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The Witches of Vegas

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I received a copy of the book to review from Netgalley. Thank you for the opportunity.
An interesting idea with some good writing. The characters are unique and engaging. 
However, at times it failed to deliver on its expectations.
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This was an easy to read YA book.  The writing style puts me more in the mind if it being for lower YA but some of the content was more on the graphic side.  I get why they were there I just don’t know where to put the book in the YA realm.  
The easiest way to explain this book is a group of Witches pretending to be Magicians pretending to be Witches.
I enjoyed reading this book it was a nice easy read for a Weekend. There is a mix of pov’s between the adults (Vampires) and the kids.  I like how in this series the witch’s magic is tied to their emotions.  This creates a lot of obstacles for a 15-year-old and you see the struggle she goes through.
This first book wraps up well.  There are loose ends allowing more to come but there are no big cliff hangers.  This alone is a plus for me since I do not like huge cliff hangers.
I am interested to see what the other books hold since this is the first book to a series and there is a lot of foreshadowing regarding Isis’s powers.
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This is a decent young adult urban fantasy.  It is well written but didn't stand out from other books in this genre.

I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I picked this up because I'm a fan of YA and it was set in my current city of residence. Overall it was just...meh. After opening with a rushed and spectacularly violent single chapter origin story the novel shifts forward 5 or 6 years to a star crossed romance between a teenage witch who pretend to be a magician and a teenage magician whose family show keeps getting out sold by their witchy competitors. This less than compelling romance is variously hindered and helped by the arrival of a centuries old witch who serves as the primary villain. I'd say it would do better as a stock fantasy-type novel, except the ages of the MCs place it fairly in the youth market where I suspect it will languor.
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