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I found this one to be a bit on the cheesy side - not hot and sexy for me.  I have no issue with the idea of a relationship with 3 in it.  I do though dislike when a book seems to just be adding content to it, just to add content.  It becomes very frustrating to me.  I honestly, would give this book a 2-1/2 star rating if I could.
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the writing of this book was honestly so bad and it just didn't work for me at all. but, then the story was also such a hot mess which i honestly hated so much
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This is why she's my favourite author. Ariella Talix never fails me. Her stories are always captivating and this one surpassed my expectations. It was filled with heat and a good storyline. What more can I ask for? Absolutely nothing!
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The writing style just didn't work for me. I felt like it didn't flow correctly and made the story disjointed.
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The Rule of 3 by Ariella Talix was a very good read.  Many times when you read this genre it is all sex, sex, sex and more sex.  That was not true with this story.  There is a story and it was tastefully done and a very enjoyable, believable read.  I would recommend this book for those that enjoy a little spice in their reading. I will be looking for more from this author.
Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for an honest opinion.
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3.5 Stars
The Rule of 3 was a quick and interesting read but I guess the lack of believability of the situation meant it wasn't one of the best reads for me of the year. I haven't read a lot of MMF books before and it was handled in a tasteful way where it kind of made sense.
Zoe and Tanner are cute together but I think Tanner and Eli were more meant to be a couple and had they not been in the world of politics maybe their relationship would've worked but they found a way around that in the end. I was expecting a bit more drama but it didn't eventuate. Also the sex scenes dont come into play for a long time into the book so that might not be what some are expecting.
Thanks to and Ringmaster Publishing for my complimentary eARC.
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I received a complimentary copy of The rule of 3 in exchange for an honest review.   Overall, I enjoyed this novel.  I thought Tanner and Zoe really had a good thing going, but I wasn't sure how they were going to reunite.  The beginning of Tanner and Eli's relationship was much more interesting, and I found myself enjoying this couple and their struggles more.   I also felt like Eli always got "seconds," and he deserved so much more in life.  Overall, this was a quick and easy read, but definitely not my favorite ménage.
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The rule of three is an easy-to-read book. Basically a cliché novel, but with the difference of being polyamorous. The author's narrative is very fast and fluid, but at the same time she also makes some time jumps that left me a little lost. The book had pros and cons, in my opinion. The main theme, which is a polyamorous relationship between two men and a woman, is a difficult subject to portray and still little explored in the literature. The story is very cute and also sensual, with sex scenes very well done. The relationship between the 3 was a little confusing for me at first, the chemistry and love between Tanner and Eli is very obvious from the beginning, and it was the part of Zoe that didn't seem to fit and it was difficult to see true love. among the 3. But after a certain point, somehow, it works, and I started to like the integration between them. I found the topic of politics quite interesting throughout history, but I confess that I expected more drama, more difficulties for them to face, I think that would have held my attention even more. Overall, it's a different and super cliché book at the same time. Don't wait for big twists, it's a romance to pass the time, perfect for reading between denser readings. It is nice to read, with sensuality and romance in the same measure, a little fun too and as a guaranteed happy ending.
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Childhood best friends to sweetheart lovers, they break up then years later reconnect, with the same deep feelings of love, they marry for a future of happiness.

Trouble is her husband is bisexual and there is another deep love in his life who becomes a love of hers as well, meaning there are three people involved in the marriage of two.

True love can come in threes and they all live together, with a happy ever after ending in this romance story.
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The writing of this book just didn't work for me, and for that reason I dnfed it. There was too much telling and such, and I just wanted more.
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This story was very enjoyable from beginning to end. The writing style was at times a bit stilted and it could be frustrating when you want more emotion from the experience. I still loved how the two separate couples came together to be a throuple and did so successfully, privacy intact. I thought the high school sweethearts become political power couple was a good storyline, and the gay college roommates become long-term lovers also was incredibly sweet. The book covered quite a bit of time! I appreciated the closure at the end and knowing what the future held for their sweet family. #netgalley #theruleof3
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Is it possible to love 2 people with equal passion and equal love at a time? Is it possible to get married to 2 people at a time?
Tanner and Zoe are childhood sweethearts who grow distant when Tanner goes away for higher education. Eli is Tanner's roommate and both grow close romantically. That's when both realise that they are bisexual. However Tanner has political dreams and Eli has resources to fulfill them. Being gay and coming it as gay can hamper that. So both decide to forget their romantic relationship, remain as friends. Tanner is still in love with Zoe. What happens when Tanner gets back to Zoe, marries her and both are deeply in love, yet sparks fly when Eli meets Zoe?!
The book is about a 'throuple', all three of them deeply in love with eachother, passionate about eachother and loyal as well. There are quite a few steamy scenes, stirring up emotions. This is a first of its kind book that I have read in this category and I was apprehensive about it. However the storytelling is great and it was a different experience!
Overall, nice read. People who are into erotic stories would enjoy this one.
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• The Rule of 3 (by Ariella Talix)

The name of the book gives you a hint. Then, the cover. But when you do get in the book that's when you just enjoy it on another level

The MMF version of the polyamorous relationship is shown so well, from the start to the end. The ups, downs, fun and excitement along with the understanding and misunderstanding all is shown in this book in such a light drama and full blown humor you will be hooked and you wouldn't know

I do get hooked to the book but got a bit distracted when everything hot on good terms almost on the 60% in the book. I just kept reading and hoping theres more to the story and plot left and I wasnt disappointed 

I would say that the sex scenes, the romance and the deep infuriating excitement mixed with passion was shown and described very well that when you read the male and male love parts or the male- female love parts or all if them together you still enjoy it thoroughly 

That's when you know a book is well written when you dont cringe but want to know what happens next. That's what happens with this book

So I recommend this book to anyone who is open to read polyamorous romance or trying to explore their reading romance preferences

• Character development- 4.6☆
• Story Plot- 3.8☆
• Side characters- 4.2☆
• Flow of the story- 4.6☆
• Overall - 4☆
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This book does a good job of describing a poly triad. The main characters do lack any depth of character but the plot and subject make this an enjoyable read. I did feel the final part of the book moved too fast and I would like to have read more about the dangers of discovery the three live with while maintaining a family and relations. This is a timely work in light of the revelations regarding Jerry Falwel, Jr. Although the characters and the situation differ in the book from the news event the similarity of having an unconventional lifestyle and a polyamorous relationship are similar. Being in the public eye makes a difficult lifestyle choice more complicated.
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Something about this was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it but as I read the reviews here I realized it was the POV storytelling. It was interesting, almost like being read a story. 

I did like the premise, characters and the pacing was pretty good as well. There were a few surprises that gave the story a bit of depth. The steamy scenes were organic and sexy, not overdone.

One thing that sat strangely with me is that everyone is stunning and beloved and of course someone in the mix is a billionaire. The characters have only loved each other, never had another real relationship. It makes them otherworldly and odd to me. Yes, silly things to mention because this is a novel, fiction, and it was fun and entertaining but I would love to see this story set in a more realistic scenario. I will check out more by this author. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Ringmaster Publishing for a copy in exchange for a review.
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I guess I'm not experienced enough in this genre to understand the blurb. As it spoke of a MMF love story, I hadn't realized that it is different than a MFM love story. But now I know: Tanner, who was high school sweethearts with Zoe learned from his college roommate El that he was both into men and women. Because of his political aspiration, Eli convinces Tanner to leave him and pursue a relationship with Zoe.
While Zoe's heart was broken, when Tanner left her to go to college, it takes a long time for Tanner to convince her to give their relation a second chance (and yeah, there are a lot of make-up scenes). When Zoe realizes that Tanner also has feelings for Eli, she is actually the one proposing a threesome relationship. 
The scenes were described explicitly by Ariella Talix (including the tangling of limbs, which I hadn't considered). So it's not all cute and cuddly but some steamy scenes as well. In all, a cute story, with a sad undertone: that people still have to uphold a certain image about who they love.
Sad, but unfortunately a reality for a lot of people. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Struggled to finish, plot very similar to many other books I have read/reviewed recently. Although I liked the characters personalities I struggled to focus on the plot of the story
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Tanner wants to be President and lays down the groundwork early in life.
Eli has aspiration of helping someone make it to the White House.  
Zoe wanrs to be an elementary teacher amd educate kids.
Their three lives converge in a steamy MMF love story that is not for the faint of heart.  Enjoy!!!!
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I really enjoyed rule of 3. Tanner, zoe, and eli are in a love triangle. They are dealing with the realization that someone will be left heartbroken once two enter a relationship. It was a nice read that kept my attention through out the book. While I liked all 3 of them together, I especially loved Eli's & tanners relationship. I'd love a sequel that follows their lives after this story ends. I'd also like a spin off about eli's sister Caro.
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Can you trust that everything will work out? Zoe & Tanner love each other but when he goes to college everything changes and he breaks her heart and she can't trust him again. Tanner has never loved another woman the way that he loves Zoe he still thinks of her even after all this time. But Tanner fell him love with his roommate Eli in college and they both know that Tanner wants big thing from his life. And the only way forward is for Tanner to win over Zoe and to be married so that he can move forward in his political career but that means leaving Eli behind and that is going to kill him.
Zoe can't believe that they are about to be married but she has noticed that Tanner & Eli are very close and she realises that they love each other & she doesn't know if she could be the other person in their relationship.
Will they be able to work through this so that the three of them can be part of each other's lifes? Or will it just be too much?
A great read of acceptance & love. I was lucky enough to receive a copy via Netgalley & the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.
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