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Learning to read can be a tedious task either for the first time or to learn a language other than our mother tongue. But it can also be tedious for the person who assists in learning, be it the teacher or the tutor. Hence the importance of having the right materials and tools.

The B on Your Thumb is an interactive book that takes the learning process to another dimension. The drawings are very eye-catching and fun, with a brief but precise text. It is written in the form of rhymes that are very musical in some cases, in others they hide riddles and we can even find short stories in others.

The B on Your Thumb is structured in sections according to the theme and complexity. Thus, we can find:
   -Silent letters and Secrets
   -Words that Sound the Same

In all cases the sounds to learn are interspersed and very well explained in each text. Moreover, as it is so visual it is very easy to learn without getting bored.

In addition, at the end of the book it proposes a series of activities with which to review what has been studied in each section and put it into practice. Having fun while studying is possible with books as The B on Your Thumb!
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Do you have a young reader that loves to read but does'nt know how yet? The rules of reading can be somewhat tedious but with this fantastic resource, your toddler will pick up the rules fast, have fun doing it, and be reading with confidence.

This is a clever book to be sure. This example might tickle your fancy
Silly AIr

A and I are silly pAIr.
See them floating in the AIr
Next they're hiding in your chAIr,
then you find them in your hAIr.

Some helpful activities to get your kiddo in the game of reading. Highly recommend.

A special thank you to Quarto Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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I work with kindergarten students that have a hard time grasping the sounds certain letters make and this book will be a great resource when working with them on learning to read.  The author's introduction was helpful, as she explained how to best use this book to help young readers.
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Poems and Illustrations Help Teach about English Idiosyncrasies

As someone who grew up with a deep love of reading and is now a freelance editor and writer, I loved the idea of this book. I actually can remember learning to read back when I was in first grade and the difficulties I had with the idiosyncrasies of written English. While I don't quite consider the execution of this book to be perfect, I think beginning readers who struggle with things like silent letters and how certain letters sound together will find this book helpful. Both the beginning and the end of the book have extra instructions on how to use this book. I loved the illustrations, especially the letters with some facial features and even personalities. Occasionally, in these illustrations, there will be something amusing even for the adult to enjoy. And, yes, an adult should read this to a child, as this is for very early readers. The author who wrote this is British, so you will definitely see a few references to things that American children will not understand or know. For instance, the page about “O-I” references something that I doubt many US children will have ever heard of. All in all, I thought this was a good book to help early readers learn and try to remember some idiosyncrasies of written English, and it does so in a humorous, fun way that kids like.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books through NetGalley.
A collection of poems to help young readers understand word structures. Each one shares something helpful for reading - spelling, sounds, rules, etc. The poems are simple and easy to read aloud. Cartoon illustrations make the poems even more fun for young readers.
The adult portion at the end of the book offers various ways to reinforce the lessons in the poems.
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I really liked this book. My initial reaction was to be put off by the use of letter names instead of sounds in the rhymes but actually, spending so much of my time in upper KS2 with children who struggle with reading/spelling because phonics doesn't make sense for them,  it will be nice to have this to hand as an alternative to try. It works in a similar way to the Times Fables book, by presenting the rhymes for enjoyment and then looking at what they mean once the child is confident and enjoying it.
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The B on Your Thumb is a clever and engaging approach to learning how sounds and words work. This book is ideal for young readers and would be a novel and creative way to go about this kind of instruction (while also providing an enjoyable reading experience). Thoughtful and well done!
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A really good book to teach reading skills to early readers, teaching the tricks and patterns of common words and letter alignments. I really appreciated the tools provided for parents and educators to help read the book in a fun way.
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I requested and received an e-ARC of this book from Colette Hiller and Frances Lincoln Children’s Books through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

I loved this book!!!  My favorite book as a child was Jelly Belly by Dennis Lee because of the fun poems but the B on your Thumb would have been my favorite book if it had existed.  The poems have an easy to learn rhythm, they teach you important spelling lessons, and they are entertaining.  I love the ‘How to use this book’ instructions at the beginning of the book and the ‘Getting the most out of the rhyme’ instructions at the end of the book. 

I will be buying this book for my nieces and nephews, it is fantastic!
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A fantastic book for early readers! This book includes number of fun poems accompanied by cute illustrations to introduce different sounds and spelling to kids. Parents can pick and choose different poems to read to help their child understand letter group sounds and homonyms. 

Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for providing this ARC.
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I really like this book when it starts with basic instructions as to how to use the book and how to read the book alongwith kids. 

And yes, it addresses to the kids who are being read this book to as to how to read along with the adults who are reading this book to them as well. 

This book is basic. Basic in the sense that it talks about various sounds and how to differentiate different sounds giving easy examples on basic everyday items we are all familiar with. 

The word play is amazing!

Totally enjoyable and fun to read out loud I say!

But for the adult me who is reading this book to the kids, it is the illustrations that caught my eyes instantly. I just love how the letters are alongside various beings depicting everyday life. 

It is so much fun to read this one. The little stories won't make the reader and the ones who are listening to that basic grammar and words and their pronunciations are being taught. It's just storytelling but yes, in the end we end up learning things in a fun singsong way!

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced reader copy.
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