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The Witches of Vegas

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this was a lot of fun to read, the characters were great and I really enjoyed go on this journey. I look forward to more from the author.
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Excellent read! Definitely a gem that I would recommend to others.  Will be watching for more books by this author.
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When Isis is threatened with death by her foster parents and their neighbors because they fear the powers she exhibits she is rescued by a coven of witches. They sensed how powerful she is with the craft.  The only shock is how young she is. One of the coven is an ancient vampire who tells of the danger they will face in order to save the world.

They come up with a plan to allow them to instruct Isis in witchcraft and increase her control. They will preform their magic act in Las Vegas.  A town that loves magic. The show causes all but one of the other magic acts to leave Vegas. Zack and his Uncle Herb get involved when they are manipulated by an ancient evil into using Isis to spy on the coven.

This is a YA novel. i enjoyed it as i believe any young reader would who likes paranormal themes.
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Light YA Urban Fantasy with a zany cast. It was fun and the premise was interesting but it didn’t really wow me. Another reader will undoubtedly love it.
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The Witches of Vegas is a must read for anyone who loves witches and all things supernatural. It's got an original plot and is a really exciting read,
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Many thanks to NetGalley, BookBuzz and The Wild Rose Press, Inc. for providing me with an e-book in exchange for my honest review. The Witches of Vegas is a YA urban fantasy book, but I think it would be better classified as Adult horror. There are some torture scenes which are especially gory and not exactly my preference in fiction. I understand that those scenes were written out to show how bad the villain really is, but I do think that because of the amount of gore and torture present the book would benefit from a change in genre just so readers aren’t misled in thinking this is a fun YA fantasy when it’s actually very dark. 

I also think it should be reclassified as an adult book because even though the main character and her love interest are teenagers, there are also many chapters told from the point of view of an adult vampire. These are actually the chapters that overall resonate with the tone and ambience of the book—more so than the chapters told from the point of view of the teenagers. Also, while the premise of this book caught my attention right away, I struggled to connect with the main characters. Isis, a 15-year old witch, is supposed to be very powerful but she ends up being a damsel in distress throughout basically the entire book and ends up being rescued by several different male figures. 

I like characters to have agency, especially female characters, but despite this, I am not against seeing the damsel in distress trope in fiction every once in a while, especially if it serves some bigger purpose in the story. But in this particular case, if Isis is basically going to end up being a damsel in distress, then I really could have done without all of the references of her being a super powerful witch, because that’s not what I actually saw on the page. What I saw was a girl struggling to control her growing witch powers, which is fine and realistic, but I didn’t see a super powerful witch, so less references to her being a powerful witch would have made her character more understandable and even relatable. 

I did struggle to understand Isis and connect with her or see her as anything beyond an innocent, sort of afraid young girl. Zack, her love interest, I understood better and he did seem more realistic and three-dimensional to me than Isis did. I had some issues with the magic system too in the sense that it seemed to me like it contradicted itself. One example of this is when a spell is cast over a burial site that is supposed to last forever to protect said burial site, but then in a later scene one of the characters says that the spell only works if one of the witches is nearby, which contradicts what was stated earlier about the spell (that it lasts forever). Overall, I think that more character development, streamlined magic system, and less gore would have served this story better.
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I'm really enjoying this book so far. I didn't think I would initially, but the author is really into his stride now and I don't know where the last several hours of my life have disappeared to!

You can tell it's a good read when there's only one paragraph and I've only got 84 pages left to read!  This is a truly amazing book that's a must-read for every teen!

Wowzers!  What an awesome end to the story and an incredible way to spend today!  Thank you for sharing your awesome story with me, Mark Rosendorf!  I wish you amazingly well deserved praise and recognition for this book!
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Many thanks to NetGalley and The Wild Rose Press, Inc. for providing to me an ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf

A coven of witches, masquerading as magicians, team up with a local boy and his uncle to fight against a deranged witch, who also happens to be a vampire. 

Usually I do not have much difficulty reviewing a book, but this one honestly has me a bit torn. After staring at that first sentence for about five minutes, I gave up and went and made myself a cup of tea. Properly fortified, I'll try again at this review. 

I think the main issue I'm having, is that I didn't actually like this book too much. I felt as though the author was trying to cram too much into a small space; Super powerful witch who is also a lethal vampire. Now that I read that sentence, I think that is the main complaint that has been nagging at me as I read this book. I feel like the vampire elements were unneeded, that they didn't offer anything to the story. In fact, I feel like they took away a bit from the witches and magicians. Also, having only 272 pages, it is a short novel with a lot of (IMO unrealistic) bonding and group dynamic changes taking place very quickly. 

Having said all that, I still wouldn't go so far as to say that it isn't a good read. If you are looking for a short fantasy novel to fill up an afternoon of easy reading, this will definitely fit the bill.
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Isis and her family of witches keep their witchy magic fresh by practicing out in the open in the one place in the world that one would expect to see amazing magic shows- Vegas! This book was an unexpected delight. Of course witches can show off their magic in Vegas; where else would be better? 
	Isis is a teenage witch that comes from an abusive background. She is adopted by witches who are able to accept, love, and help train her to be the witch she was meant to be. With teens, one can expect love interests. The conflicts and antagonists are not just one dimensional. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

#magic #witches #Vegas #WitchesOfVegas #YA
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The Witches of Vegas is a short and action packed fantasy. Isis is saved from her terrible foster family by a coven of witches and vampires who use their magic and abilities to perform for the public. 

There are a ton of twists, turns and adventure on every page of this book. Isis and the coven form amazing bonds that show us the power and beauty of a found family. 

This is a great book for all ages but especially for younger YA just getting into fantasy. I will be eagerly anticipating the sequel to this story!
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I guess this was a pretty enjoyable read, It did have an interesting premise and yes it held my attention.

I did feel like some parts seemed a little much in my opinion though. There was also some parts that needed fleshed out a bit more. However even with the flaws it was a nice read and I liked it enough.
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The Witches of Vegas is about a troupe of magician-performers who are actually witches. The concept had potential, but imo, it falls flat. The plot was too simple to be a complete story, so the whole book felt very rushed. The tone at certain points sounded like a Wattpad story rather than an actual book. The book felt very incomplete, since there are really only about 3 major events in the entire book. The world building could have used some more thought as well.
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It was a great book about witches. Isis a future goddess and her friends face off against vampires in this book.
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Thanks to the publisher for providing an eARC of The Witches of Vegas in exchange for an honest review.

If you're a reluctant teen/pre-teen reader or know of one trying to get into books, this is the perfect place to start. The Witches of Vegas is a short urban fantasy novel set in (shocker) Vegas. Centering around a 15 year old witch named Isis after she's saved from her awful foster home by a coven of witches and vampires that use the guise of 'performance art' to use their powers to delight the public and a human magician named Zack who's tasked with investigating her, The Witches of Vegas is a unique, fun, zany read with an easy to follow plot, fairly simple language, and a shorter length that make it accessible to a wide audience.

This was such a fun story! My only issue was that a few of the relationships felt like they got a bit too serious a bit too quickly (in book time, obviously with a shorter story characters are going to get together within smaller page counts) but my main issue was actually dissolved when we learned an additional piece of information so all in all, this was a really good read!
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