
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This delightful book is dark humor at its finest. The characters are well-defined and treated with respect, no matter how minor they are, and the writing keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. It is one of those rare read-in-one-sitting books. Ms. Bauer has done it again!

NetGalley provided a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
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Felix Pink works as a so called Exiteer which means he accompanies people during their last hours to decently transit from this to another world. Normally, they work in pairs and so far everything has gone quite smoothly. They do not leave any clues about their presence and don’t use their real names even with their colleagues. When Felix is called to his next client, it is his first job together with Amanda who is new to the business. When they have accomplished their task, a bit more demanding since the old man this time seems to have become reluctant to die in the last second, they are about to leave the house. At this moment, somebody shouts for them, obviously, they haven’t been alone in the house as expected, but there was a witness – waiting for them to assist his suicide. Felix and Amanda have made a huge mistake and have to face reality: they have just killed somebody and the police are already on their way.

“He had made a terrible mistake, but hoped there was a good reason why. He just hadn’t found it yet.”

I was first allured by the idea of the Exiteer business since assisted suicide has been fiercely discussed and surely isn’t an easy topic. However, Belinda Bauer’s novel turned out quite differently than expected. From the rather serious and gloomy start, an incredible plot develops which is full of fine irony and humour, wonderful characters who are diligently drawn and all the absurdities life can offer. 

“‘Bloody hell,’ said Pete. ‘I did not see that coming.’ Calvin thought that spoke well of Pete, because you’d have to be pretty sick to see that coming.”

Felix Pink is a decent elderly widower who is a bit lonesome but as Exiteer has found a task which gives him the feeling of being helpful. Finding himself suddenly in the middle of a crime is something he absolutely cannot cope with. He is full of pangs of conscience which leads him to worsen the situation even more. Yet, it is not only the Exiteer who is breath-taking to observe but also the dead man’s family – consisting of his son Reggie and his father Skipper – who have quite some story to offer and also the police is a set of extraordinary characters.

A remarkable plot which offers quite some surprises one surely cannot see coming.
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Loved this! So good, so exciting, so gripping and great story. Can't wait to read more by this author - absolutely brilliant.
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