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I have to say that I am enjoying this series of books. I’m glad I picked up the second one only a couple of books after reading the first one because there’s no way I’d be able to remember everything you’d need to if I’d left it much longer. Lots of references to the fist book so it’s definitely important to read this books in order. I must admit that I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as there first one; I don’t think it had quite the same amount of tension and I don’t think Emma had as much involvement as the investigative journalist as it all seemed to come together itself. Still, a very well written book and I look forward to the third instalment.
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This is the second novel in The missing children case files and expands on book one to be another great read.
This time Emma is asked to investigate a missing 14 year old who disappeared from an army base fifteen years ago.
Only three girls know what happened and they made a pact never to speak of it.  The army doesn’t want the case brought back up.
Emma’ s, best friend and reporter, Rachel as well as police officer Jack also join the mystery.   This was a great read and I enjoyed the background it added to the story of Emma’s missing sister.  The story is written in the time frames of then, when the girls went missing, and now.
The story kept me gripped and I couldn’t wait to start book three.
 to Harper Collins,One more chapter and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Following straight on from where Ransomed finished, Emma and Jack are set to investigate more claims regarding Emma’s missing sister. 
Alongside this Emma witnesses a suicide and opens a cold case on the mystery of a missing teenager involving Wiccan spells, the army and the closing of ranks. 
I enjoyed that this followed straight on and I look forward to book three. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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This second book continues directly after the first book Ransomed ended. It was great to continue in with Emma without any time passing. Just as with the first book, the author has created an excellently crafted mystery with many of the same base characters as the first book.  I was completely invested in this book from the first chapter.  It is a quick read as you won’t want to put it down. 

This book also is based on a missing person and Emma finds herself involved in a random suicide...but was it really random?  The story evolves quickly with several little twists and one major twist that will keep you guessing to the end. I enjoy how the characters involved in the first book are included or mentioned in this book, keeping their stories alive and blending them into the new missing person case. I found myself rooting for Emma and hoping that she will find yet another lead on what happened to her sister Anna. 

This is a thoroughly interesting mystery that I greatly enjoyed. I also enjoy the fact that there aren’t any graphic details. I thank NetGalley and Harper Collins UK for the opportunity to read this book.
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Second book in this series 
Emma is in the thick of this case trying to solve a dare game that went wrong 15 years ago.
Four girls went into the forest and only three came out
This is another great read
Thanks NetGalley
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I thought the author did a wonderful job on this book. The characters were intriguing and the plot was intense. I look forward to more of her titles in the future!
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I went straight into this second installment of The Missing Children Case files from Case 1 because I couldn’t get enough of Emma Hunter and her investigations. The first case was concluded, but the underlying case was still unsolved. Case 2 brings us straight into another case - dark and mysterious, a missing child, with wiccan undertones, but is it quite what it seems? The investigation is sparked off by Emma witnessing a traumatic incident with her own eyes, and plunges her into the investigation, which gets more and more confused at every turn. But teaming up with her reporter best friend, along with Jack, the cold case ex detective, she dives right in and does what she does best - find the truth. And the missing child.

Again I could not put this book down. It was fast paced, without being rushed, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Just one more chapter before...then suddenly it was finished. Leaving me racing to download Case 3 for my next fix to find out what happens next. Overall a gripping read, that leaves you rushing to get the next installment of the series!
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Emma Hunter is an Investigative reporter. She works on missing children cases, which she is working on a case from fifteen years ago, a cold case of a missing teen. Natalie falls from a building and her last words were to find Sally. So Emma, Rachel, her best friend and Jack whom is a police officer rush to find Sally. The book alternators from past to present. 
Thanks Netgalley for the advance ecopy and the publisher.
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Isolated is the second Missing Children Case Files book and is just as original and engaging as the first. This book could be read as a stand-alone but if you are anything like me I prefer to start a series from the beginning, and there is a continuous thread that follows Emma’s on going investigation into her sisters disappearance. Emma finds herself in a terrifying situation when she witnesses a young woman standing on the edge of a building she pleads with Emma to “find Sally, bring her home and tell her I am sorry”. Then she jumps and plummets to her death. What follows is an intense read as Emma investigates the mystery of what happened to Sally.

The story is told across two timelines, Emma’s investigation in the present day and the past covers the events surrounding Sally’s disappearance. Both intertwine perfectly creating a story that’s filled with mystery with  lashes of suspense thrown into the mix. Emma is a complex character but one I’m growing very fond of, she’s like a dog with a bone, and won’t stop asking questions until she uncovers the answers she is looking for. She carries a lot of guilt regarding her own sisters disappearance, but her own experiences make her all the more determined to find answers for the missing children's families, her findings may not bring the missing children’s families a happy ending, but it may give them closure, something Emma is sadly no closer to finding in her own sisters disappearance. 

The reason I’m enjoying this series so much is this isn’t a police procedure led crime thriller, it makes a refreshing change to follow the investigation from a different POV. This book felt much darker than the first book in series mainly due to some of the themes explored by the author. I really enjoyed the misdirection and the twist and turns of this case, which we’re expertly placed to give the reader a thrilling read. The plots, characters, the writing and Emma’s backstory make this such an addictive series to read. In fact I’m going to read the next two books in the series Discarded and Trafficked back to back, yes they really are that good! Highly recommended.
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I’m addicted to this series!  So good.  Heartbreaking subject matter but written well and full of mystery.  A must read!
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Incredibly chilling.

Those two words could accurately sum up the second installment of The Missing Children Case Files. We follow Emma again as she watches something terrible happen, with a plea for her help. In true Emma fashion she approaches the story with vigor as she unravels the story.

I couldn't have been prepared for this book any more than I was the first. The topic dealt with in this one is very important and showed just how wrong society can get things.

From witchcraft to buried secrets within the armed forces this story brings us so many twists that I didn't have the ending pegged until it was upon me.

Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Collins UK (One More Chapter) for the review copy.
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This books picks up just where the previous one (Ransomed) left off. Writer Emma Hunter is in her agent, Maggie’s office discussing legal issues surrounding the ending for her new book based on the events in Ransomed when Maggie gets a call that there is someone on the roof of the building who is threatening to jump. Maggie and Emma both race up there, Maggie has been trained as a negotiator and tries to talk to the young woman. The woman recognises Emma and asks her to find Sally and tell her she is sorry. Then she jumps!

Maggie and Emma are both shocked and traumatised. The dead woman is identified as Natalie and the Sally she referred to is Sally Curtis who disappeared 15 years years ago from an army base. Jack (PC Jack Serrovitz) who works cold cases takes Emma to Natalie’s hostel and they find a shocking display of symbols and red string connecting all sorts of information and books on Wicca and...a pig’s head nailed to the wall! There is also a box on the floor with Emma’s name on it, inside are Natalie’s diaries from when she was a teenager. 

Given the emotive appeal of a dying woman, Emma feels compelled to investigate and heads off with her friend Rachel, also a journalist. They talk to Natalie’s mother who introduces them to Sally’s mother. Both women seem very nervous about meeting and when the security chief of the army base, Colonel Harvvard, turns up the atmosphere turns icy. It’s like he has everyone at the base somehow under his thumb.

Emma and Rachel learn that when Sally disappeared, four girls - Natalie, Sally, Louise and Jane snuck out one night into the woods adjacent to the base. Three of them returned. Natalie always felt she was to blame for Sally’s disappearance but the girls never told the truth about why they went into the woods. Until now.

What’s Emma and Rachel uncover is a much more prosaic explanation than poor Natalie envisioned. But alas it’s a sad story that is all too common these days. In real life these stories just keep on coming! I suppose this will be the basis for Emma’s next book. She also gets to visit one of the paedophiles she helped to put away for abusing children at the  home for wayward boys. On a hard drive found at his house Jack identified images of Emma’s sister who has been missing for 20 years. Emma wanted to know how the monster got those images but, as yet, he is not willing to share.

This book was a quick and easy read that built on the first book but can be read as a stand alone. Emma is a thoughtful and intuitive person who sees linkages that others might miss. She is able to empathise with the people she interviews and so gets a lot more information than sometimes even the police manage. The book moved at a fair clip and there were no flat spots. I will be keen to see what happens next, particularly with Emma’s search for information about her sister. Thanks to Netgalley, HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter and M. A. Hunter for providing a copy to review. My opinions are my own.
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A girl is on the roof of a building when Maddie and Emma try to help. But she jumps. Later when Emma, an investigative journalist checks her accommodation,  there are newspaper cuttings, journals and a box with Emma's name on it.
The girl who jumped was a friend of a girl who went missing 15 years ago.
So begins Emma's new adventure to find out what happened and can she bring her home.
An interesting ending. Not what I expected. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
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Another exciting book from The Missing Case Files series, this is book no.2 and I would recommend that you read the first before this as it really helps to understand the storyline. Also Ransomed is a better book than this one.
Thanks to NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read this book.
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Thank you to publisher and NetGalley for this read. So far I am really enjoying this series. It is a great thriller and kept me engaged through whole book. Can’t wait to continue reading!
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I would like to thank Netgalley and HarperCollins, One More Chapter for a review copy of Isolated, the second novel to feature investigative journalist Emma Hunter, set in and around Weymouth.

Emma is in London visiting her agent when she witnesses a young woman throw herself off the building with the last words, “find Sally. Tell her I’m sorry”. The young woman is Natalie Sullivan and Sally is her friend Sally Curtis who, as a 14 year old, disappeared 15 years ago from the woods near the army barracks in Weymouth after a game of truth or dare. Natalie’s home suggests a Wiccan connection and darker forces.

I thoroughly enjoyed Isolated which is another fast moving investigation in what is turning into a compulsive series. Like the first novel, Ransomed, this revolves around a cold case and follows a similar format with Emma’s first person narrative covering present day events and Natalie’s third person narrative covering the events surrounding Sally’s disappearance. It switches easily between the two with Natalie’s narrative putting meat on the bones of Emma’s fairly meagre investigation, although the reader has to wait until much later in the novel to discover what exactly happened in the woods and why.

I found the novel to be quietly compulsive as the author skilfully builds the tension and curiosity through a series of well timed reveals. There are a few twists, some I guessed, the big one I didn’t, perhaps because I have recently read Ransomed and have a grasp of the author’s mindset. I think the big twist is very well done and it totally surprised me.

Emma is pushed to help others as she is troubled by the unsolved disappearance of her 9 year old sister, Anna, twenty years ago. This is a thread in the series so the novel opens with the results of the cliffhanger in the previous novel and ends with another development which may get her nearer to the answer of what happened to Anna. It’s not looking pretty, but it’s fiction so I can hope that it’s all a mistake.

Isolated is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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A gripping, gritty and highly entertaining story that kept me hooked and reading till late in the night.
The plot is tightly knitted, quite fast paced, and it flows.
I loved the character development and I was happy to get to know Emma and the characters better.
The mystery is solid, full of twists and turns, and very interesting.
I can't wait to read the next story, this one is highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This is the second book in the Children’s Missing Case Files and it is going from strength to strength. Emma Hunter, a best selling investigative author is at a meeting with her agent, Maddie at her offices when a commotion draws their attention to the roof, a young woman, Natalie is on the edge. Maddie has had experience with the Samaritans and tries to talk her down but just before Natalie jumps, she asks Emma to find Sally and tell her she’s sorry.

Natalie’s dying request is plaguing Emma and after some research, she discovers that 15 years ago on an Army Base (where Natalie grew up), four girls, Sally, Louise, Jane and Natalie sneaked into the woods one night, however, only three of them returned! What happened to Sally and what is Natalie sorry for? Emma together with her friend Rachel and her police cold case officer, Jack will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of it and find Sally.

Another fast paced gritty investigation, lies and secrets uncovered, twist and turns to get to the truth and what an ending, didn’t see that coming, can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Emma.
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This is the second book in the series focusing on missing children cases and certainly did not disappoint.

Emma Hunter is an investigative journalist who carries around the heavy burden of her missing sister who disappeared some years ago.

This story is told from 2 time spans. It starts in the past where 4 teenage girls living in army barracks sneak out on night into the woods. Only 3 return and the hunt begins for the missing girl, which has never been resolved.

Whilst Emma is visiting her agent in London they become embroiled into the situation where a woman is threatening to jump off the roof. Unable to change her mind, the woman pleads that 'Sally' is found and that Natalie was sorry.

After some investigating, Emma becomes embroiled in a case which appears to hold many secrets behind the locked down army camp. Visitors are not welcome and secrets are held close. 

This story is fast paced with twists along the way and an ending I wouldn't have predicted. Highly recommend, a grea
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Isolated by M.A Hunter is the second in The Missing Children Case Files series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Harper Collins UK (One More Chapter) - in particular Claire Fenby, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Series Background:    (Warning – May contain spoilers from previous books)

Emma Hunter is an investigative journalist who is now a best-selling author. Between her friend and literary agent Maddie, and her best friend from college Rachel, Emma has a good support team, although she wishes they got along.    DC Jack Serrovitz  has started helping Emma on her missing children cases. Emma's sister has been missing for over 20 years, but she is still looking for her.

My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)

When Emma and Maddie try to prevent the suicide of a young woman named Natalie, she tells Emma to "find Sally, and tell her I'm sorry".  Emma has no idea who she is referring to.  After the detectives find a box with Emma's name on it in the dead woman's apartment, Emma decides she will try to find the elusive Sally.  Apparently when they were teenagers, Natalie and her friends had entered the woods near the military base where they lived, and Sally was never seen again.  Natalie felt that she was responsible for Sally's disappearance, and it has haunted her 15 years.

Meanwhile, Emma is still trying to bring Fitzhume to justice for being behind the kidnapping of his grand-daughter.  But he has friends in high places, and other than the fact that he admitted this to her, there is no concrete evidence.  Emma's book about the kidnapping is on hold until the lawyers can figure out how much she can say about this in the book.

Then, Jack's facial recognition software got a positive match for Emma's sister on some videos taken from the home of Turgood.  Unfortunately,  Emma is responsible for his arrest, and he's not very willing to help.

My Opinions:

This book leaves off immediately at the end of the first in the series, and you are going to have to read these books in order, or it's going to get confusing.  Yes, there is some recapping, but even I was confused when this one started and I had read the first book.

Anyway, with reference to the characters,  I like Emma and Jack.  I am getting used to Rachel and Maddie.

The story alternates between Natalie's childhood, and Emma's current investigation.

The book is about bullying, sexual and physical abuse, and the fragility of a young girl's mind at an impressionable age.  It shows that guilt, real or imagined, can be deadly.  It was a little dark.  The book is also about Alzheimer's, and Emma's guilt at having to confine her aging mother in a nursing home. Speaking from my own experience here, the author handled this very well.

Again, this book reads a little different.  I find the suspense, and therefore excitement, missing.  However, the plot is good and so is the writing.  I'm going to stick with it.
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