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The first half of the book was a meandering sermon through the typical new age tropes of forgiveness, love, mindfulness, spirituality, memories, healing from trauma, etc. Not that any of that is necessarily bad per say, but i wasn't what the book is supposed to be about. It felt very repetitive after the first ten pages, and none of it was related to the title's promise of information on Chiron's effect on our lives. It read like two separate essays meshed into one to flesh it out.
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This book is a guide to using astrology to identify and heal past wounds that might be holding you back in your current life. I have never heard of Chiron but this book gives a pretty in depth description of what it is and how you can use it in your life. 

Apparently each person has their own sign which is defined by their birthday. This book lets you find which one belongs to you and then goes into detail on things you can do to make great decisions or even repair things that may have been done incorrectly in your past.  It’s kind of a hard thing to go into detail in a short review but You will have a better understanding after reading the book. 

I found it interesting because even though my horoscope sign is a Pisces that is not my Chiron sign. Once I found my sign I was very surprised how accurate many of the things that were stated are. 

I am going to try some of these suggestions. If they don’t work there is no harm to me or anyone else so there is nothing to lose. 

Also I think this is one of those books that you can read page by page to get information on all of the signs and how they function or just go to your section for your own analysis. 

Try it for yourself and see how well yours matches up!
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The description of this book makes it sound like a highly specialized and focused book on a specific part of astrology using Chiron. Instead, the first portion is largely a memoir of a spiritualist. When we finally reach the portion about Chiron's position in your natal chart, we're directed to the author's personal website to find out where Chiron sits rather than there being a reference table for us to locate that information. That website also failed to have the described page at the time of my access (September 2020). Considering the fact that Chiron's position only changes every three years or so, the exclusion of details within the book itself is odd. Overall, I didn't feel the book truly embraced the topic of Chiron in astrology any deeper than an internet search would.
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I study astrology and enjoy psychology, so this book sounded like the right blend. Unfortunately it didn't resonate with me at all. I found myself wading my way through endless chapters about love and forgiveness, mindfullness, meditation and chakra's before eventually arriving at Chiron in the zodiac signs and astrological houses.
By then I had already skipped most of the pages.
Both parts have something to say, but it felt like two books in one with Chiron barely scratching the surface. 

Thank you Netgalley and Inner Traditions for the ARC.
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While it was somewhat interesting to read about my Chiron placement, I didn't get what I wanted or rather expected out of this book. 

There was a lot of background on Lisa's journey, which is fine but not what I expected when I wanted more of an in-depth look at the concepts of Chiron, aspects, etc. I found myself skimming some details because I wasn't that interested in the way it was being told,

Another aspect which isn't the author's fault was the formatting--big bold REVIEW COPY ONLY in the middle or at the beginning of sentences so it broke up the flow isn't that handy.
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What a great dive into Chiron. This book gives you amazing information to explore your inner wounds and how to heal. I enjoyed the journal prompts scattered throughout the book as well as Lisa's vulnerability by giving us pieces of her own journey. She dedicates chapters throughout the book to Chiron in the individual signs, some chapters give you more information than others due to different types of wounds you need to address and completes the chapter with action items and affirmations. The affirmations were probably my favorite part of completing each sign. 

Chiron can be a tricky point to look at in your chart, I found the introduction and explanations to psychoastrology to be passionate from Lisa and well educated. I did not feel confused on any information I was given. 

Thank you Lisa Tahir, Inner Traditions, Bear & Co, and NetGalley for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!
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The Chiron Effect explores the astrology of the minor planet Chiron within the scope of healing and self- empowerment. It describes Chiron's placement in each zodiac sign and house and the core woundings connected to these archetypes. The beginning of the book explained the author's trademarked approach to healing. 

There have been many books written about Chiron and this one didn't have any unique content but solid content nonetheless. The explanations of Chiron through each of the twelve zodiac signs were concise and the author's passion and knowledge of the archetypes shone through.

I had trouble connecting to the author's voice and felt the beginning chapters on healing were basic new age regurgitations of every other spiritual book on the market.

Overall good content on Chiron's placements, but altogether lacking unique insights and information.
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