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An Archer's Crusade

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Historical fiction at its best! Mr. Hosker has written a magnificent medieval tapestry that spreads its colourful action from the battlefields of England to the bloody clashes of the Holy Land. A solid and twisty plot and its finally drawn characters turn this richly detailed and historically well researched novel into an unputdownable intellectual and almost visual thrill! To be enjoyed without moderation
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This was an interesting read and effectively distracted me from yet another cold front with snow falling.  I stayed up late and finished it in one day.
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i really enjoyed reading this book, it was a great time period chosen and had characters that belonged in the time period.
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An action packed, fast paced thriller I found very hard to put down once I had started. 

This is the first Griff Hosker book I've read, it certainly won't be the last! I loved my journey with Gerald War bow and his crew, right from the off we are treated to non stop action coupled with suspense and intrigue. 

Griff has developed a strong cast of characters, all of them three dimensional and likeable, and they are thrust at the heart of an expertly researched world, brought to life with vivid detail. 

My one quibble is it felt quite short, so I guess I shall have to wait for the next instalment for more Gerald!
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Another 5 star story from Griff Hosker. I won't lie, I've read and loved every book I can find by Griff Hosker. This one is no exception!

The third book in the Lord Edward's Archer series, we're once again treated to a new story involving on of our favorite fictitious archers, Gerald War Bow, Griff Hosker has once again masterfully blended his original characters seamlessly into an accurate historical setting. Action packed and beautifully paced you'll no doubt tear through this book much sooner than you anticipated. I do wish this entry was a bit longer, it feels more like a 2.5 in the series than a 3, however it is still a fun read that will most definitely suck you in.

If you haven't read any of the series thus far (or any of Hosker's books) I highly recommend picking up the first two books as well, while you won't be completely lost without them, you'll find yourself wishing for more as soon as you finish one of his brilliant novels..
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Gerald War Bow is an archer, an English archer whose skills are used by Lord Edward in the battle against Simon de Montfort and later in the 9th crusade to the holy land.

Using a blend of fictitious characters woven into historical fact this book follows the adventures of Gerald in the employ of Lord Edward, future king of he puts down an English Civil War and battles to take back the Holy Land from the Muslim invaders

The story is full on and fast paced with a roster of characters who are both interesting and likable. I imagine Gerald himself as a gruff Sean Bean always looking out for his men in every situation.

I found this difficult to put down as the story flowed easily from one encounter to the next and has left me wanting more at the end of the book.

If I had to criticize anything I'd say the book is too short and would loved to have seen it as a full blown novel with more time to develop characters  on the fringe of the narrative

All in all this was a cracking read that kept my interest from start to finish
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