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My first time listening to a Louise Penny audio book, kudos to the narrator for doing such an amazing job with all the different voices.
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his wife Reine-Marie arrive in Paris to visit their children, Annie and Daniel.
Son in law Jean-Guy Beauvoir has taken a job in a private engineering corporation, and his second child, a daughter with Annie, is due any time.
They gather in a bistro for a family dinner, along with Stephen Horowitz, Armand's 93 year old billionaire godfather.
Walking home after eating, Stephen is hit by a van, that speeds off afterwards. It looks like a deliberate attempt to kill him.
Stephen is rushed to the hospital where he lies in a coma, gravely injured.
The police don't believe it was intentional, so Armand and Jean-Guy begin to investigate. A ghastly finding at Stephen's apartment makes them realize that they are all in extreme danger. 
A change in location for the series worried me at first, but it lent the story a fresh view and all of our regulars were present. I did miss the other characters and I look forward to going back to Three Pines soon.
The story was fast paced and full of tension and I was uncertain who to trust.
A riveting and thrilling entry into one of the best series written.
My only complaint about the audio version is that I was unable to read the author acknowledgements which I've grown to love.
Thank you Macmillan Audio for the audio ARC via NetGalley.
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The narrator had a very soothing voice for this but I just couldn't get into the storyline. It was very slow and didn't capture my attention so unfortunately I couldn't finish it.
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This was my first Louise Penny book and it was a great place to start. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is because I anticipated the lack of backstory to affect my appreciation and understanding of the story, but it reads easily as a semi-standalone. The story was excellent and I enjoyed the audiobook. I found the French accent to change my listening to a slower speed in order to fully understand the narration. It was still good despite this. 
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This is the first book I've read from Louise Penny, but came highly recommended. As I began listening to this audiobook, I was swept up into the Gamache's world. I enjoyed meeting new characters who were written with depth and a plot that was thrilling.

The narrator was a bit difficult to understand when turned up to a faster speed that I am accustomed to listen to audiobooks at, but I still enjoyed his voice. He was able to tell the story in a way that kept me on the edge of my seat.
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Great fun, great story, and must read for fans of this series. this is the first author was a very good read..  even if this your first book its easy to follow and a very good read. the characters are very believe able
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Since both of his children and their families are living in Paris, Armand and Reine-Marie decide to spend a few days there while they wait for the arrival of their granddaughter. After having dinner with Armand's godfather, Stephen Horowitz, all hell breaks loose when Stephen is ran over by a car and they discover there is a huge machination behind his attack. For the first time, every member in Gamache´s family is in grave danger, and nobody can be trusted.

 I've always been a fan of this series, so there's always that fear of finally getting to the point where the books are somehow lacking. Fortunately, this has absolutely not been the case. Every book gets better and better. This one was filled with intrigue, betrayals, riddles and of course, with lots and lots of love. The one thing I disliked was the reason behind why Daniel and Armand are estranged. Without spoiling anything, The reason was so dumb, I could not believe Armand could have such a stupid son. I hated Daniel and I hated how servile Armand behaved just to please his annoying kid.

Other than that, I really liked the book and I loved how Ruth is somehow everywhere the Gamaches are, even in spirit. Sure, a few things were a bit far-fetched, but who cares, these books are so expertly written that you believe everything the author wants you to believe, without question. Louise Penny is truly one of my favorite authors and she goes higher on the list with every new book.

Also, Robert Bathurst is the best narrator! In my mind, Armand has always had his voice. He conveys so many emotions with a single spoken line, it's incredible. He added so much to my enjoyment of the book.

I absolutely recommend this series, and this book in particular! Gamache is a character the whole world should know. How amazing it would be if we could all be a little bit more like him.

Daniel Gamache almost made me rate this 4 stars, but I will not let that brat affect my overall enjoyment of the book so 5 stars!
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This book was super good. It was super original and I flew through it. It didn't feel like anything I've read in the past. Can't wait to read more from the author!!
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Something a bit different for this series: the beloved characters from the quaint village of Three Pines are nowhere to be found until the very last pages. The mystery is far-fetched but the fully fleshed-out characters make this a rare treat. The Paris setting is also a plus. Very entertaining. I hope this series goes on forever. Most public libraries will want this title in all formats. Highly recommended.
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Another winner from Louise Penny!  
Listened to audiobook; wish there'd been a female voice for those characters.
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This is number 16 in the Inspector Gamache  series that began in 2008 with Still Life. Is it too late to join the crowd of admirers of this cozy-with-a-bite series? Maybe not. But it would be a shame to miss the earlier volumes with their introduction to a French Canadian milieu and cast of recurring characters. As time has passed, the world has changed and Gamache has changed with it.  Somewhat akin to the Elizabeth George Lynley series, the enjoyment builds book by book. A must read for fans.
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I really enjoyed this book. I’ve haven’t read much from this author that I didn’t like. The book started a little slow for me, but I ended up loving it. I found the narration to be enjoyable and easy to listen to.
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All the Devils Are Here is a well-written and engrossing entry in the long-running series from Louise Penny. Taking place in Paris, rather than the normal Canadian setting, it starts off at a very languid pace. Settling in with the characters is fine for readers familiar with the series, but the lack of action early in the book makes this a little boring and a difficult place to start for new readers. Once the action starts, there is strong intrigue as Gamache and family pull at the mysterious strings involving Gamache's godfather. 

This had the makings of a very interesting adventure. Unfortunately, it was a DNF for me because the difficulty using the netgalley app for audio, which was the only option available, became impossible. The app simply isn't ready to support audio.
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I love this series, I love this book and I cannot wait for the next installment in the Inspector Gamache series.  I loved learning more about Daniel and his family and hearing about Paris and its landmarks.  I was a little sad that we were not visiting Three Pines and missed the interactions of the regular cast of characters although the author does a good job or working all of the characters into the storyline even though they are not in the same location.  This series just keeps getting better!  Thank you, Louise Penny!
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I listened to this on audible and really enjoyed it. I normally listen to books at a faster pace which was not necessary with this narrator. He was fantastic. I loved his cadence and his accents as well as the different voices for the many characters. Top notch performance.
The only minor issue is that this is a complicated mystery with a lot of characters and a story that builds and builds so I had to really pay attention. I had not read the previous books which might have helped with my understanding all of the different dynamics, characters and relationships even if its not 100% necessary to this story. The last 2 1/2 hours of the audible were so exciting. I was putting all the pieces together as it was unfolding and it was quite honestly fun to experience. I recommend it and I recommend that you pay attention right from the start if you have any hope of not getting lost in the middle.
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What a wonderful story. Once again Chief Inspector Armand Gamache demonstrates he is a gentleman, loving spouse, father and friend but still is a v-e-r-y competent law enforcement official. I really enjoy Louise's  Chief Inspector Armand Gamache books. Bravo!
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The narration was great on this audiobook.  I am a huge fan of this series and highly recommend reading them all in order. This new one had a suspenseful mystery and the beloved Gamache family worked together to solve it. The setting was in Paris instead of the usual Three Pines village. I loved this book and hope this isn't the end of this wonderful series.
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Although this book is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone. Inspector Gamache and his family are memorable characters. There is plenty of intrigue for mystery readers.
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Thank you to the author and NetGalley for providing me with ARAudiobook. It was the first I’ve listened to on the NetGalley app. 

Louise Penny’s books are constructed like an onion. Each layer you peel off takes your mind in a different direction. There’s always something to discover. This book is set in Paris, rather than the usual Three Pines and Montreal of the other books in this series..Both Gamache and Jean Guy have new jobs.. Annie, Gamache’s daughter (and Jean Guy’s wife) have relocated to Paris for a job offer at an Engineering firm. They are expecting their second child. Gamache’s son, Daniel, has been estranged from Gamache, but is drawn back into the family. There’s a lot of action and intrigue and even a short cameo of some of our Three Pines characters. I have one criticism of the reader, however. He has a different voice for each character, but the one for Daniel is quite strange. I’m not sure if he was trying to do an American accent, but he didn’t hit it. Other than that, it was a great listen
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“All the Devils Are Here” is my first novel by Louise Penny, the best-selling mystery author. And it’s her 16th novel about the infamous protagonist, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.

(Yes, I’m late to a *very* popular reading party!)

In “All the Devils Are Here,” Penny takes us to the City of Light. As the Gamache family gathers for dinner on their first night in Paris, we witness a deliberate hit-and-run murder attempt. The target: Armand’s godfather, the billionaire Stephen Horowitz. 

As the novel unfolds, we go onto a journey to discover why Stephen was the subject of attack. And the unfolding involves Armand and his son, Daniel, as well as the Inspector’s colleagues. Who’s in on the hit, and who’s not? Gamache has a lot on his plate, especially since family is involved. We also discover the secret that Stephen has long been keeping in the years, and days, leading up to the attack. Was he on the right side of good or evil?

The audio version of “All the Devils Are Here” is a great adventure. But don’t be too quick to multitask while listening. Or, like me, you might be scratching your head, wondering who all the characters are. (There are many). A few times, I skipped back to get everyone correct. (Remember, this is my first time meeting Inspector Gamache and his posse).

I appreciated listening to the narration so I could hear the correct pronunciations of the French names and locales. A lot of those fun details can get lost in translation when reading a novel.

It appears that the narrator, Robert Bathurst, has a good gig with Penny and Macmillan Audio (via Minotaur Books). This is not his first rodeo with the series as he was named the “new voice of Gamache” in 2016 after the death of the actor/narrator, Ralph Cosham. A British actor, Bathurst is best known in North America for his role in Downton Abbey. (I knew I recognized his voice, I just didn’t know from where!)

All in all, I found “All the Devils Are Here” a great crime mystery. And many of the plot twists caught me by surprise. Penny is an excellent researcher and weaves in the perfect amount of detail and intrigue. The chapters are short and digestible … just the right length to keep things moving along. I never once wanted to skip forward to get to the end.

A big thanks to Macmillan Audio, Penny and NetGalley for the advanced listen in exchange for my honest review. Now I need to go back and listen to all 15 other Gamache stories. Shall I start with No. 1?
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All the Devils are Here // by Louise Penny // narrated by Robert Bathurst

Even though this is the 16th novel in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny, please don’t let that keep you from reading or listening to this title! Only recently did I read the first book of the series, Still Life, and I have not yet picked up another besides All the Devils are Here but that did not take away from the great experience I had with this book. Penny does a wonderful job introducing all the characters in the first few chapters and you are pulled into the family very quickly. Murder mysteries are not very high on my favorites list so it really took me by surprise how much I enjoyed listening to this and how invested I became in the characters and their story.

In the beginning, I was struggling a little bit with the narrator but he really grew on me also. While I adore his voice for Gamache and many of the French characters, I had a bit of a hard time with some of his female voices, because it made them sound very meek and not very strong emotionally. It kept reminding me of those women that faint over the smallest things, like a few drops of blood, and that is far from what we have here. Penny knows how to write strong women and I would’ve liked their voices to reflect that. I am a big fan of his general narration though. He knows how to put the right emotion into his words, where to pause to build suspense, and overall really added to my enjoyment of the story.

As I said above, the mystery genre is not usually one I seek out. I am much more likely to get lost in a good memoir, non-fiction books that teach me something, or a whole new fantasy world. But Louise Penny is truly a master of her art. A mystery presents and solves a crime, and you follow the main characters as they find clues, examine motives, and identify suspects. It is a pretty simple equation but there is absolutely nothing simple about this novel. There are so many little details in this book that come back to play major parts, so many motives and suspects that constantly circle around each other or replace each other, and you just never know who you can trust! It is riveting and I constantly found myself thinking about this book and trying to solve it myself along the way. I would have never expected to be so engrossed in it when I started it.

Often times, while I enjoy the books I read, I wonder what they would be like if they were set in or current time with all the new technology. I’m used to characters that do not have cell phones or that if they do, it is one of those ancient flip phones that we all so fondly remember. It was really fun to see how Penny included modern technology in her story, whether it was Youtube videos or drones. It made everything feel even more realistic.

Although sadly my memory is not the best and I often struggle to remember details, I thoroughly enjoy learning about history, whether that is through the details that historical fiction novels are based on or non-fiction books about a specific subject. Louise Penny chose Paris as the setting of All the Devils are Here and many of us know that this city has a dark history related to the Nazi Party of Germany during World War II. While I did not get a chance to research every little detail in this book that references this history, I did get a chance to read up on the history of the Lutetia, a hotel that is heavily featured in this novel. I was delighted to see that what I listened to was actually true because it is a part of history that I did not know much about yet (though obviously horrified that it actually happened in the first place). I am impressed how well Penny incorporated these facts in her novel and how it made her characters feel even more realistic. I also liked how she wrapped this part up in the end. While I’m not generally a big fan of wrapping things up perfectly with a bow at the end, it gave a well-rounded out feel to the book this time.

Speaking of her characters though, I love how she portrays all the members of Gamache’s family. This novel really focuses on them and you get to learn a lot about their personal lives and relationships between each other. Penny wrote these characters with so much compassion despite many of them having both positive traits as well as major flaws. This story is all about temptations toward the dark side, negative feelings and trauma growing up, and Chief Inspector Gamache himself (whaaat) contemplating torturing someone in his anger. The way she gives each family member such distinct personalities and describes their feelings about and emotions directed towards each other makes it almost hard to believe that they really are fictional. Daniel, Gamache’s son, is a prime example of that. Her writing really makes you swing back and forth between liking and disliking him, and his character arc is one of my favorites in a long time.

There are obviously a lot of things that I enjoyed about this novel and I cannot think of a good way to finish up this review smoothly so I’m just going to say that the fact that this is an instant five stars for me says enough about how much I love this book and consequently the author now. I cannot wait to recommend this to my friends and followers!

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. This was truly a great experience! And to think I only picked it up because I wanted to make myself a more well-rounded reader. She has converted me into a true fan and I’ll be sure to pick up her other books from now on!
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