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This book sees Alex stuck between two sides as the humans are getting more bold when it comes to those who are Fae and it looks like the Fae just might be gearing up for war. Alex may be considered a halfer by many but at heart she's human but have her recent actions cost more than they saved ? No matter how troubling that thought is when young May a talented violinist is kidnapped Alex is determined to rescue her but what if along the way she discovers nothing is ever an accident in the land of Faerie ?
Shifters, Vampires and Fae all play a part but it's Alex that bears the brunt of the trials here. There is no doubt that the Fae have their own agendas and we do see just how cruel and manipulative they can be. Alex learns something about herself along the way which leaves questions about her heritage. I enjoyed her travels through Faerie but for this reader her odd romance still needs to convince me. Still I did enjoy it and will definitely look for the next book.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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This is book 4 in the Magicsmith series and is the best yet.  May has been kidnapped by the FAE and it's up to Alex and her paranormal friends to travel to the Fae empire to rescue her and lots of other missing children.  Trying to avoid her enemies and her grandfather she faces trial after trial before finding the encampment of missing children.  L.R. Braden is one of my favorite fantasy authors and I look forward to her next installment.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I have really enjoyed this series so far. I liked this one but it is not one of my favorites. Nothing seems to be going right for Alex and with the PTF ramping up their fight with the fae, tension in the cities is rising. Human and paranormal children have been disappearing and when Emma’s little sister, May, goes missing, Alex promises to try to find her and the other missing children. The PTF are breathing down her neck as she, and her friends try to avoid being arrested as they move about the city and fae realm to discover the location of the missing kids. Alex goes through a lot in this book. I think she starts understanding of her self and her powers which helps her to grow but she still is so uncertain of who she really is that I think she has a long way to go. She seemed to be flying by the seat of her pants in this book. I really enjoyed her metalworking art and that she makes imbued objects and am a little disappointed that she didn’t do any of that in this book. Alex was often on the run so this had a frenetic feeling to it.  In the end, there were some issues resolved but for the most part there were a lot of new problems on her horizon. I liked it though and am looking forward to the next one. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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this was a really good read, the characters were great and even though this is the fourth book it still has what I enjoyed reading from the three other books. I hope there is more in the series.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC. 

Casting Shadows is the fourth title in, The Magicsmith series and I would suggest reading the series in order for the best experience and enjoyment. As someone who has read the entire series, I can only say, that I have been captivated by both the world and character building throughout the series. 

In this title the tension between Alex, her friends, other paranaturals and the Paranatural Task Force explodes, while simultaneously Alex’s attention is caught by the wide ranging disappearance of child - both human and paranatural. Alex is yet again torn about what she should do, but travels her own path with courage and finesse. 

The ending of this title has a bittersweet, smoky flavour; leaving the reader (me) satisfied with the conclusion of the main story thread yet desperate for more of the story, desperate for more about the characters who remain in my mind long after I’ve concluded reading the stories they reside within. 

Start with, A drop of magic and see if you can evade Alex Casting Shadows.
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Casting Shadows by L. R. Braden, the next one in the series. Alex goes after the missing children, and where it takes her are places she never expected to go.
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When children are kidnapped and Alex feels compelled to assist in their rescue. Prejudice between humans and supernaturals is at an all time high and at risk of even escalating more. Alex’s grandfather features in this installment in a less dominant way. He seems behind a lot of what happens and manipulates situations that Alex must work to understand. I love the relationships Alex has with her boyfriend and housemates.
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Alex Blackwood has enough trouble with the PTF out to get her.  When she learns her friend's little sister has been kidnapped, Alex immediately suspects the PTF.  Alex is shocked discover it's actually someone from the Fae world.  In fact, it's her father's old general.

Alex sets off to save the missing girl and all the others being held captive.  After that, she's off to confront their captor.  Alex barely manages to make it out unscathed.  Unfortunately, she doesn't leave with things resolved, but that will have to be a fight for another day.

CASTING SHADOWS is fast-paced and action-filled.  Alex once again journeys back to the Fae world.  This time, we meet shifters of all kinds and get a view of their strange and beautiful lands.  Alex still has many trials ahead of her, but she is strong and resilient.  Meanwhile, James and Alex's relationship grows stronger.  I'm still not team James, but I think for now, he is what Alex needs.  CASTING SHADOWS is going on my recommended read list.
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I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. 

To be perfectly honest, I almost didn’t finish this book. I put it down for a long time because I simply got bored with the first 12 chapters. The interesting aspects of Alex as a person have gotten lost in the aspect of Alex as a political tool. I liked hearing about her art and metalwork, but she hasn’t done anything artistic in several books. She’s still imbuing, but that took until after chapter 12 to even act like she had magic.  I’m not sure if it was the pacing that was off, or just the idea that the first 40 or so percent of the book was running from the PTF and being aware that children are missing (but not actually doing anything yet). But.... the last 25% or so was really good. There were a lot of reveals, a few questions for the future, and the possibility of war. But, I’d love to see Alex being an artist as well, and not just the one to save the world or her corner of it.
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After I read book 1 and started book 2 I asked for a sample copy of book 3 and 4. Unfortunately, book 2 developed into a rather YA book with a heroine full of emotionality which is quite annoying. She does not act like an adult she is.  This continues to book 4. 4 is better than book 3 so there might be a chance for development.

The 4 books covers a timeframe of 3 months where the protaconist experienced a lot - a bit too much for my taste. I would have loved more character development. I think people who like Warrior Nun or Cursed on Netflix will like this series.

The writing is good and I would read something different from the author. She can tell a story but this one is not for me.
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Casting Shadows is the forth book in the Magicsmith series by L.R. Braden. I highly recommend reading this series in order. With Purity growing in political power and bigotry on the rise across the Realms, Alex’s short-term goals are to stay under the PTF's radar and as far from the fae Courts as she can. But her plans go up in smoke when May, the younger sister of her good friend Emma, goes missing. The fae are involved. Alex will do everything she can to find May, but to mount a rescue she'll have to avoid PTF raids, conquer old ghosts, and risk coming face to face with her fae grandfather again. War is coming. Lines are being drawn. No one is safe. To survive, Alex will have to choose a side.

Casting Shadows is a nice addition to the series, and although it took me a bit to remember all the details of the past books I was engaged again quickly. The book is just as much about Alex figuring herself out and character growth for her and her closest circle of friends as it is the dangers of rescuing missing kids. Danger seems to be coming from all sides, and Alex's band of friends is just as fractured as the rest of the world. The pressure is on, and one wrong choice could have dire consequences. I like how much of the focus was not about choosing sides necessarily, but figuring out what was most important and how to do right by those you want to protect. 

Casting Shadows is a good continuation of the story with a nice balance of resolutions and warning of more danger to come. Those that have been reading the series will want to continue with this volume, and if you are like me, beyond as it continues.
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Another great addition to the Magicsmith series. Alex continues to grow into both herself and her abilities as she hunts for a friend's missing sister. Wonderfully written with engaging characters, I can't wait to read the next offering in this highly entertaining series.

*I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by NetGalley*
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Casting shadows is the fourth installment of the Magicsmith series and it does not disappoint! This is fast becoming one of my favorite series! I love that it just keeps getting better and better. Tensions are getting much higher between humans and non-humans, and as much as Alex does to want to be in center of conflict or scrutiny she firmly remains right In the thick of it. The story arc is  very well done and complex and just continues to become more exciting with each installment. The characters are endearing, fascinating and very well developed. I Highly recommend this series!

 I received this book from NetGalley and Bell Bridge Books for an honest review.
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This series manages to get better and better, which it a pretty impressive feat considering how awesome it started. Knowing how impossible it is to leave this world once I sink in, I made sure to start this on a day I had nothing else to do, and as I expected, I read it all in one day, barely looking up to eat.

In this part Alex doesn't get to relax for a second, as you might expect. Emma's sister is kidnapped and this starts off a mission to find her that gets deeper than anyone could have imagined. So much more is found along the way. I love how rich and complex the plot, the world, and the characters are.

I mean seriously that plot, the subplots, yowza, that's just awesome writing. It has so many elements all wound together neatly, in ways that still manage to surprise me as things are revealed. So much was revealed in this book as well as new questions to be addressed in future parts.

The world, it's so creative. I love the varieties in the types of characters and the realms. It's written with such skill that the details don't bog down, yet it's easy to imagine a fantasy world filled with creatures, and settings unique to this series. It's totally absorbing.

Plot and world being as wonderful a they are, to me the real gem is in the characters. Even the secondary, and seemly background characters are well drawn and as things unfold their motives and richness add layers that make them all so real. Some lovable, some easy to despise, but most falling in a gray area that adds to the realism. James continues to grow on me, I think I sort of love him. Of course being into the darker characters as I am, I'm still fascinated by Bael. And I'm hopeful we will see more of Kai. I guess, I'm fickle. ;) 

Highly recommended. This is easily one of the best paranormal fantasy series I've read. I can't wait for the next part.
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I could have done without this book. It added no growth to the characters, no extra plot, and the story line was rehashed.
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CASTING SHADOWS by L.R. Braden is the fourth book in The Magicsmith supernatural suspense / urban fantasy series. The female protagonist, Alex Blackwood is a half fae metalsmith creating works of art in Colorado after a fragile peace between the Fae and humans. With the human Purity movement growing in power, including the new governor of Colorado, the Paranatural Task Force (PTF) has more power and bigotry is rampant. Detention camps have a constant influx of paranaturals. When a friend’s younger sister goes missing, Alex does everything she can to rescue her. Who is involved? How will she find her? Can Alex stay under the PTF’s radar? Is another war coming?

Alex is a likeable main character who is loyal to her friends and is definitely someone you want to succeed. Her goals were clear and her motivations were believable. She showed more growth in this novel from both a personal standpoint and her magical abilities. The main secondary characters are getting more developed as well. They enhanced the story and added to the story rather than detracting from it. The prose was well-written, engaging, and entertaining. The plot was engrossing, fascinating and action-filled. The world-building was great. 

Overall, the book was suspenseful, entertaining and fast-paced. I am looking forward to reading more books in this thrilling series. If you enjoy supernatural suspense, then this book is one you may enjoy as much as I did. This series is best if it is read in order.

Many thanks to Belle Books, Inc. and L.R. Braden for a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.
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I have enjoyed this series abundantly! Alex is a unusual half fae who is resistant to iron. In fact, she works with metal and this sets her apart from a lot of fae. Alex is running from Earth authorities in a quest to help out a friend. Alex has a heart of gold and can’t stop herself from getting involved and following what she feels is right. In her adventure, she enlists her friends and others to help her. Alex now must sneak into the Fae realm... but little does she know she is in way over her head...

I would rate this book a four out of five. It had a great plot line, and I see Alex has many obstacles to overcome in the future (which is more incentive for me to follow her journey). This is a great paranormal series, however, this is not a steamy paranormal romance. So if you’re looking for a degree of steaminess you’ll find more of a quest like novel instead. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received this arc from Netgalley.
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This is the fourth book in the excellent Magicsmith series and I really think that reading the previous books is a must to fully understand Alex's world .

Since her return from her trip to see her Fae Grandfather Bael , Alex realises that her position in the mortal world has become more precarious . The new Governor of Colorado hates paranormals and is using the PTF - Paranormal Task Force - to put all he suspects into detention camps . This places all who Alex holds dear in danger - a danger she holds herself resposible for , the video of her confession as a 'halfer' has come to light .
Meanwhile her friend Emma's talented 12 year old sister has gone missing , she is not the first talented youngster to go missing , in fact other races also have young ones missing . 
Alex's race to find the missing children whilst trying to evade the PTF makes for an enjoyable read .
My only difficulty with the book was how convoluted it became in the middle - how she went from one realm to the other so often felt a little unnecessary - but this is just my opinion .
The book finishes with Alex homeless , in danger in both the Fae realm and on Earth - her allies in hiding- where wiil the next book take us ?
With these thoughts in mind I feel I cannot give my usual 5 stars to the series 

I was given an arc of the book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Casting Shadows, by L.R. Braden, is the fourth installment in the authors The Magicsmith series. Alex Blackwood has her hands full in this installment. As this is the fourth book in the series, it's become increasing hard to keep spoilers out of my review. But, I shall try anyway. As the story opens, Alex is worried. The new governor of Colorado is a racist who hates paranormals. He's using the Paranormal Task Force (PTF) to round up those suspected of being paranormal and sending them off to detention camps. This means that everyone that Alex knows is in trouble. 

From James, her vampire boyfriend, to Chase and Jynx her shifter roommates, to Emma who is a practitioner, to Sophie who belongs to the werewolf pack she's had ups and downs with from the beginning of this series. On top of this comes news that Emma's sister May has gone missing and she's not the only one. It appears that the children who have gone missing are all talented. If you've read this series to this point, you know that Alex has been told that she's going to have to make a choice on which side she stands. In fact, she's been told to have an exit strategy ready to go in a minute's notice. Well, that time is now.

Since she's a halfie who can tolerate iron and tests as human, she can swing either way. Alex knows that her grandfather, Lord Bael of the Land of Enchantment, may be the one itching for another war between fae and humans since humans are openly breaking the treaty under the new governor of Colorado. If the children are the opening salvo to a new war, Alex must use all of her resources in order to save them from being used as pawns. This story really puts pressure on Alex from all angles. The PTF especially has a hard on for Alex and desperately want her to explain something that she revealed in the previous installment.

Alex is pretty much a fugitive who can't return to her own home with everything going on. She's been betrayed by her alleged friend David and Uncle Sol who meant well. But, her relationship with James is going strong and things seem to be heating up rather nicely. He doesn't try to control or push Alex into seeing things from his perspective. He allows her to make mistakes and fix what she doesn't succeed at. For the first time, she visits the realm of the Shifters and meets Lord Anika. Her relationship with her grandfather Lord Bael gets a second look when Alex, Emma, Chase, and Haru travel to fae to help the children escape. Alex also has to face a new villain as well as learning to control her ever expanding magic which comes with so many questions about her heritage. 

There's two things about the ending that worry me. First, it is obvious that Alex is homeless. She can't go home. She can't go to the vampire den. She can't ask the fae on Earth for help. She really can't even stay in Fae for fear of being used to further a much larger agenda. So, what's a girl to do? I guess we shall find out in the next installment!
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Through NetGalley, I received a free copy of CASTING SHADOWS (Book 4 of the MagicSmith Series) by L.R. Braden in exchange for an honest review.  The Purity candidate has been elected and discrimination against fae and magic users has become the accepted norm.  Alex and her group are still trying to lie low and avoid conflict, but crimes against the magical are escalating, and no one is seeking justice for those harmed.  When Alex learns that May, the young sister of Alex’s friend Emma, didn’t come home from school, Alex has a seeing that a fae took May.  Alex can’t let the world know that the fae are kidnapping children because it would flip hostilities into war, so Alex must brave the realms of faery, defy her grandfather, overcome her ignorance of her magical abilities, and defeat new and old foes to accomplish her quest.

I enjoy this series and liked this book.  It seemed to go by too quickly and left me wanting more.  I recommend this book to fans of the series.  I recommend the series to fans of urban fantasy featuring vampires, werewolves, fae, witches, wizards, and interdimensional travel.

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