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A really solid addition to Beverly Jenkins historical lineup! This book features Spring, a character introduced in one of Ms. Jenkins previous novels. Spring is strong-willed, independent, and a female rancher. Garrett is a reporter who comes to her town to interview her brother, the town doctor. Garrett and Spring are such a sweet couple-there is so much respect between the two and there is so much backstory from both of them that made this a novel with so much depth. Basically what I have come to expect from a Beverly Jenkins novel: well-researched and characters to remember. I will definitely be remembering and recommending this one to patrons that enjoy historical.
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4.5 stars

Garrett McCray heads to Wyoming to interview a doctor for his fathers newspaper back east. He thinks Doctor Colton Lee will be the most interesting part of his trip, until he meets his sister, Spring. Spring is a rancher who likes her independent life. But after meeting Garrett, she might change her mind about having a partner. 

I really enjoyed this one! I can always count on Mrs Jenkins to write a historical romance that I don’t want to put down. I was so excited to read this book once I realized that Spring Lee is the sister of Dr. Colton Lee, the hero from Tempest. I loved Tempest and though she was a great side character so I couldn’t wait to find more about her. 

Spring is fiercely independent. She has no plans to get married and prefers her life of solitude. After learning more about her past, I don’t blame her for staying independent and partnerless. She definitely has a good reason for it. She may have physically saved Garrett but I think he saved her mentally and emotionally. He helps feel comfortable enough to just talk about her past with him, and her brother. 

“You are diamond-hard in mind and spirit. You glow inside with the fire of rubies. And you’re as vibrant as a sapphire when we make love.”

Garrett was a cinnamon roll. He was sweet, kind, and bookish. I adored him. He shows Spring how amazing of a woman she is and worships her like she is a goddess. I really hope these two show up in future books because I couldn't get enough of them. 

I can’t wait for the next book because I know it will be so good. In the meantime, I will cope by reading her backlog of books.
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I just loved reading this book. I am glad that this book here explores Spring Lee, a character from Tempest. I was interested in her story since reading Tempest and I'm glad Jenkins' wrote it. Spring is definitely her own character, who often stands her ground regardless of what other's think. How her character acts is reflective of her background -- forced into an unwanted situation. Thankfully you get just the bits and pieces of it without it feeling repetitive. Spring's opposite in the book Garrett McCray was just a wonderful! He kept to his gentlemanly ways and never tried to alter Spring's character and when he does talk about them having kids, he respects Spring's decision to not have them. He realizes his love for her is just enough. 
The history in these books from Jenkins makes everything feel more real and it's great that she includes information for the reader to check out at the end.
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WILD RAIN is great historically representative slow burn romance between a lady rancher and a city slicker reporter. I loved seeing the diversity of the west as it really was, and the chemistry between the two leads sizzled. When can I get more of this series?
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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

If you wonder why Beverly Jenkins is so beloved by romance readers and authors, her latest book, Wild Rain, will answer all your questions.  Spring Rain Lee discovers Garrett McCray after he is thrown from his horse at the height of a winter storm. Garrett is on his way to the town of Paradise to interview Spring's brother, Colt, for his sundown newspaper back East. Spring is taciturn and unlike any other woman Garrett has ever met before. She dresses like a man, owns her land, lives by herself, and is a partner in a business. As they get to know each other, Garrett comes to admire Spring's strength, and as he learns about her past, he grows to respect her more. Tensions arise when Spring and Garrett must navigate their families' expectations and a threat from Spring's past. Several aspects of the story resonate, especially how Garrett does not try to change Spring for them to be together. Additionally, there is a thoughtful exploration of the trauma caused by abandonment and sexual abuse. This story has compelling characters, including the supporting characters, a vividly portrayed setting, engaging pacing, and outstanding writing. Wild Rain is the work of an author at the height of her powers.
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Like many others, I’ve been having a hard time reading anything right now. I decided to try to read this book and couldn’t put it down.  We’ve been hoping for this heroine’s story and the author does not disappoint.

The heroine is strong and self-reliant and the reason why just broke my heart. But the heroine is a survivor and has carved out a full life for herself. Then she comes across the hero in a snowstorm.  The hero has these preconceived notions of how a woman is supposed to act and the heroine just blows all that out of the window.  I loved that the heroine learns to let someone in, but doesn’t have to completely change her life or herself to suit the hero. 

Another great read from this author. Looking forward to the final book in this series!
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I started reading Beverly Jenkins this summer. I adore her books. She has a way of combining a wonderful love story with amazing history. Awesome book and I can't wait to see what comes next.
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This is another great book by Beverly Jenkins if you have enjoyed the other books in the series . You will enjoy this book.
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I sent my review in to Booklist for Wild Rain but I absolutely loved it. Would love to see this one on a screen in some form! So happy she wrote Spring's story.  Thank you for sending this to me.  BJ  is a treasure and I hope she has many writing years ahead.
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I loved Wild Rain, a new historical romance by the unbeatable Beverly Jenkins. As always, her characters are refreshingly no-nonsense, and her depiction of the Old West during Reconstruction is nuanced and fun. Jenkins is a pragmatic author who chooses each of her words with intention. If you enjoy her Spartan style and focus on external conflict, Wild Rain won't disappoint.
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I am not sure I know enough adjectives to adequately describe how much I loved this book. From the first page I was enthralled. Spring is a fiercely strong and independent heroine. I adored her instantly and when I learned of her past and how people still judged her I hurt for her. She clearly needed a special hero who understood her specialness and she found it with Garrett. Smart and capable on his own, he did not feel threatened by Sky’s strength, and instead appreciated every part of her. The two of them meeting each other and having everything they thought they knew about how their future were going to unfold thrown into question as a villain from Spring’s past returns loaded down with bad intentions made for the type of read that might as well have been superglued to my hands- I couldn’t put in down. Now I need to go back and read Tempest as soon as possible. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved delving more into Spring's story. She is so unusual a historical heroine, and such a badass. I loved that this story deepened her badassery, and didn't end with a wedding and a change of mind about having babies. It felt so true to the character. I love how gentle and kind and loving and curious Garrett is, and I loved his lack of judgement of her. Lovely lovely lovely, thank you.
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If you are looking for a heroine, add Spring Rain Lee to the top of your list. “She’s bold and fierce.” Proud and capable, Spring shines in Author Beverly Jenkin’s Women Who Dare series. This is the second book in the series, and totally lovely as a stand-alone read.

Spring is daring in many ways. She is a rancher in the Wyoming Territory, after the Civil War. She is self-sufficient on her land and also wrangles wild horses for another rancher. She may have made some mistakes in her past, but when we first meet her, she is thriving. You can tell by the swoon-worthy cover that she is gorgeous, and African American.

So, who should fall in love with her but a newcomer to town, an African American man who would seem to be her exact opposite. Garret McCray is an Easterner. He is sweet, kind, scholarly and more comfortable with a book than a gun or a horse. But the puzzling Spring awakens something in him. She is honest, straightforward, brave and knows her own mind. He pictures them being partners for life. But can he tame this passionate woman?

In addition to Spring and Rain, there are many other memorable characters and plenty of exciting moments in the book. The Wyoming territory is beautiful and is the heart and soul of this book and the author brings the old west to life. And yes, this is a romance and the intimate scenes with Spring and Garrett are so true and evocative.

From the author’s notes in the book, we learn more about the history of the times. During the Civil War, there were 179,000 United States colored Troops and 19,000 Black Sailors of the Union Navy. Garrett is a reporter, so it was also fascinating to learn more about the history of Black newspapers.

I highly recommend this compelling romance and Spring Rain Lee is a character I will also remember. Thanks to NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for a digital advance review copy. This is my honest review.
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This was a really enjoyable read.  Being a reconstruction era, western-ish romance featuring BIPOC protagonists, it was my first in this genre and was a delightful contrast to my usual regency-style historicals. The characters were well written and developed, with solid backstories.  While the plot was complete with some mystery, thrills and hot romance, my only critique is the seemingly sudden change of heart for Spring.  While romances depend on a certain amount of love-at-first-sight that overcomes all, the transition felt very rushed as compared to the careful development of the rest of the book.  However, all together it was a great book that delivers on all of the elements romance readers enjoy.  I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series.
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I received a complimentary copy pf Wild Rain in exchange for an honest review.  This was an on and off again novel. 
The underlying plot, and the way Garrett and Spring met really captured my attention,  These two characters couldn't be more different, and the dialogue was fantastic as they got to know one another.  Spring was very forward thinking, and often said whatever she wanted regardless of how others would perceive her,  This was definitely entertaining  at times.  

What I found difficult was Spring's commitment to being alone, and never wanting to depend on a man.  My disconnect came when Spring decided her core values and wanting to be alone no longer mattered.  I feel like the author, Beverly Jenkins, could have done a better job with this change of thought.  With little to no transition, Spring no longer seemed to care about that, but there was no reason ti=u support the change of heart.

Overall, this was a good read, and I would recommend this book to others.
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This was so good! I loved how strong of a character Spring was. Garrett of course was a cinnamon roll and just his overall love for Spring made my heart flutter. Did wish the ending wasn't as rushed because, it felt like the story didn't finish completely.
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Reconstruction era romance featuring PoC as the protagonists with strong female characters.

Spring, a rancher in Wyoming takes care of herself and the land she runs. No matter how some people in town feel about her, she has made a home for herself. One day she comes to the rescue of an out of town reporter who was thrown off his horse. She gets him to safety before a winter storm hits.

The two develop a deep connection from the start. Although Spring remains detached, he slowly breaks down her barriers.

While I enjoyed the world and characters, the heat between the two characters fell flat for me. I didn't get the tension between them that makes a romance truly shine. There was a nice amount of heat in the romance but I could never connect with either hero enough for the book to make a huge impact.

I think this has more to do with my reading tastes and believe that many readers will enjoy the pacing and world Jenkin's has built. I did start with the second book in the series, so I wonder if that is what threw me off. I am interested enough to pick up more in the Women Who Dare series. I am truly appreciative to see this book published and hope there are more historical romances with PoC as protagonists.

Worth a read, especially if you love strong women who do the saving.
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A truly delightful offering from Jenkins -- I loved the trousers-wearing, horse-breaking, steak-eating, take-no-BS-or-bigotry heroine, Spring, and her cinnamon roll swain, Garrett. Place these two against a backdrop of gorgeous Wyoming mountains, surround them with a cast of vivid supporting characters, and you have a pretty-much-perfect Western romance.
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I love Beverly Jenkins's writing. She's truly one of the preeminent writers of historical romance and the best writer of U.S. based historicals, bar none. 'Wild Rain' is the fourth (and final?) book in her Old West series but also the second book in her Women Who Dare series. Rain is precisely the type of heroine Jenkins is known for: brilliant, irreverent, and stunning. Garrett was sexy, sweet and patient. I loved their chemistry and think they worked well as a couple. The backstory here was less compelling than I'm used to from Jenkins, but it still worked/kept me engaged.  Definitely recommend!
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Great read!  I loved this book,  and was sorry when i finished,  i wanted more!  Ms.  Jenkins, please consider continuing with Spring and Garrett's story. Would love to read more and see if they get married and if she changes her mind about having children.
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