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I received “Christmas Ever After” by Karen Schaler from Netgalley for my honest review.

Christmas for most is a magical time of year and so we meet Riley Reynolds an author who has been successful journalist, travel writer and writer of romantic novels but never a book about Christmas. Riley hasn’t  celebrated Christmas since her dad passed away when she was 8 years old. Now Riley is thrown into an interview that her publisher Mike has set up to announce a Christmas Camp Event at a Lodge in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she will be running a weekend of fun to promote her future book relating to Christmas. Riley is in over her head since she has doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Luckily she has Luke Larchmont whose family owns the Lodge but Initially he’s not to thrilled with her behavior. You see Riley runs into a bit of trouble during the interview when she is asked about her love life which is nonexistent and ends up saying she has had a true love. Now Riley has had 3 great loves in her life but none presently. This angers Riley so much that she runs out on the second half of the interview and Luke is left to talk. 

Well needless to say Luke and Riley work it out and Christmas Camp is magical. Events get planned and romance is in the air. Except who is this romance with? Riley’s 3 ex-boyfriends all show up to Christmas Camp believing they are the one true love. What will Riley do and does she still feel that “spark” with one of them. Well get on board and find out for yourselves lovers of Christmas Romance.


I love Christmas and romance so this book had me from the start. I love how descriptive of both the surroundings and the people Ms Schaler was in this beautiful novel.  For those like me you will love this book. It’s a heartwarming of rediscovering Christmas and love. I give this book a 5/5 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
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If you love Hallmark movies or classic romance stories set during the holidays, this book is such a cozy and perfect read for the holiday season.  It incapsulates the magic and beauty of Christmas and I truly enjoyed reading it; it put me into the holiday spirit and mood instantly!  The writing of this book is gorgeous and I love the lush descriptions and cozy feeling this book offers.
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As a Christmas Hallmark and Bachelorette fan, there was so much to love in this story. 

Riley is a romance writer, who’s last book struggled so her publisher asked her to write a Christmas book and host a Christmas camp to drum up interest. During a promotional interview, her words were taken out of context and interpreted that she had one great love instead of 3 great loves that were in her past. As a result, her old boyfriends all show up at the Christmas camp to surprise her. 

The writing was easy and enjoyable. I enjoyed the development of the main character. The only negative was I almost felt like there were added storylines that weren’t necessary. I think it could have been a really sweet story without the addition of the last boyfriends.  Although I understand their importance, I don’t think quite enough time was spent on them because they took away from the main romance.  I loved all the Christmas talk. Despite how much I love Hallmark Christmas movies, this was actually my first Christmas book!  It was a good first one to check out.  I could definitely see this as a movie!

I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for my opinions.
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A cross between The Grinch and Mamma Mia!, Christmas Ever After is a wonderfully festive read, full of heart and Christmas spirit. This read is perfect for getting in the festive mood with snowball fights, Christmas baking, ugly jumpers and of course, some romance. I absolutely loved the setting of this book- it was cosy and so comforting to read. It was also great to see Riley Reynolds truly come around to Christmas, embracing the memories of her past, with some emotional moments. 
This was my first book by Karen Schaler but  now need to pick up all her other books as I am hooked!
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When I was given the chance to review this book by Netgalley I was delighted.

Riley is an romance author who seems to have hit a bit of a blip, as a last chance to save her career she has to deliver a Christmas Camp at Christmas Lake as she is Miss Christmas - only problem Riley hasn't celebrated Christmas since her father died.

Just before Riley leaves for Christmas Camp she is invited to attend an interview with a local tv station, unfortunately the host she was expecting was called away unexpectedly and the host filling in does a hatchet job on Riley.

Riley heads for Christmas Camp trying desperately to retain her job but how can she share her Christmas traditions when she doesn't have any, but when her ex boyfriends turn up too how on earth is she going to get through this.

Luke is looking after Christmas Lake Lodge for his mother while she recovers from injury, this is going to be their last Christmas here and he really doesn't want to have the complication of Christmas Camp how is this all going to end.

I loved this book the characters are engaging and even her ex boyfriends were really nice people.  My favorite character was Comet.

I loved this Christmas story and can't recommend it highly enough.
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"Over the festive weekend, Riley’s old boyfriends compete to win her heart, pulling out all the stops while planning the most romantic Christmas dates on the planet. Despite herself, Riley starts falling for each guy— again—but for different reasons. As Riley revisits each relationship and discovers more about herself, she embraces the magic of Christmas and finally finds true love and her own Christmas ever after." 

Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler, the beloved Emmy Award-winning writer of the Christmas Prince Netflix masterpiece, is the perfect book to read on a snowy day with a glass of mulled wine after setting up your Christmas tree!

First of all, this book is absolutely adorable. Christmas books will always have a soft spot in my heart and I genuinely believe that there is no such thing as too many Christmas books in the world, so I was really excited to read this. Karen Schaler did not disappoint in terms of putting me in a festive mood and getting me excited for Christmas! I love the fact that she included recipes and crafts at the end of this book based on traditions or snacks in the actual storyline - I thought that was an incredibly unique and personalized touch.

The characters and overall plot of this novel is something I could easily picture as a future Christmas Hallmark movie! I thought it was a really unique idea to bring in all of Riley's exes to win her heart at her Christmas Camp event and I was eager to see how that would play out. Although I assume that having the three exes talk at the same time and try to win Riley back in the same way was intentional, I personally loved the scenes where you could see some differences in character to make them stand out so that it didn't feel like we were reading about the same person over and over again! I'm thinking of a particular scene with one of her exes and their sweater choice at the ugly Christmas sweater competition.

I will say that the characters don't exactly have super standout personalities and the overall plot is a bit predictable, but what made it enjoyable was how the author got to the ending - sprinkling different Christmas traditions here and there while making us feel like we were at Christmas Camp with the characters. When I read a Christmas novel, I read it for the purpose of hearing these types of traditions to get me in a jolly mood, and not to get some sort of unexpected plot twist. I also did feel like there were some parts of the plot that didn't truly get resolved, so I would've liked to get some sort of closure with those parts such as if Paul and Caylee resolved things after she talked with Riley, and whether or not anyone actually reprimanded Mike for going too far in terms of getting publicity.

All in all, this novel is easy to binge and makes for a fluffy and delightful read. I'm excited to read other books from this author and I'm ready to celebrate Christmas early! 

Many thanks to NetGalley and HawkTale Publishing for providing me with an e-copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!
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I enjoyed this book. A great story line and very likeable characters led to a pleasant reading experience.
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This is the second book I've read by this author and I've really enjoyed both books. They would really appeal to anyone who likes Hallmark Christmas movies. They have that same cozy, pleasant, heartwarming feeling to them. And the plot is very similar to that kind of movie.
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I love Christmas and Christmas stories. I really like how the main character changed from the beginning to the end. It was wonderful to see how close a community can work together and how traditions are important to continue for future generations. I also love a happy ending. This was a great book to read. We need more uplifting stories like this that give people hope for the future.
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I loved this book! It was just what I needed to escape into a different time where COVID isn't happening, my kids aren't distance learning, and I can see my friends. What better place to escape to than a Christmas camp? I loved the snappy pace, the cute details (I want that dog!), and the Hallmark-ish plot. This is my first Schaler book, but I imagine I'll have read through all her books before COVID is over!

Thanks to NetGalley for the free book in exchance for an honest review.
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I want to go to Christmas Camp!!!! Riley never celebrates Christmas and Luke's family makes Christmas wishes come true.  Then as luck would have it, they have to work together to save Christmas Camp and get what they both need.  If you are a fan of Hallmark Movies, The Bachelorette, and Christmas then this is the book for you.  I can't wait to read more books by this author.  I hope there is a Hallmark movie made from this book.
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Thank you NetGalley for sending me this copy of Christmas Ever After. I have seen The Christmas Prince on Netflix but haven’t read any of Karen Schaler’s previously. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed both and can see this Christmas story also on Netflix!
Riley is a Christmas Bah Humbug and ends up in a Christmas Lake Lodge with a Santa themed bedroom. There are lots of comical moments throughout the book and also the Christmas magic and romance that is a must in a Christmas story. A really quick easy read, perfect to settle down with and look forward to the holidays.

Riley was supposed to be interviewed by Tom early on in the book but ended up been interviewed by Joe which is where it all started to go wrong. However, when Riley & Luke are talking about the interview they refer to him as Tom which was confusing.
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3.5 starts for this sweet, cute, pretty predictable, feel-good seasonal offering. I wondered how a Christmas Grinch was going to pull off being "Miss Christmas," but thanks to her innate goodness, she pulled it off, eventually (and predictably) emerging above the demons that were suppressing her completeness. She demonstrated that she was NOT the shallow person she seemed at the beginning. And surprise, the "villains" of the story turned out to be instrumental instead!

Now I'm curious about Cayllee & Paul's story, past, and future...

Still quite a few spelling errors in my ARC, but a satisfying beginning for the Christmas season.

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Christmas Ever After is the warmhearted tale starring author Riley Reynolds. After she bungles an on-air interview with questions about her love life, Riley realizes that the only way to save her writing career is to host a Christmas Camp reader event. Riley hasn't celebrated Christmas in years since the death of her father tainted the holiday in her eyes. Now she works to pretend she knows and loves everything about it.

Add in the complication of the three ex-boyfriends showing up at Christmas camp. The three individuals showing up felt authentic, but their individual dates and Bachelor type "decide if I'm your true love" was too over the top.

Overall, the writing was excellent and made you feel ready to celebrate the holidays.

Put a little Christmas in your hear with Christmas Ever After. It's never too late for love!
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This is a book has my two favorite things, Christmas time and love itself. Riley Reynolds is an accomplished writer and is doing an interview to promote her new book. While there, she is asked a question she was not prepared for. How can you write stories that contain true love when you yourself are single? Her comment would change her life and the life of three of her ex boyfriends. She now has an opportunity to find true love once again however, it seems that she may have found it three times.... can that actually happen? Well in Christmas ever After you will have your heart strings tugged and for us single gals, hopes that one day we too will meet a guy.....or three.... that can show their true love how bad they want to spend ever after with someone special. 

Thank you to netgalley as well as the author/publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and HawkTale Publishing for kindly providing me with a digital copy of this book for review.
Well I’m going to start with the obvious first- I’m not sure anyone can fail to notice how stunning that thing is. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and I read a lot of old classics whose covers are often blank or very bland, so I clearly am willing to look beyond a cover. But it sure don’t hurt to have a thing of beauty to look at does it. Well done that person who designed that- you instantly made me want to read the book.
And it just got better! The story starts off with a real punch and I defy anyone not to actually sing in their heads all the carols first mentioned. Safe to say, it instantly gripped me and I stayed invested throughout the whole book.
It ticked so many Christmas boxes for me- a snowy lodge, a Scrooge type character learning the spirit of Christmas, lots of people coming together to do Christmas traditions (thinking caps on folks because we might need new ones for socially distanced 2020- but that’s another story, feel free to write it someone!) I am notoriously stingy with my 5 star ratings and the only thing that stopped me slapping one of those onto this review was I found one plot point just a bit too convenient and unlikely. I wouldn’t expect to find all my ex partners to still be single and pining for me (as fabulous as I am) and willing to drop everything and race cross country to win me back. Maybe it’s just me.
But putting that aside this was a wonderful Christmas romance and it did stand out amongst the pack for all the Christmas feels for me. I’ve promptly put all this author’s other Christmas books on my TBR, and if you want a visual festive treat- go check out those covers for yourselves and thank me later. You’re welcome.
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I could not have loved this book more. Seriously, go buy this right now if you love Christmas and romance! The characters were amazing, the feel-good Christmas spirit was everywhere, and I’m honestly ready to start the holiday season immediately. This one put me into the holiday mood.

Successful romance author Riley Reynolds is not a grinch, but after the loss of her father as a child, her and her mother, chose Hawaii every year over celebrating Christmas. After a successful string of book releases, Riley has a book bomb, and her publisher is giving her one chance to make it right. She has to write a Christmas-themed romance novel. Her publicist creates a Christmas Camp idea hosted by Luke, who is trying to sell his family’s Christmas cottage resort, and Riley will be the Miss Christmas host. Fans of her books will be coming to the cottage to spend a Christmas weekend with Riley while she comes up with new ideas for her book. With her secret ignorance of holiday traditions, and a mistaken interview comment that makes three of her ex-boyfriends think they are “the one that got away”, Riley has her hands full at Christmas Camp. Her exes have all shown up to reignite that romantic spark, and she must balance them, as well as her fans during her Christmas Camp experience. All while trying to create the perfect book.

This book was utterly fabulous. The descriptions of the Christmas decor were amazing. I want to go on my own Christmas Camp adventure now! Luke’s resort is the perfect mix of homey feel, and relaxed vacation atmosphere that you want in a get-away adventure. I loved how the author chose to describe the town, the decorations, the Christmas Lake and trees, and everything else. It was just an amazing creation of a book setting.

The characters were so well-developed. Riley is struggling with her lack of Christmas knowledge, her loss of romance in her life, the loss of her father, and these crazy feelings that she keeps having for Luke, the resort owner. When her exes come into the picture, she genuinely wants to see if there is a connection with the “one that got away” or if it’s the one in front of her now that she should go after. I loved her character arc throughout the story. We go on a ride with her romance adventures, watching her grow as she realizes what’s really important to her, but we also get to experience her growth and acceptance of her loss of Christmas spirit and how to get it back.

I want to talk a bit about the other characters because they were all SO fabulous. All the characters were so well-developed with their own backstories that we get to read about, and their own personalities to connect to. One of my favorites is the dog. Luke’s dog is amazing. He’s a bit anthropomorphized, but it made him so lovable.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book, and I highly recommend it!!
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Riley Reynolds is a successful romance writer. Unfortunately, her latest book was not as popular, and her publisher pushes her to write and promote a Christmas romance. When Riley goes on national television to promote her upcoming book, the interviewer catches her off guard and she makes a vague statement about her personal life that leads three of her ex-boyfriends to believe they are the one that got away.  When Riley travels to Colorado for a Christmas Camp to promote her book, all three ex-boyfriends arrive to sweep her off her feet ... although she is already interested in the handsome inn-keeper.

I wanted to read Christmas Ever After because I enjoyed Karen Schaler's Finding Christmas. This sounded like a fun, upbeat read.

Christmas Ever After is a very enjoyable cozy holiday read.  I loved the setting.  The inn has a Christmas theme, and each room has a special Christmas motif. Riley's room has a Santa motif:

"Inside her room were dozens of Santas. From a life-sized Santa cardboard cutout in the corner, to a collection of figurines on the dresser, to all the pillows on the bed, there were Santas everywhere. There was even an elaborate eight foot red-and-gold velvet Santa chair next to a real Christmas tree with Santa ornaments and a quaint stone fireplace. Hanging from the wooden mantle above the fireplace was just one red felt stocking that had Riley’s name embroidered on it. But it was the bed that Riley couldn’t stop staring at. It was a red Santa sleigh —an actual sleigh— that had been converted into a bed. And above the bed was a sign that read, Always believe." (Kindle location 1156).

The storyline about Riley and her three ex-beaus was fun to read. She finds herself being courted by her college boyfriend, her long time world-traveling ex-boyfriend, and her recent NYC boyfriend.  Meanwhile, she has an immediate spark with Luke, whose family owns the inn. I loved the rapport between Riley and Luke, and appreciated his love of the inn's long history.

There is even a lovable dog - Comet, a Bernese Mountain Dog who immediately befriends Riley at the inn.  (Lovable dogs or cats always add to my enjoyment of a light read!)

This story is told with humor and a lot of warmth, and it put me in a Christmas mood (although Christmas is still quite a time off!). I recommend Christmas Ever After for fans of romance, Christmas novels, and anyone who enjoys all things Christmas. (This book would make a great Hallmark movie!).
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Riley is a romance author who is in a writing slump, after her last book did not do well.  Her publicist and agent set up author meet and greet at Christmas Lake Lodge.  They want her to write her first Christmas book.  They make it sound like she loves Christmas. That is further from the truth.  She hasn’t enjoyed Christmas since her father died, when she was eight.  Luke’s mom is the owner of the Lodge.  Luke is trying to sell it and is doing this event for his mom.  The book is filled with Christmas magic, a few ex-boyfriends and an adorable dog Comet.  Thank you to NetGalley and HawkTale Publishing for the E-ARC.  This is my own opinion.
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Riley Reynolds is a best-selling romance author whose last book did not do so well so she has one last chance to redeem herself by writing a Christmas book. She also must participate in a weekend event called Christmas camp where she will interact with select fans to get ideas for her new book. The problem is, Riley has not celebrated Christmas since her father died when she was eight years old. When Riley does a live interview to promote her new book, she is caught off guard by a question and announces that she had the love of her life but is now single. Who is that great love that Riley let slip through her fingers? Can Riley fool her fans and the family that owns the lodge where she is holding her event and make them believe she is Miss Christmas?

Luke is helping his mother out at his family’s lodge holding an event called Christmas Camp. He is everything Christmas and he thinks this is just the publicity they need to sell the lodge, that is until he meets the author that is holding the event. He does not trust that she will not run out on the guests and the event like she did in her live interview. When three ex boyfriends of Riley’s make reservations to surprise her, can Luke pull off this event and deal with Riley Reynolds and her ex boyfriends for an entire weekend?

Luke and Riley must rely on each other to make this event a success. Things seem to be going smoothly until Riley sees her ex boyfriends, all believing they were “the one that got away”. How can Riley choose just one man?

This was just the sweetest story of someone who rediscovers the magic of Christmas. I loved Karen Schaler’s writing style and I am excited to read her other novels. The premise for the book was unique and oh so much fun. It added such an interesting twist into the story as the reader tries to figure out which man Riley will choose. The characters were loveable and Comet the dog was just the cutest addition to the story. Thank you so much to the author Karen Schaler, HawkTale Publishing and NetGalley for an advanced copy of the book to review. It was fabulous! All opinions expressed for this review are unbiased and entirely my own.
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