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M.E. Myself and I - Diary of a Psychic

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Having M.E myself, I was really intrigued by this book.
I was hoping it might help me with my recovery. 

However, I just didn't get on with Nicky Alan's writing style. I felt like they didn't know what their book was supposed to be. Was it diary of a psychic - focussing on the spiritual side. Or was it about the M.E?

Not for me - didn't enjoy this one!
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This book is a real life story from a famous psychic called Nicky Alan.  Nicky has M.E. and Fibromyalgia and in her book, which is like a diary, she explains what it was like for her when she was going through bad times while she was very sick with these illnesses.  Reading her book and diary, I felt very sad for her, but I was also happy to see her strength and bravery and how she fought through every setback to overcome the bad times and set herself on the right path again.  I was happy to read that Nicky is back at work again, even though she still has some illnesses.  The main thing is that she is still fighting and she is still helping people through her spiritual work.  She is an inspiration and a light in this world.  I have looked her up on youtube since reading her book and it was nice to see her there chatting and doing her work.  I am also a spiritual person so I am very interested in her work.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Net Galley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book wasn't for me. Although I appreciate the author, publisher, and Netgalley for letting me read and review, I could not finish. Great concept, and I tried, but someone in her target audience might enjoy it more than I did.
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Book Review: M.E. Myself and I - Diary of a Psychic
Author: Nicky Alan
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing/6th-Books
Publication Date: November 27, 2020
Review Date: September 30, 2020

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

From the blurb: 
“M.E. Myself and I follows the story of a woman struck down with M.E and Fibromyalgia in the prime of her life as a successful TV psychic medium. 

Left with nothing but two dustbin bags, demons from the past and her two dogs, she embarks on an incredible journey. Grieving her old life and begrudgingly accepting guidance from angels and spirit guides after losing her faith, she finds a reason to live from the brink of suicide by experiencing celestial miracles and a passion to write. 
This inspirational self-help spiritual memoir highlights a chronic illness pandemic sweeping through the world that society has shamefully neglected. Her esoteric voice representing the ‘millions missing’ brings hope, faith and a definitive strength of the human spirit during the injustice of one life-altering episode after another.”

Unfortunately, I had to abandon this book at 25% because I could not tolerate reading any further. The whole of first 25% was one long constant complaint. I did not get to the inspirational part. I was waiting for the turn in the author’s story, when she began to experience “celestial miracles” that gave her a reason to live and brought her back from the brink of suicide. I kept waiting and waiting, but the turnaround didn’t happen. I don’t know at what point in the story the blessed healing takes place.

I guess if I waited, I would have found this book to be inspirational. However, at the point I left it, the whole book was simply one tedious, wretched complaint. I believe the British term would be “whinging.”

My suggesting would be, limit the wretched part of the story to 2-3 paragraphs, and then lead into the celestial miracles and all good things that came from that. If this were fiction, that would not be long enough to lead up to a climax and resolution, but this is memoir, not fiction, so I think cutting most of the whinging out would be just fine, structurally.

Maybe at some point, I will regain the strength to dive back into this book and find the point where the miracles happen. At this point I give the book 2 points, and a DO NOT recommend reading. Particularly, do not buy. 

I know this book must have had an editor, because I’ve read many a great book from John Hunt Publishing. But more editing would have been warranted in this case. 

Despite my negative review, thank you to John  Hunt for a giving me early access. 

This review will be posted on NetGalley, Goodreads and Amazon.

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My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my ecopy of M.E. Myself and I- Diary of a Psychic.

I have fibromyalgia and it has sometimes been suggested that I also have M.E. although I have never been as unwell  as the author and many, many others, I had a certain amount of interest in this part of the book but it mostly caught my eye because of the psychic element.

My very first thought on starting to read the book was that more editing should have done, as the prologue starts with a very jarring grammatical error,and sadly my opinion remained the same throughout. The poor editing did not however, detract from my enjoyment of the book and it maybe that these problems will be corrected before publication.

I have a deep interest in spiritual matters and indeed was a student with another very well known Angel expert a couple of years ago.. During this time I came into contact with others who shared my interest. My physical health and my social anxiety played a small part in my withdrawing from these people but the main reason was that they all seemed to be kind, gentle people with a sunny, positive outlook and a deep, unwavering faith, and most seemed to have wonderful stories of visitations and miracles that regularly happened to them. I therefore felt that I was unworthy of communication from Angels or Spirits because I was not like them.

Nicky Alan has made me realise that being a shouty, sweary type whose faith sometimes falters is no barrier to a connection with the other side or the angelic realm. Having read and enjoyed her book I will now continue to consult the cards, persevere with my meditation practice and keep an open mind (and eye) with regards to synchronicity. I am grateful that Ms Alan felt guided to sharing her experiences, her lowest moments through to her euphoric times, in such a readable and relatable manner.
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While I am convinced that author Nicky Alan suffered terribly with M.E. and fibromyalgia while also experiencing many personal betrayals, she is not a totally sympathetic heroine of her own story. Her downward spiral is aided by poor decision making (drug and alcohol use, bad men, etc) and a failure to take charge of her own life--all of this most likely exacerbated by severe abuse as a child.

The text, interspersed with diary entries from the years the author was in the deepest depths of suffering, could benefit from some editing and structure. It reads like a stream of consciousness. Based on the title, I assumed the psychic aspects of the author's life would be emphasized, but not so much.

The message that sufferers of long time illness can ultimately get their lives back on an even keel is worthwhile, but there are titles out there that are more effective than this one.

Full Disclosure--NetGalley and the publisher provided me with a digital ARC of this book. This is my honest review.
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First off, Alan’s memoir is worth reading and those walking the spiritual path will recognize many truths. I did, however, feel that a heavier editing hand was needed. For example, M.E. is part of the book’s title, and the author assumes that the reader knows what this is. I did NOT. After Googling it, I saw that it is another name for chronic fatigue syndrome, with which I AM  familiar. A brief description up front of what M.E. And fibromyalgia are would have served the reader and the story well. Also, there is a great deal of repetition in the book. After a few descriptions of the author’s physical pains, I had an understanding of her suffering. Yet those descriptions and her venting about it went on and on and I began to skim those sections. Ditto the word-for-word transcripts of the angel cards she often pulled. Again, an editor could have made these sections more concise and powerful. As it was, I had to sift through a lot to get to the inspiring heart of Alan’s journey.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an A4C.
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As a fellow M.E/Fibro sufferer, I was immediately attracted to the title of this book. Most of us who are dealing with a chronic illness of any kind come to learn that finding others going through the same thing is both healing and affirming. Too many of us face the misunderstanding and downright ignorant attitudes of others, and so hearing our thoughts and experiences spoken by another helps us to feel less alone. In this Nicky Alan comes up trumps, as she shares the ups and downs of life with this condition, often with startling honesty. She lays all bare, especially in the excerpts from her soul journals, ensuring that the reader sees just how she felt in the moment, rather than having things softened by hindsight. 

From what I have discovered over the past few years battling this condition, much of what Nicky writes about will be relatable to others. Whilst the specifics of the traumas that she has lived through are unique to her, the emotional damage and destructive coping strategies that developed are universal to everyone. We all have trauma in our lives, and many people who develop M.E. share common traits such as low self-esteem, people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies, and an inability to put themselves first. Until, that is, their body gives them no choice but to do that. And often it takes us years to stop fighting and learn to surrender to what our bodies are telling us they need, something which Nicky again highlights so well in her journey.

What I loved most about the book, however, are the spiritual threads woven throughout it. As I read the book I felt the call to reconnect with the Angels after many, many years of shutting them out. Nicky doesn't offer a "do this and you will be healed" attitude, as even when things panned out exactly as the Angels and her Guides and spirit family had suggested they might, she still had to face numerous battles. But what she does promise is that if you open up to the possibility of something better then amazing things can and do happen. 

I managed to read this book in just over a day, which is practically unheard of for me as chronic migraines are my biggest issue and they make reading for long stretches of time impossible. But I just could not put this book down, I wanted to find out how things panned out. And then I went onto YouTube and looked up an Archangel Michael meditation Nicky had recorded, which was a lovely way to begin to open up to them more. If you are struggling with any kind of chronic illness and have even the slightest openness to the spiritual realms, this book is well worth a read.
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