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Pretty Little Wife is a winner of a domestic suspense novel.. This is seriously unputdownable. The character of Lila Ridgefield had me riveted to the pages. I found her fascinating and I continually swayed back and forth in my feelings for her. In the end, I should let it be known, I loved her. I also very much enjoyed the character of Ginny the police detective in charge. I appreciated that the author made these two unique woman intelligent. 

I found the ending satisfying.  A most worthwhile read with enough twist and turns to keep a reader satisfied.

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Had a difficult time getting into this book. The characters felt disjointed to me and I was not able to finish the book. My apologies!
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This was an excellent book. Loved it. Great thriller. First time author for me.

Thank you net galley for giving me this great opportunity to read this great book
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I've had this book for some time now, and knew it was going to blow me away! I definitely should’ve read it sooner, because just, damn, what a story. There were twists (some I guessed, some I didn’t), compelling characters, and an ending that still has me guessing about a few things. Simply superb, and I’m not waiting this long to read the author’s next book!
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This book kept me interested the whole way through. There was a lot of suspense that had me questioning which character had the most motives to pull off this elaborate crime. However, I did figure the whole thing out about 50% through the story.
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I enjoyed this twisty book since it kept me wondering how it all was connected. I liked how all the characters were flawed (no one is perfect) and how all of these imperfections caused more twists and turns to follow.
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Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane is a thriller novel. The story in this one is told with a few time jumps here and there and also with changing the point of view between characters. There is also a podcast involved in the story that is focusing on the disappearances.

Lila Ridgefield is the wife of a popular teacher, Aaron, in their idyllic little college town but Lila knows her husband has secrets. Lila finds sextape featuring her husband and knows that this is all that she can take. Lila plans what she thinks will be the perfect murder leaving his body near the school with his explicit sex tapes to be discovered. Except Aaron is not found. Now everyone is focused on yet another disappearance in the small town, that is except his wife who was sure she had killed him.

Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane was the type of read I was immediately intrigued with and quickly settled in to devour the story. Lila is an unreliable narrator and not particularly likable but still engaging to follow. This one was easy to follow despite jumping around a bit in time and had plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep my attention. I would also never had guessed it to be a debut novel and would definitely pick up something by this author again in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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This one was twisted but somewhat predictable, and it sounded similar to a couple other books I've read in the same genre. I'd still read more by this author though.
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This is a pretty good thriller, but in my opinion a better mystery and that's what made this one for me. It was definitely a great ride, trying to figure things out.
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While this story was interesting, I did feel like I’ve read it many times before in other books like this one.
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Wow what a twisted domestic thriller.. I went into this blind, based on the cover alone and I was not disappointed.  I love when endings make you feel surprised, this book stayed on my mind for a while after I was done reading it.  It took me a little bit to really get into the book but I it took off from there.  Lila decides to get rid of her husband after learning of his secrets, however before his body is discovered it goes missing, Lila then starts receiving notes that makes her wonder if her husband is even truly dead. Go read this book, you won't regret it!
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This was a good book although somewhat predictable. The premise of the book is that Lila has the perfect marriage living the perfect life that she always wanted until her husband Aaron goes missing. A few days later, this event is linked to the disappearance of a local girl that attended the same college that Aaron taught at. We are aware right away that Lila thinks she had killed her husband but the police did not find the body where she left it... she starts to believe he wasn't dead after all. So we spent the rest of the book learning the backstory that led Lila to try to kill her husband and her journey finding out what happened to the body.
Overall, the book has some chapters that build up suspense, but a lot of the plot turns out predictable. While the pace is fast, there are moments that the story develops too slow for my liking. It was a good read but not the best thriller I've read.
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I was really surprised by how amazing this was. I know a romantic suspense author would do wonderful as a thriller writer too, but i was left gasping at the end. I didn't see the reveals coming at all! I was riveted by the entire story the whole time I was reading it.
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This refreshing story of domestic suspense should engage and surprise even the most avid readers of the genre.

A wife murders her husband (off-page) and arranges for his body and evidence pointing away from her to be found in his car, only for the car with him and the evidence in it to go missing.

It grabs the reader by the throat at the opening and tightens its grip throughout the rest of the exciting, fast-paced, twisty tale. (I devoured it in a day.)

My favorite in its category this year. Don't miss this must-read!


Thank you to William Morrow and Netgalley for the e-proof.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book. 

This was a very smart book. Like Gone Girl smart. It had me intrigued from the first chapter, and it kept me guessing until the end. It was kind of a slow burn in some parts, but there was scheming and planning going on where you weren't sure who to believe. It all came together in the end, but still had me looking for things in hindsight.
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Pretty Little Wife was dark, twisty, and fast moving. I loved the main character Lila. She's flawed, unique, smart, as well as cold and calculating. This book had me to the very end. The last twist took it one step too far and made a few things not add up for me though. I'll definitely be on the look out for more domestic thrillers from Darby Kane.
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Pretty Little Wife is a winner of a domestic suspense novel. It took me about 15% in before I became completely invested. At the start I will admit to some confusion but that is likely on me and not the author. This is seriously unputdownable.
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I could not figure out this story!  The plot had lots of twists and turns that made it a real page turner!  I thought it was a great debut thriller for this author.  I am looking forward to more from her!
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What I Liked:
-Great pacing! I FLEW through this book in a couple of hours.
-Unique, messed up concept. Gave me the chills quite a few times.
-I loved Ginny's character and the complexity behind her emotions about this case.

What I Didn't Like/Wanted More Of: 
-Didn't understand the point of the podcast or of the whole Samantha plotline.

You Should Read if You Like:
-Fast-paced thrillers
-My Favorite Murder
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The premise of this book is unique. The protagonist has killed her husband and left his body to be found in an apparent suicide with video evidence of why he killed himself. But wait, the body disappears and the husband ends up being reported missing.

I don't think I've ever read a book that I have hated the main character as much as I hated Lila. I understand Lila, but she is as unlikable as Scarlett O'Hara hitting on Ashley Wilkes. I think part of my dislike of Lila was that there was an excessive amount of time spent showing why she should be unlikeable, almost more than was spent showing Aaron was abhorrent. There are other characters that are semi-likeable, Ginny especially. That said, I didn't get the point of Ginny's POV. It wasn't at all necessary 90% of the time. There was maybe 2 chapters that her POV was necessary, otherwise it was just one of the many reasons this book dragged. 

Dragging was my main issue with this book besides an extremely unlikable main character. I forced myself through many chapters an editor could/should have cut. By the time I got to the end I just didn't care. It wasn't a shock because I was done caring. I think with better editing this book could have been amazing since the premise was so unique. Not caring by the end is my final thought on this book because I should have cared. The beginning of the story deserved me caring. The end did not.
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