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Absolutely loved it! I love how Kerri is still delving into the darker tones of writing and brought it up a notch for this books. Highly recommend and I can't wait to keep reading more.
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I really did enjoy this book, despite the three stars rating. The story was fresh and inventive. The main reason for the lower rating is the main character. Emilia seriously got on my nerves. She felt very one-dimensional. A little more focus on fleshing out her character would have gone a long way. I will continue the series because the story sucked me in. I'm hoping book two will see our female protagonist mature.
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I don't know why it took me so long to pick up this book! It was so good. It was a definitely the build up to the next in the series, but it was such a good build up. I loved reading about the beginning of the relationship between Wrath and Emilia. I definitely binge read the rest of the series.
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Kerri Maniscalco has been a favorite of mine since Jack the Ripper. Five books later and I’m
Still a fan!
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This book was so good! I mean it was probably one of the best books I have read ever. It was spicy, romantic and Spice. Did I say spice? I loved the second book and even bought the third to finish the series
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3.5 rounded up

<i>". . . waves crashed against the shore; the frantic whispers of water growing louder as if the sea was a mage summoning violence."</i>

This book started out strong and atmospheric but lost it somewhere along the way. Intrigue was starting to turn to boredom but thankfully it ended on a higher note. There is a lot of hype around this book and my expectations were really high going into this. I was secretly hoping Wrath would be my new Rhysand (I know, big shoes to fill). While I did enjoy his character more than Emilia, it wasn't enough to carry the book from good to great. I have a feeling this is a series that will get better with each book and am looking forward to a lot more Wickedness in book 2. 

<i>"One day you'll call me Death. For now, Wrath will do."</i>
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I enjoyed this book. I will say that it definitely made me hungry during the first few chapters. I did notice, in my opinion, it almost had an underlying theme of going through each sin and trying to make you feel it. I thought that was a really interesting aspect throughout. I'm eager to read the sequel.
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I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book had an amazing plot, but I felt the characters were a bit hard to connect to. 

Thank you kindly to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for this review copy.
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Kingdom of the Wicked was a super hyped book and I was really excited when I got approved for an ARC! I read it and I did enjoy it but I don't think it lived up to all of the hype that I saw for it. I will definitely be continuing on with any future books in the series though because it did keep me entertained while reading!
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this book was not at all what i explained going in or thought it would be after the first few chapters.

i really enjoyed the characters! emilia and wrath were too sarcastic and snarky for me not to love them and how their dynamic worked. 

i liked how food and family played a bigger role in this.

i did have some issues with the overall setting of this book. 
what time/year was this book set in? the clothes and coins people paid with certainly shows that it’s not modern but i can’t remember if it ever said when exactly the book was set.
was it real life with a fantastic spin or completely fantasy with an italian setting as a guide? i have no idea!
did that bother me?
yes, but after a while i just ignored that as best as i could. 
i do wish i could either remember if it was mentioned or that it was mentioned.

but i enjoyed the princes and their powers, i enjoyed how emilia and her magic worked.

i just was throughly entertained by and with this book and while in some aspect this book could have given mir information overall it was just very fun.

there were moments where the story felt a bit too easy, we’re explanation where thrown in in ways that just made it all be a bit too simple for it too take that long to get there and the entire “who’s the murderer? and why?” bit was over simplified. 

is it the best fantasy? no of course not. 
is it very fun and gives a reader a very entertaining time while reading? absolutely!

so pending on what you are looking for this book will either work for you or be not what you want.

i wanted something easy and nice to get lost in. 
i for that and some very snarky characters o. top of that. 

i have no idea where this series is going as of right now and while the ending was easily predictable, i still want to know where the next book takes the story and what will happen now. 

all in all this was fun. 

and sometimes that’s what i want and need.
this delivered and i can’t wait to continue on.
which to me shows it’s a pretty great book.
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I started reading it many times, but didn't find it interesting and couldn't connect with the characters. I think it was a matter of style, but I quickly lost interest in it after some chapters. I think the ideas are interesting, but I guess I'm not the right kind of reader for this book.
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This was a very fun, entertaining read. The landscape of Italy was present throughout the entire novel, which was great for worldbuilding, and the romance was engaging. The main character was impulsive and I was always on the edge of my seat wondering what she would do next. All in all, a fun read!
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This copy was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and the publisher for review. All opinions are my own. 

I really did enjoy this and I freaking LOVED the Seven Deadly Sins aspect, though at time I was confused on who the Devil was (was he a separate entity while also being a sin? How did that sin become called the Devil?). It did feel at times very drawn out and slow in pacing, a lot of this book feels like a set up for book 2, and the ending felt too quick after how slowly we got there. Like boom and she's resolved part of it (which I saw coming) but still left huge unanswered questions. But the Magic system and the Italian aspects were really fun, and Kerri has an easy writing style to flow through. I loved the descriptions, the banter and tone of the story. I am excited to keep reading and see where Emilia and Wrath's stories go.
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I was a little disappointed in this book. It felt rushed and the ending was a real head scratcher. 

I love the concept and it started out sooo good. I don't know what happened to the second half of the book. 

Kingdom of the Wicked is set in 19th century Palermo where Emilia, who happens to be a witch lives with her family and they run a restaurant. Himans have no clue about what they are and they spend their time keeping their secret until Emilia discovers the horribly mutilated body of her twin sister, Vittoria. Emilia only finds vengeance in her heart and ends up allying herself with Wrath, one of the Princes of Hell, despite her grandmother’s warnings and discovers that there might be more to her twin’s death than she initially thought... :

Like I said I loved the concept but it was poorly executed. I don't know why it felt so rushed. 

3 stars
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I know lots of people liked this book but I found it really difficult to get into I think I read four maybe five chapters and stopped, I will go back to it but I need a day to sit and solidly read where I can concentrate just on the book. I thank Kerri Maniscalco for writing it and Netgalley for allowing me to review it. 4 out of five stars
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5/5 stars

I loved this young adult fantasy with witchy sisters and a smidge of dark romance so much! I immediately cared about and loved the twin sisters, Emilia and Vittoria, one that longed to be a green witch and one that longed for greatness. I really enjoyed the bits of mystery as Emilia tries to piece together what happened to her sister and several other women with the reluctant help of Wrath. There's so many secrets and mysteries that you're finding out with Emilia along the way and I really loved that this fantasy had so many mysteries. Emilia was such a strong heroine from the start in her determination to find out the truth about her sister and the Wicked. I really loved all her interactions with Wrath too. Wrath was such a mysterious, grumpy character with a sweet tooth that you never really felt that you could trust. This was a slow burn, lighter romance with really good enemies to lovers chemistry and feels. The chemistry was so good between Wrath and Emilia and I hope to see it more of it in the next story. Overall, I loved the start to this new young adult dark fantasy and can't wait to read the sequel!
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When I first started this book, I wasn’t very optimistic about it. I couldn’t relate quick enough to the writing and the setting. But soon, that changed. The fantasy elements of the world - so well written and explored -  and the round characters pulled me in. Soon, I was obsessed with this. 

Kingdom of the Wicked does the job it set out to do. There’s that hint of murder mystery shrouded in the blanket of prophecy and age-old magic. Emilia and Wrath honestly sealed the deal for me. Not once did I think, “No, this doesn’t seem realistic” or anything along those lines when it came to them. 

The only thing I had a problem with was Emilia’s constant need to go out there and do something. She does not heed the warnings of things being too dangerous for her. However, I read the published version and the few tweaks made there made Emilia much more relatable. I could see where she was coming from. But this version made it difficult to relate her knowledge of the world to her actions. 

Overall, I loved this book! I’ve read the second one too and can’t wait for the third.
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One of the best books of 2020. The chemistry between Emilia and Wrath was immaculate. I couldn't put the book down trying to figure out who was murdering the young women. I'm excited for the second book in the series.
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I ended up really enjoying this book. The quick action packed chapters reminded me of Holly Black's storytelling and it kept the stakes high throughout the story. I am interested in seeing how the new setting in the second book will affect the overall story and world development. I want more of the princes and their lands.

 I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I love waiting to read a book and then immediately being able to go out and buy the next one which is exactly what I did with this book (although I'm sure I'll be crushed by the wait for book 3). Kingdom of the Wicked had everything I want from a book - sisters, an Angry and Broken mc, If Bad Why Hot characters, and deals with the devil. This is exactly the kind of book I've been wanting to read and I can't wait to read more.
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