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Awesome book like all this authors other books. Their was detailed and lengthy but that never took away from the story.
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Ryn Jansen does not want a romance with sexy hot Boone Sadler.. But life has a funny way of giving what you need. A sexy romance that keep me on the seat of my pants
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I adore Kristen Ashley's other series, Lady Luck is one of my favorite marriage of convenience books. But there's something about this series I really struggle with. I think her writing style and extreme alpha heroes aren't grabbing my attention as much as they normally do. DNF for now, but I hope one day I can get into this series!
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I am LOVING this new series!! I love these new characters. I love the cameos with the RC books. I just plain love everything.
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CW: fatmisia (mainly in the beginning portion), alcoholism (side character), abusive parent (not on page)

This was yet again a super fun Kristen Ashley. I come to these for popcorn reading. They may be long, but like Rock Chick this series fills a weird space for me. There are definitely issues (see CW) but I still always find myself giggling while reading and having a good time.
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One of my favorite reads of 2020. 

Kristen Ashley never disappoints and Dream Chaser was sinfully wicked and comforting. I really enjoyed this series and this world that has been created by Kristen and cannot wait for more from this series.
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Ahhh!! Dream Chaser was the exact Kristen Ashley book I needed at the perfect time!! I loved Boone and Ryn and can not get enough of the Dream Team series!! Boone and Ryn were totally delicious and totally hit the spot!

If you are new to the Dream Team series, Dream Chaser is a complete standalone but it was such a fantastic book two in an already incredible series! This story had heart and swoons and all the delicious "KA" alpha hotties that we love! Old School KA fans will definitely rejoice as there are cameos and recurring visits from past heroes that we can't get enough of. 

I did have one issue over the lack of grovel Ryn put Boone through and how she kind of always chased him. This is just personal preference but I'm used to a stronger female lead who needs her man to put in the work and grovel. Overall, this story was great and I look forward to the next story in the series. 4 stars! ~Ratula
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I fell in love with the first book and this author's writing. So this was a must read for me.. I will be looking for more books from this author!
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"I'm a member of the Extreme Alphas Club, woman. You think I don't get off on the idea of demoing shit and trimming hedges and grouting tile?"

I think the author's ability to write such good alpha is what I love most about her books. There's just something about those the way her alphas use fewer words to say more that really does it for me. I can hear the growly 'babe' in my head... sigh. ❤️

Ryn is a giver. She's givin' more than she's got and it's doing her in. She puts her family before herself and when she learns that she's being taken advantage of it's a hard truth to accept. That situation right there got my blood boiling. I wanted to kick some virtual ass in a big way.

When Boone decides that Ryn is what he wants he doesn't give up. She brings out his protective side and his bossy side. Something that she finds really hard to resist. Who can blame her, right? Once he gets involved in what's going on in her life it becomes even harder.

I really enjoyed all the colorful support characters. They have each other's back and are always available to provide nonstop entertainment. I can't get enough of their banter but don't let that fool you. They are badasses. When danger comes calling you want them at your back. This story has it all. Sweet, sexy, suspense and... did I mention the extreme alphas? Yeah, that's the best part. I can't wait to get my hands on Dream Spinner. The line forms here...
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It was fine. I enjoyed reading this one but I think I struggled to connect with the characters as I normally do with a KA book. Looking forward to more in the series.
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Kristen Ashley never fails to entertain and tug on my heartstrings. This one was fun, though I am finding this series a bit more repetitive than some of her others. But this one was still a super fun read, and I was still plenty invested in their relationship by the end. 3.5 stars.
*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*
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Another great book in The Dream Team series! If you like steamy, action packed and a alpha hero in your read then this ones for you! I loved Boone and Ryn so much! They were perfect for each other! This book will also give you all the feels. I found myself able to relate to Ryn a lot. I was hooked from the moment I started this book and couldn’t put it down! I would definitely recommend it!!!
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When I read Dream Maker, I fell instantly and hard for this new band of badass commandos and sassy women (that also happen to be strippers. rawwr!). It gave me those vintage KA vibes that I’ve been craving for years. And I’m happy to report that I enjoyed this book just as much as the first and so hooked on this series. I’m already chomping at the bit to get my hands on the next one. But I won’t get ahead of myself here. Let’s talk about Dream Chaser.
Kathryn, or Ryn to her friends is trying to make ends meet as a stripper while dreaming of getting her property flipping business off the ground. In usual KA fashion, she’s perfect. Perfectly sweet, perfectly giving, and perfectly there for her family. She gives her every last spare dime to support her alcoholic brother’s ex and their adorable children while barely scraping by herself. She’s also a sub with a rocky history with men, starting with her deadbeat father.
She’s instantly attracted to Boone when she first meets him, but his Dom presence intimidates her and forces her to push him away. And when Boone first gives up on his pursuit, he comes back all the more determined to get her and she doesn’t know what to do with it. Now if you’re like me, the D/s element made you salivate when you got a taste for it in book one. But if you’re also like me and a loyal reader of the BDSM genre, lower your expectations here. What you’re getting is the KA version of BDSM here. As in, BDSM-light, if you will. As in a dominant man that likes to meet out a spanking and tie his girl up every now and then. But was he a true Dom? Meh. Enough to hit the spot, but not enough to truly sell it for me.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved him. But the kinky beoch in me was expecting a little more. What? Stop judging me! THere’s a difference between kink and BDSM, and I didn’t quite get the distinction here.
That small quibble aside, I really did love this story. I loved when Boone finally got his head out of his @ss and went after Ryn and gave her no room to push him away again. I loved how fiercely protective he was and how he still had his very deep rooted insecurities from his past. I loved Ryn’s sweet nature and the way she grew a spine and stood up to her family.
Of course would it really even be a KA book without some crazy shenanigans and a bad guy that’s not truly a bad guy and has a sweet spot for the women? NOTHING. So of course I loved the suspense element of this story as much as the romance. And that’s partly because we get a cameo from some of my favorite KA couples that I will never get enough of. I’m obsessed with this series. And the set up for book three? DELICIOUS.
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This book just wasn’t for me, I normally love Kristen Ashley Books, but it all felt very predictable and nothing stood out as real chemistry. I wanted to love it because a new series from KA is always great news but this one just didn’t do it for me
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There is no better escape than getting lost in a Kristen Ashley book! Her books own my heart. I reread them so many times because they are my happy place.
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Dream Chaser is the second book in the Dream Team Series. A spin-off series stemming from my all-time favorite Dream Man and Rock Chick Series, each delicious book can be read as a standalone. Ryn Jansen is a take-charge woman who isn't afraid to fight for her success. When she meets the alpha god Boone Sadler he turns her world upside down. Ryn has always been attracted to Boone but she knows that a relationship with him is completely off the table. Fearful of being rejected, she will do whatever it takes to stay away. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, Boone has his sights set on her. He isn't afraid to take her in his bed and into his life forever.

Told in multiple POV, Dream Chaser is a story focused on finding your self worth and allowing yourself love! With traditional rock chick drama and alpha males, everything about the Dream Team Series is a must-read for classic KA fans! In addition to the romance, passion, and shenanigans, the BDSM lifestyle that Boone and Ryn explore together will certainly appeal to many romance reading fans.

Overall, Dream Chaser will appeal to contemporary romance fans who enjoy KA's quirky writing style and the Rock Chick/Dream Man world that are full of alpha men and their spirited women. With complex relationships, witty dialogue, and non-stop fun, Dream Chaser is another KA winning read.
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3.5 Stars Tempted to round up just because of the guest appearances that happen in the story but I won't.

My feelings when I started the book, and telling my dear friend what I was thinking/going through... "OMG OMG OMG. You have to read this book! Guest appearances from all our favs. Especially HAWK! There are so many awesome feelings in me right now!"

My feelings by the time I finished, and telling my same dear friend what I was thinking/going through... "Yeah, this was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. It feels like a typical KA book and I'm in love with everyone. HOWEVER, it feels like a typical KA book and I'm in love with everyone."

It feels like this is one of those "how it started vs. how it is going" situations.

Here's the thing. This is Kristen Ashley. She will forever be a goddess among romance writers for me. That is to say that even when I've got issues with a book, I'm still loving it. No matter what. I can't actually think of an occasion where I was not still loving the end of a book of hers, no batter what happened. This is because Ms. Ashley's characters give me all the feels. Yes, they are all the same. All the women are cutouts of the same first one, at least in some way. Yes, all the alpha hot men are cutouts of the same one guy, at least in some way. But they all, in every book, do have their own personalities. They all, every character, has a story. And while some might be very similar to the ones I've read before, I don't actually care. I still end up loving them all.

And I did. I loved our MCs this time around. Ryn and Boone are great together. Are they like a Hawk and Gwen? No, but they still had my heart pumping, and I still cheered for them.
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Thanks to @readforeverpub for my review copy! This the second book in the Dream Team series.
-Dual POV
-Alpha male Dom with a protective sweet side
-Female character who has trouble saying no to people because she always wants to help/ rough exterior
-Some drama/action/ murder
-big group of friends. Features appearances from people in her other series. Hi, Bikers!
This book features a different couple from the first but some of the problems from that one continues onto this one. What I love about books like this is that even if it features a different couple you get appearances about people you’ve become invested in. I’m really looking forward to the next book/couple especially with what happened in this one.
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Kristen Ashley writes with truth and empowerment for women. That's why it is impossible for me to put her books down until the last page is finished and this one is no different.
Dream Chaser is truly that with Kathryn Jenson working in one field to chase her ultimate dream and the man she lets her guard down for who captures her heart.
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- A little bit of everything that I love about classic Kristen Ashley books. But not entirely perfect. I didn’t connect with this book the way I did with Dream Maker.
- Follows the same formula as book one: strippers with family issues and commandos with rocky war-torn pasts. But it’s nice to know, in it’s own way, exactly what we’re getting. Some romance books are like that. Fun and sexy and comforting.
- Loved the rocky way Ryn and Boone came together, emotionally. Although I admit my smutty little heart was hoping for more detailed sex scenes.
- And loved the new updates for Smithies! One of my favorite characters.
- Great cameos from other KA book characters. This is one of my favorite things about her books. If you’re a fan, and read enough, her other series peeps always make appearances.
- And the new big bad that is the overall arc for this series gets some serious attention and setup. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out and affects each book as we go forward.
- Overall, I had a great couple days devouring this one. Reading a KA book, for me, is always a treat.
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