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After an awkward interview, Riley, an author, is forced to play "Miss Christmas" at Christmas Camp, thanks to an overzealous publicist and pressure from an agent. Ever the professional, Riley will face her fears, and her past, to fulfill the role--her secret is she hasn't celebrated Christmas since she was 8.

Luke, the Christmas Lake Lodge owner, isn't sure what to think, but he reluctantly agrees since he needs good press to help sell his family's lodge. His dog Comet is smitten with Riley, and that helps buffer their meeting. Helping Riley acclimate, Luke takes Riley to town to get warm clothes, tells her lore about the town, and makes delicious hot chocolate.

When three former boyfriends show up at the Christmas Camp, Riley is playing Bachelorette while leading crafts and other Christmas activities. It's a whirlwind of activity greeting the fans, trying to play Miss Christmas, and figuring out if there's a spark with the former loves, but the only one who seems to be melting her heart is Luke.

Everything is on the line for her next book, and it will all come to light at the Christmas Ball, but will the Christmas magic be enough to help Riley embrace the holidays, find a new love, plus save her career?

Heartwarming, entertaining, and a true Christmas Rom-Com I highly recommend! 

**Received an ARC from the Publisher**
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An author who hates Christmas but is assigned to write a holiday novel.  Three ex-boyfriends who plan to win her back.  One weekend-long event where it all goes down.  With such a crazy scenario involved, it actually made me wonder just a bit whether this book reflects a real-life situation or not?  The story's ending is somewhat predictable, but the journey is full of hijinks, drama, and the unexpected!
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Take me to Christmas Camp. I want to see the lake with the beautifully illuminated Christmas tree in the centre, the Christmas angels and of course the super cute dog. 

Riley is a very likeable main character who Has found Christmas difficult since her dad passed away when she was eight years old. As a writer her last book didn’t do very well so she has been encouraged to write a Christmas book. To promote the book she is to attend a Christmas camp full of Christmas traditions and with some of her loyal readers

Luke’s parents own Christmas Lake Lodge and he is to host the special camp. Unfortunately Riley and Luke got off to a bad start when she walked out of a TV interview that he was forced to finish. A remark she made in the interview causes a few problems and misunderstandings 

The supporting characters, the Christmas traditions and the beautiful scenery all make up a wonderful Christmas romance that fully deserves five stars
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First sentence: Reynolds heard them moments before she saw them. People were singing Christmas songs, different Christmas songs, all at the same time, in exuberant, joyful voices. There was “Joy to the World,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” “What in the world . . .” Riley said as she stepped out of the hotel elevator into the lavish lobby of the Royal Grand Central Park, one of New York City’s finest hotels, and found more than a hundred high-spirited Christmas carolers. They were all wearing elaborate, vintage Victorian costumes and passionately singing as if their entry onto Santa’s Nice List depended on it. 

Premise/plot: Riley Reynolds is a romance author who hates Christmas and is currently not living her 'happily ever after.' After her summer romance flops--at least from a publishing standpoint--her publishers strongly encourage her to write a Christmas romance instead. The problem, as I briefly mentioned, is that she does not celebrate Christmas--not since her dad died when she was eight. But she'll do her part to keep her job: play co-host at a weekend author event at a small lodge--Christmas Lake Lodge. Her co-host is the Christmas-loving, Luke, who is selling the lodge after Christmas. He wants the lodge to have one last hurrah before it closes forever.

Sound like a typical Christmas movie? Perhaps. But this isn't a bland Christmas movie, throw in a dash or two of MAMMA MIA and The Bachelorette. Before Christmas Camp begins, she does a television interview leading viewers to believe that there was one true love that got away that has inspired her novels...

My thoughts: I definitely loved this one. For the record, I don't have a problem with incredibly predictable, ultimately sweet Christmas-themed romantic comedies. In fact, I find them often more lovely than not. I AM the target audience of this one.

For those that are curious, this one is what I would consider clean or clean-ish. There is some kissing, not much else. Anything that might have happened in the past with her former boyfriends--stays in the past and off screen.
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Nothing says Christmas like a bourbon and coke by the pool in the summer sun right!? 🤪 just kidding! Thank you so much to @netgalley for this ARC of Christmas Ever After.

The writer of Netflix’s A Christmas Prince wrote this book. And y’all am I so excited. It’s about an author who is promoting her next novel, a Christmas love story. She is holding a huge even called Christmas Camp to help promote her book. But chaos ensues when three of her ex boyfriend show up at the camp to win her back! This story is being pitched as “ Mama Mia meets The Bachelor” and it is spot on!

First let me say that I am a HUGE Christmas/ holiday lover. I have always loved Christmas, but I think after I had my daughter the holidays became even more magical to me. One of my favorite holiday traditions is watching those cheesy Hallmark movies. Is the acting not the greatest? Yes. Are they super predictable? Yes. Do I still watch every single one and love it!? YES. Lol! Sometimes when life is crazy you just need a feel good hallmark movie. And that’s what this book is. Pretty much reads like a Hallmark movie. So cute! I would definitely recommend it during the holidays. Perfect book to cozy up with by the fire and get you in the holiday spirit. And one thing I especially loved was at the end the author shares some of the recipes featured in this book and has fun Christmas crafts and activities as well. What a special touch! Overall I have this book 3.5 ⭐️ This will be available to purchase September 26th! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.
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I love Christmas themed books.  Especially when I need a boost.  This book was perfect.  The characters were well developed.  The setting was magical.  Comet was a great addition.  A real love story.  No sex.   Riley learns to embrace her past and rediscover Christmas.  I loved the traditions, the recipes, and the crazy sweaters.  Need a lift?  This might help.  Thanks, Netgalley!
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Pleasant and fun Christmas story about an author trying to rediscover her muse, A series of unfortunate mistakes and the meaning of Christmas and true love. Wonderful characters and fun situations. Enjoyable.
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This was absolutely delightful. The characters were charming and the plot was captivating! I loved it and highly recommend this fun and quick read!
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