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i really enjoyed reading this book, the characters were great and it was both a great mystery and scifi novel, I liked going on this journey.
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If I did not get this book on NetGalley, I probably would not have picked it up for myself. Saying that, I was not a big fan.  It could be just that the thought of a coma is not the best thing to think about for me during a pandemic. Or maybe even though i liked the overall concept behind the book (pretty interesting, although not exactly original, that people in a coma are not just stuck there but they have options to live in a different way), the book did not deliver it for me. Simply, it was too dark in a time we need more light in our lives. There were also many spelling and grammar errors but that could be easily fixed through some serious editing.
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I really enjoyed this book. It has great  and unique characters and the story keeps me reading every page I turn. The writing style is pleasant and I can very much recommend this book.
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Jonathan and Arielle are both in comas in separate rooms at the same hospital.  When Jonathan is looking at his body in the hospital, he is confused.  No one can hear him.  Then Jenkins and Arielle show up at his room where he is convinced to go with them to Drara’s mansion.  He goes as he has been promised nothing will happen to his body while they are there and be able to talk to others.  Jonathan goes.  Later,  Jonathan and Arielle decide to go and check out their bodies at the hospital.  What will they find?  How will they react?   

As I don’t want to give away what ends up happening, I decided stopping.  It’s a great story to read.  The book gives a possible example of what happens when one is in a coma.  As I read it, I thought that Jonathan and Arielle were very brave throughout the story.  They realized that they might not like what they discover even if meant the end of their lives.  It is a fast and engaging story about making decisions, not giving up and honesty in a relationship.  This is a novel that anyone can read and enjoy.
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I rated The Soul Collector 3 out of 5 stars. 

The premise of the book was an excellent idea. Drara is a soul collector, who wishes to be human, and Ashley and Johnathan are one of the many souls she is collecting with the helps of Jekins. Drara offers the souls, more or less, a life they never had under a few conditions. Ashley and Johnathan easily allow their souls to be collected but soon begin to question their decisions, upon meeting Sara, a little old lady whose soul was collected years before and who is ultimately mute. With the help of Ashley and Johnathan, Sara sets out to uncover the end game in Drara's soul collecting, along with Father Sullivan- because who better to have on your side but a priest/psychic. This leads them to uncovering their worst fears and working together to convince Drara that all is not what it seems. 

I enjoyed the plot of this book. I thought it was original and interesting. It started out fast paced in the beginning and the interaction between the characters was well established. I disliked the love story intertwined throughout the novel. It was too rushed and very generic and quite expected from the first time the characters met. It just seemed very elementary and took away from the darkness of the rest of the story, which was a major reason why I couldn't rate this more than 3 stars. 

Another reason why I gave the rating I did was because of the many misspellings and grammer errors throughout. Material was spelled wrong, words were repeated in sentences and punctuations, such as quote marks, were put in the wrong places. These errors made the story, at times, hard to follow. 

One thing I did enjoy was the descriptiveness of the scenes and what the characters looked like. I could envision Drara and how offputting she must look. I also enjoyed the twist of at the end of the book when all the characters reconnect after their ordeal. 

All in all, it wasn't completely horrible but had it not been for NetGalley approving me to read this, I probably wouldn't have continued reading the book.
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