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3.5 stars, rounded up to a 4. This is a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form - you know from the first moment that the characters are introduced who will fall in love, and what the stumbling blocks will be, but it's still an enjoyable read. Zero steam but I didn't expect any going in so wasn't disappointed.
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Riley, who doesn’t do Christmas, finds herself having to write a Christmas romance novel in order to save her writing career. When a journalist asks her how she can write about romance when she hasn’t found the one, Riley really starts to feel the pressure. After making an offhand remark Riley about having had great love in her past her three ex-boyfriends decide to show up at her Christmas Camp book event to win her back. 

So Riley finds herself at a place in the country with an owner who seems to have a less than positive opinion of her, three ex boyfriends all vying for her and a bunch of fans who are expecting her to regale them with stories of her past Christmasses, little knowing that she hasn’t celebrated Christmas since her dad passed away when she was a child. 

There are of course the usual misunderstandings, and misreading of situations in this book which all help to keep the story light hearted and festive. I did find the first few chapters a bit surreal and wondered if she was going to wake up and find it was all a dream as it was just a bit farcical. 

That being said, following Riley as she not only tries to find her way back to enjoying Christmas but also finding her way back to her ex boyfriends was a really pleasant read. Is it one that will stay on my bookshelf….probably not. Would I read another book by the same author….yes I would. Are the recipes at the end of the book any good….yes they are. Book may be worth it just for the recipes alone!

This book has been made into a film and was on Channel 5 over Christmas, however the film has a very loose link to the book so if you go to watch it expecting to see Riley learning about the Christmas Angels or why the tree on the lake is always lit then you will be disappointed.
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i love every single book karen schaler has written. she is amazing and this book did not disapoint! read it during christmas. so like right now.
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This is the story about a Riley, an author and a self proclaimed grinch who has to become Miss Christmas for a Christmas Camp she is hosting for a new Christmas book she is supposed to be writing. Then it turns into an episode of The Bachelorette and I just wanted it to end. I will admit to enjoying the cheesiness of it all, it would make for a great Hallmark Christmas movie.
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I received this eARC from NetGalley and I must say I couldn’t put it down. It’s a great one to curl up with. I was surprised to see a Lifetime movie already very close to it. Sweet and short read.
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Another fun and charming Christmas romance from Karen. I have come to love her Christmas stories because they are always full of humor, romance and great characters and this one fits the bill perfectly. Riley was a great character and her predicament when all three of her exes show up to win her back was hilarious. Great Christmas read!!
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Christmas Ever After is the perfect seasonal novel for those of us who love Hallmark Christmas movies and the bachelor franchise. It has everything you would expect, including a little bit of cheesiness and predictability, but it is heartwarming and festive! I felt like I had read this book with the Christmas camp premise before at first and was confused since it is a new release, but I realized afterward it is loosely tied to Christmas Camp, another Christmas book by Karen Schaler. The characters are likable, even the three ex-boyfriends who all show up to surprise Riley.
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This book is total rom-com material. And is a perfect Christmas read. I totally judge a book by its cover and this one did not disappoint, and fits into the story beautifully.

Riley Reynolds our MC hasn’t celebrated Christmas for years and has become something of a christmas grinch, trying to save her writing career she is sent to most Christmassy of places and forced to endure getting in the christmas spirit. The book is fully of warm lovely characters, great friendship and reminds us what the season is all about. Beautiful written and perfect book to enjoy by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa.

Thank you to Netgalley for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an adorable holiday story. A light, quick and funny read, I would definitely read another book by Schaler. Just like reading a Hallmark movie!
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A cute Christmas romance.  While Riley is out promoting her latest novel, a Christmas love story, she is asked a question that turns her world upside down.  Three of Riley's old boyfriends make an appearance trying to win her heart back.  Riley revisits each relationship and discovers a lot about her self in the process.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and HawkTale Publishing for my copy of Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler. It published September 29, 2020.
This was just what I needed to finish out my 2020 holiday reading! This was a sweet and also funny book about finding your way back to the past, to traditions, healing from grief, and letting your heart be open again to love, faith, and wonder. 
If you're looking for a romance that's not just a romance, this is a good one!
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This Christmas story had a lot of layers.

Riley is a successful romance author but he’s most recent is poorly reviewed. She’s based her previous books somewhat on the men she has loved but people have said her newest book lacked heart. Riley has to admit that she hasn’t had love in her life for awhile.

When she gets asked an unexpected question on a tv show she accidentally makes it sound like she had one great love in her past and that her books are based on him. Her three ex boyfriends watch the interview and each one thinks she’s talking about him.

Another layer to the story, Riley has to write her next book about Christmas and she hasn’t celebrated since she was 8. After her dad passed away, she’s never celebrated the holiday again.

But her horrible publicist Mike tells everyone that Riley is Miss Christmas. He makes up a lot of lies about her saying they’ll save her career. Riley has to go alone with it.

She gets roped into something called Christmas Camp. She will meet a bunch of her fans at a Christmas themed weekend and they will get to submit ideas for her novel. So, that idea is genius right? She doesn’t do Christmas and she has a bunch of fans thrilled at the idea of inspiring ideas for her novel.
But her awful publicist also lied and told the guy who owns the lodge that Riley will have a bunch of ideas to help with the Christmas Camp activities.
Man did I dislike Mike the publicist.

But ultimately it is a really good thing that Riley goes to Christmas Camp. Her three exes all show up and she has a chance to figure out who she’s really supposed to be with. I’ll be honest and say that I felt really really badly for her exes. Each of these guys was still in love with her and thought she was still in love with him, she can only end up with one guy at the end of this story which means there will be a lot of broken hearts.

But Riley gets a chance at love, a chance to live Christmas again and to move beyond her past, she also has the opportunity for new inspiration for her novel.

I got to read an early ebook edition from NetGalley, thank you.
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A sweet Christmas read that do have to say was a little on the cheesy side but was still an enjoyable and quick read.
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Riley is an author who doesn't believe in celebrating Christmas, but now she must write a book around the holiday!  To get her in the spirit, she is tasked with running a Christmas camp, where all manner of mishaps and misunderstandings surround our main character!  

It is a sweet, fun book, reminding you of the magic of Christmas and that anything is possible.  Overall I enjoyed the book, though I found some passages a little wordy.   Characters were enjoyable and you could feel their excitement as you turned the pages.

Great book for the holiday season!  

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Riley is an author in need of a Christmas miracle, after a dire book release and a disastrous TV interview Riley packs up to a remote lodge which is to play host to her Christmas Camp. The only problem is Riley doesn't do Christmas. Her publicist has dubbed her Miss Christmas and she is expected to write a Christmas romance. Can she  fake it till she makes it? Or will the boyfriends of Christmas past prove to be her downfall? 
The storyline was something straight out of a hallmark movie, it had the beautiful remote, snowy landscapes, the lovely Luke, a town full of Christmas tales, someone who has Christmas ghosts haunting them, exes turning up, a will they/won't they love angle and a cute dog! Its exactly what I want out of a Christmas movie. A bit of escapism. You can clearly see the author is accomplished in the Christmas TV movie world.
 There were a lot of editing mistakes, missing words (a lot), spelling errors (where instead of were for instance), very basic things that should have been easily picked up on in editing. These types of errors really annoying me as it does detract from my enjoyment. If it weren't for these I would have given it a 4 star.
The characters were likeable and relatable, the descriptions were spot on, the author really put a lot of thought into her descriptive language. I would like a sequel to see what Lake does with the lodge and how Riley's books progress.
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This book was super cute! I really loved this story and I'm left wanting to know what's going to happen next! I'm not going to give any spoilers but this story is a quick and fun read! Loved it!
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Looking for a super cute holiday read!? Look no further than Karen Schaler's latest read! After reading and loving her first two books, I knew I had to add this one to my holiday list. Special thanks to netgalley for hooking me up!

This had all of the classic Christmas vibes that we know and love. Full of traditional activities like decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, ugly Christmas sweaters, making snow angels and having snow ball fights - this story had it all!

We are taken back to a Christmas camp scenario where a romance author goes to promote her very first Christmas book. She has been branded as Miss Christmas and is writing the book to keep her publishing deal, after her latest romance novel kind of bombed. However, she is anything but Miss Christmas. In fact, she hasn't celebrated the holidays since she was about eight years old. But with the help of the handsome owner of the inn she is visiting and his loyal and adorable dog, maybe she will be able to find her Christmas spirit! Throw in a couple of ex boyfriends for some drama and you have yourself a wonderful story! 

While a bit predictable in how the story would turn out, this book had everything I want in a holiday story! Definately one to add to your list if you enjoy books that read like a cute Hallmark movie!
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Christmas Ever After is a super cute storyline that is almost ruined by the lack of editing in this book. I thought this might be the author’s first novel, but I discovered that she’s written other novels and scripts for movies. The lack of editing in this book should not be okay with this level of author. It’s comical that the editing is so bad as the storyline is about a novelist whose last novel didn’t do well due to poor writing. (on the story side) I kept thinking that this one isn’t doing well due to a lack of editing. This is the debut novel of the author’s self-publishing company, and while she thanks an editor in her acknowledgements, I hope she received those services for free. Beyond a few incorrect details showing a lack of knowledge about something that can be overlooked such as a military academy graduate is an officer and would never call themselves a soldier, there were lots of typos (eve instead of elves, angle instead of angel, grammar issues, missing words, and times where what was written didn’t seem correct. The main character said she was spending several days with the Christmas Campers, but it was a weekend event and less than 2.5 days? She slipped the photo into a cocktail purse, but she hadn’t gone to her room to get ready for the dance yet, so it didn’t seem natural for it to be in the scene after the community center and author chat.  There were also a few spots where it seemed like the author was re-explaining something that was explained previously. If you don’t mind poor editing, you will love the story of Christmas Ever After! I could picture it as a Hallmark movie when my mind wasn’t processing all the errors.
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This title is Christmas overkill.... you'd have to be Scrooge to not appreciate all the elements that come together for a book that is everything you come to expect in the quintessential Christmas movie romance.  Is it cringe worthy in places? Emphatically yes.  Is it absolutely wonderful at the same time? Even more so.  Festive and humourous, your heart will grow three sizes by the final page. 3.5* - enjoyable for sure.
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I don’t think I’ve ever read a more Christmassy book in my life! It’s chock full of everything festive and then some. It’s also got a romance-y version of the three ghosts of Christmas, except there are previous boyfriends and they are all lovely – not mean in the slightest. It was a magical tale and I defy anyone not be in the Christmas spirit by the time they get to the end of it.

 However, there is an underlying message and that is how not communicating one’s feelings can lead to misunderstandings and heartbreak further down the line.
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