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It's not often you read stories from a man's perspective, but this was a very enjoyable book.  A man has to come to terms to his dying father, and He's having a difficult time dealing with it.  His father kicked him out when an incident happened at the age of 17.  John returns home to help his mother, he runs into his old girlfriend and has to deal with all types of emotions.  

This was a differently type of book, but It was very enjoyable.  The author showed a lot of emotions and It was a fascinating story, and I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the ending of the story.
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"John Roberts has the risky habit of infidelity, but it isn’t adult John Roberts running his life, it’s John the indignant and angry teenager. "

Quick read, an assessment of the choices John has made in his life and how those choices affected other people.

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I'm so glad I was able to read this book. I don't think I've read any historical fiction from the man's point of view but it was so interesting and his life was so complex.
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